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Q. You said on Sunday you didn't feel like the favorite here. How do you feel?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I still say the same thing. The first match is always tough, especially in Grand Slams, so I knew it. I think that's normal situation. No, I'm not the biggest favorite here, for sure.

Q. Do you think there's a feeling among the women that because Serena and Venus aren't here, there's a big opportunity, maybe not for you?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: For a lot of players, it's a big opportunity for a lot of players. A lot of players can win this tournament.

You know, after the first match at the French Open, I think that anyone said I was going to be the biggest favorite of the tournament because I didn't play a good match. So it's still very early to talk about any player who can win this tournament. I mean, we'll see in the fourth round, in the quarters, if I have the chance to go there. It's too early right now.

Q. Having beaten Serena a couple times this year, do you wish you could face her on this court? Is there a disappointment you don't have that challenge ahead of you?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: You know, I'm just try to stay focused on my next match. I try to forget about everything else because Serena is not here. That's not the fault of anybody. I mean, she's injured. It's really bad for her, first, and for the tournament, and for all the players. For sure, we want a very high level of tennis. But I think we'll have a high level of tennis in this tournament. I hope so.

That's okay. We have to fight every day, in every match, even if Serena is not here.

I'm not afraid to play Serena on hard court anymore because I feel more confident right now. But probably she always played her best tennis here at the US Open.

Q. Do you like all the buzz about the Belgians?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I don't have to like or don't like that. It's like this. I mean, that's the situation right now. I think the Williams dominated so much the tour. It change a little bit. They're injured, both of them. Kim and me played well in the last few months.

But, I mean, it's normal that you talking, you guys, a lot about us. I totally understand it. Kim is No. 1. I'm No. 3. I understand.

Q. Were you looking forward to this rematch with Kapros after what happened the first time you played her?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I try to forget what happened last year at the French Open. I was sick, so I was totally different. It's just I just want to say that a first round is never easy, especially against a qualifier who played three matches before playing the first round in the main draw. So, you know, I think it's normal what happened today. When I had to play, I did it.

She played a good match ‑ very, very good. That's okay. I'm in the second round, that's the most important thing.

Q. Americans are very big on what we call "scouting" the next opponent. A coach will go out and look at the player's next opponent, see how she's playing.

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: So Carlos is maybe American then (smiling). He's doing it.

Q. How much does Carlos do scouting for you, even with players that you played before? Do you sit down before a match and have a conversation about what that player can do?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: For sure, every match is different. In every tournament, Carlos is going to see my next opponent, for sure. That's his job. He's doing it perfectly. So he has to give me, yeah, the right things to prepare my match. He always did.

I think a lot of coaches are doing that. That's better for the players.

Q. How much time do you spend particularly before a very important match talking about your next opponent?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I think we spend more time after the matches, like today probably we're going to talk about this match. Then we going to prepare tomorrow the next match, a little bit during the practice. But before the match, we don't sit for half an hour talking about this. It takes two minutes. Just remind me what I have to do. I know a lot of players pretty good, so Carlos just have to give me a few things just to prepare my match.

Q. What kind of training do you do to minimize your injuries? You keep yourself in pretty good shape year‑round.

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I hope so. I mean, you never know. Injuries can come at any time, for anybody. At the level where we play right now, it's very tough.

I just decided this year that I didn't play three tournaments in a row. I think that was a good decision because I've been physically very fresh in every tournament. Okay, I work very hard last December, then I went back to Saddle Brook in March for three weeks, then a little bit in July right now, a little preparation for the end of the season. I think you have to take your time sometimes, take two or three weeks during the year, work physically a little bit harder, be prepared for the next tournaments.

Q. Is your strength, personal physical strength, after the period you spent in the off‑season, getting stronger? Is it where you want it to be or do you want to get even stronger?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: No, I think I want to stay like I am, because I have different game from the other players. I'll never be powerful like them. But I know I have to work hard every day. I'm not hundred percent physically right now. I'll be maybe in a year and a half at my best level physically.

It's never over. I mean, you have to start every day, work very hard, because the other players are not waiting for you. You have to prepare the best as you can.

Q. How much bigger are you hitting your serve now than before you went into this week?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I wasn't able to serve at this speed, yeah, a year ago. Pat and me, we decided we had to do a lot of weights, we had to do a lot of running. I'm feeling much more confident right now. We can see it on my serve, for sure.

