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She's the Serena Williams of the acting world (or rather, the reverse) apparently, in that she's better known as an actress but thinks of herself as a tennis player. ;)

Kaley Cuoco plays 'Bridget' in the John Ritter/Katy Segal ('Peg' from Married... With Children) sitcom, 8 Simple Rules. She's 17-years-old and has been playing tennis since the age of 3. She plays tournaments, was nationally ranked and one day hopes to play tennis at college. She chose acting over tennis as her career when she won the part of 'Bridget' a couple of years ago.

She says:

"I think of myself as an actress and a tennis player, and they're both major parts of my life... I love the sport. Its great exercise and so competitive. I am competitive in everything I do... I would love to play college tennis someday."

Taken from :

Kaley may have started acting at a young age, but she's been playing tennis since she was 3 years old! She was even nationally ranked and competing around the country when she landed the job on 8 Simple Rules. "I was auditioning and playing tennis, and that's impossible. You can't do [both] forever," she says. Thats when she gave up competition. "I chose to go this path for my career. I definitely made the right decision." But with the show on summer vacation, Kaley's looking forward to getting back on the tennis court with friends. "No tournaments, no pressure, just going out, getting great exercise and being in the sunshine."

But like any other girl:

After a two-year relationship with a fellow tennis player ended, this teen spent the past year healing a broken heart. "I could still cry about it if i let myself, but that's being a girl and so ridiculously emotional," she admits. (LOL)

She's also a bit of an unhealthy eater during the day:

"I usually try to skip breakfast, or I drink my breakfast. I drink a lot of coffee, so I may run over to the Coffee Bean or I may go to Jamba Juice. It's the decision of a lifetime ? do I want caffeine or do I want sugar? If I have coffee for breakfast, I'll have Jamba Juice for lunch."

But she makes it all up at dinner:

"I love going to dinner with a bunch of girlfriends. We usually go to BJ's in Westlake Village. I always reserve a table in the corner, somewhere so that we can be loud and annoying and just have fun.
Then we have dessert. They make this thing called the pizookie. It's a huge cookie spread with almost melted ice cream. You can get it in chocolate or white chocolate, with all kinds of toppings. It's so good. We always end up getting 10 of them, then sampling each other's... Sometimes my mom cooks, but a lot of times we go out for dinner on Sundays. We'll go to California Pizza Kitchen in Encino ? I'll get the Chinese chicken salad ? or we might go to Piatti in Westlake. Sometimes we go to Marmalade Café in Westlake Village, and I'll get the Chinese chicken salad again. I love it. And that makes a perfect end to a perfect weekend."

And then she works it all off at the gym:

"I'm a huge gym fanatic. I take a kickboxing or a spinning class three times a week. There are about 50 people in the class. I wear sweats and a hat when I work out. A lot of people wear all of these spandexy clothes. I'm like, 'You're not really riding a bike outside!' All I want to do is have a good workout, so sweats work for me."

LMAO! She's funny in an Anna Nicole Smith way.


I stumbled across this girl on the 'net tonight. She was photographed with another actor walking the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards, and fans of said actor were debating whether or not this actress was dating him (inconclusive, but their analysis of body language indicates that he's merely being nice to her and not really attracted to her). Strange fans.

I thought she was interesting because this girl obviously likes tennis as much as we do. What I'm wondering is why she was overlooked for the Kirsten Dunst role in the movie, "Wimbledon." Kirsten was linked to the movie from the start and no other actress was considered. They had found their star. That's usually how it works.

The big factor was probably that Kaley's not a star, but she has the looks, the acting skills and she already had the mastery of tennis that Kirsten Dunst didn't. Maybe she'll have a part in Reese Witherspoon's tennis movie.

Has anyone ever come across the name Kaley Cuoco at any junior tournaments (I assume it's juniors because of her age)? I'm not sure how good she really is but she must be quite decent if she's talking college tennis, plus she is/was nationally ranked.

Is anyone a fan of the show 8 Simple Rules? I've never seen it. You can find out other stuff about her from her website:

You can catch Kaley on the big screen when her movie "The Hollow" is released in October of 2004. It also stars John Turturro, Nick Carter (of Backstreet Boys fame), Joseph Mazello (from Jurassic Park), Melissa Schuman (former member of girl band, Dreams) and Kevin Zegers (Kaley's rumoured boyfriend and former child star of the Air Bud series). ;)
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