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Drake(1) v Cetkovska
Cortez v Melch
Colosio v Rencken
Van Den Hurk v Gallovits(6)

Grandin(3) v Sewell
Renaudin v Zguna
Dziamidzenka v Correa
Fernandez v Schiechtl(7)

Krivencheva(5) v Molony-Hussey
McCain v Kucerkova
Uhlirova v Safarova
Avants v Scheepers(4)

Cochran(8) d. Soukop-Zahalka
Ivanov v Fonseca
Foldeny v Morales
Mang v Lee-Waters(2)

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best of luck to:

*Maureen Drake :D
*Bruna Colosio
*Edina Gallovits
*Nathalie Grandin
*Natallia Dziamidzenka
*Jessica Fernandez
*Svetlana Krivencheva
*Chanelle Scheepers
*Aneta Soukup-Zahalka
*Darya Ivanov
*Anna Foldenyi
*Lindsay Lee-Waters

typical Maureen would get Edina in her quarter

and Jess of course against her usual seed


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good luck

Petra Cetkovska ;)
Bruna Colosio ;)
Edina Gallovits ;)
Natallia Dziamidzenka
Kelly McCain
Darya Ivanov ;)
1 - 20 of 137 Posts
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