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Kim Clijsters

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First. The dress she wore in the OZ semis. Can we get Serena, Jenn and Martina in the same style dress? Possibly Serena's in white? Thank you.

Second. Kim is a big girl. 68 kg. grrrreat legs. Almost Serena-esque. Super-athlete. Why doesn't she get more pub?

Third. What was that? Tennis. Ah yes.

Why is she so defensive? Against Jenn she was sitting back and basically daring Jenn to try to pass her. Yes, Kim is so athletic she reaches almost everything. But often a slice lob goes back, which is just another chance for a winner for the opponent. She uses relatively little hip rotation. But she uses so much arm and shoulder in her swings, her stroke is REALLY long. So she almost can't hit big on the run.

If a Venus or a Monica gets control of a point, Kim can't take control back. She has to wait for them to give her a short ball or something. I think she could be vastly more aggressive. And which her agility and co-ordination, she could be the best half-volley-er on the tour.


What y'all think?
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I'm with Arn. I also think it's her father who keeps the media attention low. Even in Belgium the media is complaining they don't get so see/intervieuw her enough. Daddy Clijsters is a very protective father. He wants his kid in a little cocoon, where she'll only meet a few people and can fuelly focus on tennis. He certainly doesn't like all the media and I think Kim does almost everything he tells her to do (at least in that area;) )
For the rest: she is indeed a nice girl, doesn't have a particulary big mouth, isn't giving away big predictions for herself but always tries to stay with both feet on the ground. She doesn't promote herself nor seeks the attention of the media. Result: she doesn't get as much. But is that I bad thing? I certainly think not. She has a right to a personal life, and though I am a huge fan I'm interestted in her because she plays great tennis and because of what she says or does off court.
One last point: she might not get a lot of media attention (relatively speaking) but she is highly liked on tour. All the other players like her (something you can't say about e.g. Anna, who gets a whole lot of media attention or the W sisters of Hingis). And that's important too, don't you think?
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little mistake : though I am a hug fan I'm interessted in her because she plays great tennis and NOT because of what she says or does off court.

Sorry for that, but it's a Saturday moring, you know how it goes ;)
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