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Mauresmo’s wish

Moderator : Questions please for Ms. Amelie

Q : Hey, Amelie, how was the photo shoot?
AMELIE MAURESMO : *smiles* yeah, it was very fun. I’m having a great fun with it. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos.

Q : You are one of the other three contenders to reach Chase. How did you feel?
AMELIE MAURESMO : Very nervous. *smile* I mean, three of us have almost the same chance to play there. And I really want it. Last year, I didn’t do well in the carpet season and so I missed the cut. So playing there had always been my wish since the beginning of the season.

Q : Are you pressuring yourself?
AMELIE MAURESMO : Definitely, you know, I had the chance. I want to play to my fullest, to the best. But it’s not easy. The other two (Dementieva and Graf) are good players.

Q : Who do you think will have the best chance?
AMELIE MAURESMO : *smiles* I don’t know. It could go either way. I’d give the edge to my double partner, Graf. She’s playing great tennis recently

Q : What about you?
AMELIE MAURESMO : I don’t want to think about it at this moment. I just have to go with the flow, you know, however, I will definitely play my best this week. So, if I am not able to make it, what can I say. I believe, whomever the one who plays there, she deserves it.

Q : It seemed like you’re losing faith on yourself
AMELIE MAURESMO : Well, not really. I want it so badly that I could hurt myself if I can’t make it *laugh* no, I mean I’m not really confident on myself, but I’ll just have to go for it.

Q : Have you seen Philadelphia’s draw yet?

Q : You’re playing with Clijsters in the first round. How is your feeling.
AMELIE MAURESMO : Definitely not good. *smiles* This is the big match of my life, I guess. I don’t make it, I’m out. I need to win this one. So I’m gonna go all out.

Q : You’ve reached semis last week and was destroyed by Hingis
AMELIE MAURESMO : I had played Hingis many times this season, and I believe that I only won once. She’s a great player. She won US Open and reached many finals this year. But I was surprised by the bagels. She was really on top of her form, and I was not. She played well and did not give me the chance at all to improve on the game. But semifinal is considered a god result already.

Q : Are you aware that three of you are at the bottom of the draw this week
AMELIE MAURESMO : *laugh* Yeah, I know. Graf and Dementieva in the same draw. Seeing from the draw it self, Graf had the biggest chance to make it. Elena are going to face Hingis if she passed the first round. Graf will meet Dani if she makes it into second.

Q : You will have to face Coetzer in the second round already
AMELIE MAURESMO : Trust me, I don’t want to think about it *smiles* Clijster is my first priority.

Q : Does that mean that we’re going to see some high quality tennis this week from you.
AMELIE MAURESMO : *giggles* Sure. Like I told you, I want it so badly.

Q. Well, thanks. See you in the Philadelphia and with a victory of course
AMELIE MAURESMO : *smiles* Thanks

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The Queen of Fantasy Season arrives in the land of retarded fans. Stinky, smelly Philadelphia.

Picture of Elena Bovina admiring how great she is.

Moderator: Questions please for Ms. Bovina

Q: Hi Lena , good win in Toronto.

LENA: Didn't we already cover this in the last interview? Elena Bovina already said it was an easy win. But, thanks anyway. :)

Q: How about your draw in Philadelphia ?

LENA: It's not too bad. It's about time that Elena Bovina gets byes in the 1st round. After that, either Dokic or Bartoli in the 2nd round. Dokic is a very tough player, that has great results in the Tier II tournaments. Unfortunately, she hasn't fared well against the big girls... and she definitely will not fare well against THE biggest girl, Elena Bovina.

Then, Amanda again probably in the QF. Elena Bovina is tired of always being in the same section as her... but if Elena Bovina beats her, Elena Bovina will move to #4 in the world, passing Ms. Coetzer. :)

Q: Lena , you promised you would finish the year at #1 . That is impossible now . What is your goal for this year .

LENA: Elena Bovina's goal is to reach #1 before Roland Garros, next year. Elena Bovina has nothing to defend until then, and Anya, Martina, Amanda, and Jennifer have tons of points to defend.

Q: Lena , who do you think will reach Chase Championships? Graf , Amelie , or Elena?

LENA: They all suck. It only took Elena Bovina 2 tournaments to qualify, and these losers need the entire year. They don't deserve to make it.

Q: Good luck in Philadelphia . Win your 4th title .

LENA: Elena Bovina will. Thank you.

Udachi Lena!

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Good interview, partner. ;)


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Marta Marrero / Serena Williams

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Miss Seles or Miss Universe?

Current Miss Universe, Amelia Vega of the Dominican Republic, seen here posing during the 2003 Competition

Philadelphia: Pakistan's Monica Seles has not been playing well recently. Infact, she hasn't won a match since Miami. That hasn't kept the Queen of Controversy from drumming up further controversy. Seles said she was fascinated with the concept of beauty pageants and after watching the recently held Miss Universe pageant, was planning on taking an indefinite absence from the tour to participate in the Miss Universe pageant.