Q. Do you think your serve is consistently five miles an hour faster?


Q. Ten?


Q. Is it difficult to adjust to someone who serves like she did?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: It's very, very difficult, yeah. I think it's not easy at all for any players because it's so slow. I'm not used to it on the tour because, I mean, women start to serve very, very fast right now ‑ on the second serve, too. I have the same problem with Dementieva, who has a second serve a little bit like Kapros.

Especially when it was windy like today, when you have the wind behind you, it's not easy. So probably I had to go a little bit more return and volley. I did it sometimes. It was working. But it wasn't easy.

Q. You didn't seem to punish the second serve as much as you could.

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I didn't understand.

Q. You didn't seem to punish her second serve.

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Yeah, probably. I totally agree.

Q. Were you being careful?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Like I said, it's not easy against this kind of serve. We're not used to play against players who serve at 60, 65 miles an hour on the second serve. It's not usual. It takes a little bit of time.

Q. Do you think it changed the momentum midway through the first set when you started coming into the net?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Yeah, on the important points, I did what I had to do. I came to the net. I served good on the important points. That's fine. It's enough to win the match. I know I'll have to play better next round. I don't know who I play, but I'll have to.

Q. Do you feel the high expectations of the media, public?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I feel my life have changed, for sure, since the French Open. And I understand it perfectly. That's normal. Tennis life, being a professional tennis player, is not only being on the court and hit balls. That's what I prefer, but I have many things around it I have to do. That's my job; it's part of my life. The pressure is there all the time. The media, you always going to be there. That's why tennis, women's tennis, is so strong right now.

I mean, I'm very happy when I'm on the court, but I'm very happy off the court right now. That's very important.


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Yup, as long as she wins these rounds is more important. I can't believe how many people thought Justine would roll over her talented opponent today (including my self :lol:)....shes a player that picks up the pace while getting deeper into the tournament and I like that;) She starts out today like she did in Roland Garros....this is a good omen :kiss:

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THE MODERATOR: Questions for Justine, please.

Q. Everyone else played long matches today except for you. You must have played very well.

JUSTINE HENIN-HARDENNE: It's good. I played a very good match today finally. I played a very high level of tennis. I just played my game like I did in the last two tournaments.

Yeah, I was feeling a little more relaxed than I was in the first round. That's normal. I was really focused, so that's good news.

Q. She can be a tricky player sometimes to play. You hit through her pretty well.

JUSTINE HENIN-HARDENNE: Yeah, I think that I've been very focused on every point. I knew that I had to be aggressive. I came very often to the net. I know I had to do that. I've been very aggressive on her second serve. It was one of the key of the match.

So I'm very happy with the way I played.

Q. The first round, obviously you always feel nerves in a Grand Slam, this one particularly. Today when you went out, you felt nothing at all?

JUSTINE HENIN-HARDENNE: I was feeling nervous. But I think I prepare my match much better than I did in the first round because I talked to Carlos yesterday, then I was feeling more relaxed. I've been very focused in the practice, from the first ball to the end of the practice. I think it's very important for myself.

I was nervous before the match, but I took it in the positive way, and it worked.

Q. Do you feel like at this point in your career you need tough matches early on to get yourself ready for the second week or is just playing well the most important thing?

JUSTINE HENIN-HARDENNE: I think that in the past it proved when I had tough matches, especially in the first round, it helped me a lot, because I knew from the beginning of the tournament I had to change the way I was playing. And that's what I did here. That's good because I know that everything can happen, even if you are in the first round or the quarters doesn't mean anything against any player. So it's good sign for me.

Q. What do you think your best characteristic is?

JUSTINE HENIN-HARDENNE: I think, you know, probably I'm very quick on the court, so I can run all over the court right now. I feel so good, so comfortable. When I'm not so nervous, yeah, I'm so quick. So I think that the other players don't like it too much. Then I can be powerful when I want.

So technically I still have many things to learn and to improve in my game, again in my serve, maybe my forehand. But I'm working on it very hard right now.

I think I'm a complete player. I don't have any bad part in my game. That's good.

Q. On a personal level, a lot champions have things about them personally that help with their tennis. What is it about you personally that makes you such a good player?

