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Kelly Liggan

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Does anybody know anything about her? I noticed she is the only Irish woman with a remotly decent ranking she is currently playing Aussie open quialies. I really like ireland and visited there this summer so I wanted to know if anyone knows anything abut her and her style of play? thanks
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I know that she just beat Steph :mad:
Indeed she's the top ranked Irish girl, kind of surprised people last year when she got through to final round Aus qualies a year ago. Has had a few other decent results, but nothing too amazing, particularly not in WTA maindraw events. She plays a lot of events (at one point near 40, though she's cut down somewhat since). She's more of a baseline. Sarah H., from this board has seen her play a few times I believe from last year's qualies and also posted some pictures back then too, maybe she'll stop by here and give you a bit more info if possible :)
I actully saw kelly last year in final rnd qualy's at last years OZ Open.
Baseliner, solid groundies, hits the ball pretty flat, not a lot of margin for error and is pretty tenacious.
Shorter girl, freckles and aubin hair.
Really nice personality, she came and watched a match I was watching after and wasn't too upset with her loss and spoke fondly of others.
She had this massive blister on her foot, I couldn't beleive she was playing with hit.
I thought she could have had the potential to hit around 100 but she went a little backwards in seatd.

Hope she does better this year and hope to see her again when I make the qualies on Saturday
She's up against Eva Martincova of the Czech Republic in the second round of qualies. I hope she does well...I've never seen her play on the main tour cos she doesn't tend to get into the main draw. Hopefully this year though...:)
Yeah Kelly is the great hope for Irish 'women's tennis (we don't have many tennis players!!!lol) I have only seen her play once, she does hit the ball well and I thought she did have the potential to do well. Yvonne Doyle is another she got inside the Top 200 but then had a string of injuries but she back again so hopefully she can get back up there!!!!
Yvonen is more suited to doubles. She's a fantasci doubles player. Top 100 in 2 years i guarentee.

Kelly's basically a "worker" on the court and deserves her ranking. She really wasn't seen as Ireland's best hope. She was always in the shadow of Yvonne Doyle, Karen Nugent ( lost to Hingis in 3 sets in QF of junior Wimbledon ) and Claire Curran but injury has totally hampered their careers so it's nice to see Kelly up there. Hopefully she and Elsa O'Riain can push on up the rankings a bit.
MirjanaFan I meant that she is the hope now since the other Yvonne and Karen have had injuries etc.
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