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Anna Kournikova is said to have been expelled from university after her father helped her cheat in exams. BBC Sport Online's Chris Charles takes up the story.

Anna Kournikova has been thrown out of college - for passing all her exams, according to reports.

University tutors had their suspicions aroused when the tennis star shone in all subjects, despite not attending a lecture for two years.

Upon investigation, they discovered Kournikova's father, Sergei, had sat the tests for her.

You'd think someone would have noticed the difference.

As a result, Kournikova was expelled from Moscow's Academy of Physical Culture and Sport.


No prizes for guessing who is an honorary professor at the institute - that's right, good old Sergei.

College dean Sergeje Tabakova told the Daily Star newspaper: "Although she lost interest in studying and failed to attend lectures, she still passed all her exams with As and Bs, thanks to her father."

It's a shame daddy can't stand in for her during tennis tournaments - she might win one.

Mind you, the 20-year-old pin-up still manages to earn a small fortune from off-court promotional spin-offs and appears to be more interested in becoming a movie star.

But what happens if she does get her big break? Will Kournikova senior be expected to learn her lines?


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I've read that also but can you tell me ALPHA where did you read any statement denying the story?? I'm curious....
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