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I've translated the article from TV Markiza [] from Slovak to English and it's very good news: Karina plans to play doubles and mixed doubles at the US Open! :D She doesn't want to risk playing singles on her achilles tendon yet, but hopefully next year...

I translated the article using a limited Slovak<->English dictionary, so I had to make several intelligent guesses - please forgive me if I misquote Karina because of such! I know some bits of my translation are nonsense, but these are where I wasn't sure what she was saying and didn't want to guess wrong. ;)

Habs'udová at a tournament in Austria before the US Open, doesn't struggle to return

Karina Habs'udová, a former Top 10 player in the WTA world rankings,
is these days on the courts of Slovan Bratislava under the care of
coaches Tibor Tóth and Michal Kovarc'ík (physical trainer), preparing
intensively for a return to "big-time" tennis. Before long, the 30-
year-old Fed Cup representative with the exquisite backhand, who
injured her achilles tendon during last year's Australian Open, will
start at the US Open in August.

"For some time I thought that I was already finished with tennis, but
paradoxically that finally helped me to return. The achilles tendon
made me stop to listen for the first time in probably eight years,
then I had a four-month break. Another short intensive sounded for
the US Open improved that, and so I travelled to Australia. After the
return home, however, unfortunately I had to give to fix."

Her thoughts returned to the black periods of her career, and she
continued: "I missed competing on the court. Now I'm preparing for
the US Open with full verve. I'm very surprised that I want to risk
playing on a hard surface, but there isn't a large selection of
tournaments in this period. Either concrete or palace. So now I train
on ??antuke??, in order not to overload my foot."

Although her biggest successes were achieved in singles, at Flushing
Meadows her watchers will only be able to follow her in doubles and
in mixed. "I only plan to play singles at the end of the year,
because I don't want to rush anything. Before the flight to the USA I
will go to a regional tournament in Austria, to get match-play and
self-assurance. In mixed doubles at the Open I will play with David
Rikl, but in women's doubles I haven't asked anyone yet because I
didn't know how my achilles tendon would be. Now, however, I'm
beginning to search intensively for a (female) partner," explained
the Bojnice native.

In the last 18 months, when she didn't play, women's tennis has
changed a little after all. "Even more athleticised, they've started
to play more all-court tennis. I feel that this has selected a
definite group of players who are dominating. When I played, the peak
was wider," reflected Habsudová, who doesn't worry about competing
against rash young players: "Why should I be afraid? I have no big
demands on myself. I enjoy tennis, as long as the train gets away
extremely quickly, I discover that very quickly. On the court,
however, the head also plays a part, the mind gives enough to

Although the former Slovakian number one has, until now,
obtained "only" one WTA singles title (at Portschach in 1999), and
would possibly welcome another, difficult head from that whether she
succeeds doesn't do: "When I won it, I told myself that I no longer
have a black mark on my career and I can end it," laughed the
Slovakian tennis-player.

She revealed how she passed the time during her forced rest from
tennis: "I taught myself to cook, even also meatballs. Before that I
managed most if spaghetti with cheese."

Every return to the top of sport has certain risks, but the past and
the present are full of successful comebacks. "I was out for a year
and a half, but I didn't perceive that I would soon be thirty years
old. Time will stop for me in a while, and we will see what that
brings. I was never a person who builds any ??vzdus'né?? castles. I
took it step by step. Now I have a goal to get to the US Open healthy
and playing my best. My highest career-position was tenth place in
the world rankings. I never had extra big goals. However, I'm
conscious that in my best year I played a lot, and that was not good.
That's when a person begins to be needy and doesn't accomplish that
to guard. It's not only about the risk of injury, but also about will
and motivation," concluded the 1996 Roland Garros quarter-finalist.

Dr. Andrew Broad

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Great! It'll be nice to see Karina on the court again.
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