"Well, I am very beautiful and smart, so it's not impossible for me to win the title.", Seles said. "I do need a break from the tour and these days, tennis is not my top priority. I love beauty pageants. Imagine, participating in one. I would feel like a princess. I would be a beauty queen."

And recent form indicates that Seles has been practicing her catwalk more than her tennis. "I haven't set foot on a tennis court since I lost in Canada. I have been to a modelling agency and we have been working on my catwalk.", Seles said. "Right now, I don't know if I'm going to be on tour for long. I was at a crossroads at the US Open, but right now, I have outside interests."

While Seles' future in beauty pageants may look bright, her tennis future remains a huge question mark.

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The Final Showdown
Most people associate "the big one" with grand slams or possibly the Year Ending Chase Championships. However, this week prooves that a top event is not needed to produce major drama, high quality matches, and a whole lot on the line. The Ladies' Liberty Open this week features all but one or two of the top 24 women in the world--the most ever at a tier one event, and is also the last chance for Amelie Mauresmo or Steffi Graf to steal the final seat at the Chase Championships from Elena Dementieva. Though the draw's varying degrees of fairness must certainly be a pain to the players, it is bound to thrill spectators with enticing matches throughout the fortnight.

Speaking of fairness, the world's number one Anna Kournikova must be pleased with her draw. She hasn't lost to any player in her quarter all season. Wheras last week she was faced with the headache of playing Hantuchova in the quarters, this time around she has the much more pleasant task of playing either Alexandra Stevenson or Gabriela Sabatini, both of whom are dedicated players, but not at the level of play Kournikova has maintained over the past season. Wheras last year it was a shock to most that Anna made the semis (going on to win the whole thing), there would be pretty much no excuse for the beautiful blonde to do anything short of that this time around.

Jennifer Capriati got a slightly more challenging quarter, though not nearly as difficult as the two remaining sections. A possible quarter final matchup with Serena Williams looms in the distance, but first, Capriati will need to overcome her own sluggishness, as well as the winner of Tanasugarn vs. Myskina (expect the Russian to make it through). The Capster's form of late has been shakey at best, though a semi-final performance last week serves to testify that she may be re-gaining her early season form. Still, a semi-final effort this week should be very satisfying for Capriati, as Kournikova should proove to be too good for an exhausted Capriati (and that is what she should be after being forced to play her way back into form. It takes a while for champions to jump back on the bandwagon after falling off).

Amanda Coetzer simply can't get a break. After a stellar run to her second career title last week, this week she is rewarded with a R16 meeting with the red hot Amelie Mauresmo, followed by an almost guranteed encounter with Elena Bovina just to reach the semi-finals. While the South African's newfound style might take her that far, Elena's revived determination, combined with her carpet prowess might proove too much for Coetzer. Plus, we can't forget the crafty Mauresmo, who is desparate to snatch that last spot in New York. She is bound to throw everything short of the Kitchen Sink at Amanda in a last ditch effort to make the Chase.

Finally, the trickiest section of the draw. Hantuchova, Graf, Dementieva, and Hingis all bunched together (with the much more pedestrian Molik and Clijsters thrown in). Hingis doesn't like playing Elena (remember Wimbledon), but is still too smart to loose that early. It could happen (you never know), but it ain't likely. Still, that should be a very interesting three setter, with both girls giving it all they've got--one in a bid at World Number One, the other in a bid to Secure her prized position with the world's best next week. On the top side, Hantuchova and Graf are expected to face off in yet another potential thriller. Graf is so close to qualifying for New York, and should be expected to wear her heart on her sleeve this week as she does her absolute best to pull off a string of upsets (she will need them for sure). Hantuchova has prooven over these past few weeks that she is among the top five players in the world, and isn't going to beat herself. While Graf stands a chance, she is going to have to regain her hardcourt form and really come up with something special to pull it off.

All things considered, I expect Kournikova to walk to the final, and think that, despite her poor form last week, she stands a chance this time to win. Her competition on the lower half of the draw will have had to win three hard faught, exhausting matches just to reach her, wheras she will have faced players she normally beats easily. However, anything is possible. Hingis just beat her two weeks ago, Hantuchova beat her last week, Bovina certainly knows how to beat her (Coetzer doesn't like playing her, but might just throw in something special due to her newfound confidence). I am very excited for this week, and look foreward to seeing everyone give their all to winning this thing. I expect to see several hard faught, dramatic matches, read intruiging, candid interviews, and hear from certain players for the first time. I hope that I am not disappointed.:p

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VenuSerenAnna said:
A long writeup was promised... and now it was deleted. :sad:
Stop complaining:p ! I spent hours on that thing:eek: ! (actually most of the time I was watching my little bro:eek: ;) )
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