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If you confidence is lacking in just the smallest way against someone like Amanda you are in serious trouble.

I was actually surprised that Anna got a set today. She's a fighter but her game just isn't coming to the party yet.

Mentally Anna is VERY weak. Look at the number of times she looks up to her parents, coach etc during a match. Her confidence is wafer thinright now and has always been questionable at best on the court. Of course off the court it is a whole other story but unfortunately for Anna she is still trying to convince people and herself for that matter that she is a great tennis player not a model.

Playing and losing all these matches is doing irreversible damage in my opinion. Losing to Coetzer may not be so bad but it is still a match she could win and I would say maybe expects to win. Losing to qualifiers younger than herself is what is doing the most damage. I would be surprised if Anna ever got back into the top 20!
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