JUSTINE HENIN-HARDENNE: I think that, you know, in my private life, I'm so happy right now. It helped me a lot to do what I did in the last few months. Because when I'm going on the court, I'm not afraid any more to lose. I mean, it doesn't mean anything. I really enjoy my game right now.

So a lot of things change in the last few months. I'm a different person right now. I think you can see it. A lot of people can see it. That's big difference for me from last year.

I think Justine didn't get that question about her characteristic :) a little proove that she can interpretade things different ;)

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Q. Can you take us through what happened when the referee came out? Did he actually tell you he was calling it off?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: No. I mean, he said we were going to wait a little bit more, and they knew it was going to stop. It was a little bit frustrating, two or three times I had to stop. But it's okay. We finally played. It's late. It's okay.

Q. Did you have to argue with him and say no?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I said to him, "Just take a decision." It was late already. It was almost 10:30 when we started the match. But they knew the rain was going to stop. So, I mean, we just had to wait a few more minutes. The crowd was great, so it was a fun experience.

Q. Did you have fun watching?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Yeah, it was fun. Before the match, it was good. I was very relaxed. You could see the way I played, so that's good.

Q. Later on when she started winning games .

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Yeah, she served well to come back at 5‑1, and then the crowd was getting excited a little bit, was behind her 100 percent. They wanted more tennis.

It wasn't so easy, but finally, yeah, I lost a bit my aggressivity at the end of the match. But finally I came through, so that's good news.

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THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You are in your first semifinal at the US Open. Does this bring you more confidence?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I'm in confidence for sure. I am for the first time in a semifinal of the US Open. Like I said, I really never played well here the years before. This year is certainly different. I said that before the tournaments 'cause I'm getting more experience, I think that my game is more powerful than it was in the last few years.

So it's good because I played really good matches from the beginning of the tournament. I'm happy with the level I play right now. It gives me a lot of confidence for sure.

Q. Jennifer says this a big match for her. How big is it for you?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: It's big, too. Jennifer is going to play tomorrow in front of a crowd. I mean, she's playing at home. They're gonna be behind her, I think. I totally understand it. It's very normal.

For me, no, even if I'm the favorite on the paper because of the ranking, it doesn't mean anything. Jennifer is playing great tennis right now. She is in confidence. She looks like she doesn't play with any pressure, that she's free of that. She's playing very high level of tennis.

She won in New Haven. She won her first tournament since a year and a half. It gave her a lot of confidence. I know that I'll have to play a great match tomorrow if I want to win.

Q. Is it fair to say that the pressures, a lot of the pressure, is on her?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Probably. For me, it's gonna be another tough match. But like I said from the beginning of the season, I stay focused on every match and try to forget everything else.

Jennifer, like she said, it's a big match for her. It's not the end of the world. I mean, it's a big match because it's the semifinal of a Grand Slam. I'm getting more experience because it's my third semifinal already this year in Grand Slams.

So we will see. It's very hard to tell you how it's gonna happen, how I'm gonna feel. It's good that I play in the evening because it's been very late every day since last week. So it's gonna be good.

Q. This is as well as you've been playing, this tournament and this summer. This is a match, if you play well, you probably expect to win, I would think, huh?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: You know, I came here the US Open to win the tournament. I came here to give my best and give 100 percents. I played very well in the last few tournaments, especially on hard court here for the first time in the US. So probably people see me like one of the big favorites.

But Jennifer is playing well right now, too. So, I mean, if I play good match, it could be very close. So we will see.

Q. You guys have played five times. All three-set matches.


Q. The last time you played was early in the year. Your level since the beginning of the year has gone way up. She seems to play a lot better. Those other results, can we almost throw them out now?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: We try to forget that. I mean, I try to forget what happened in the past. It's just last time we played each other, I think it was in Dubai. I won in three sets. It was a great match of tennis.

Jennifer was coming back with a high level of tennis after what happened in Australia. She started to play much, much better in Dubai. It was very good tennis.

So, I mean, I know what I have to do, but when Jennifer is in confidence, you know, she's hitting the ball very hard and she looks like she's moving well right now. So it's very hard. I mean, every match is different.

Tomorrow is gonna be another day. The past is the past. I have to be focused on tomorrow.

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THE MODERATOR: Questions for your 2003 US Open Champion, please.

Q. What are your emotions, Christine? :D

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Christine (laughter).

No, it's such a great moment. I mean, I always thought that the first win in a Grand Slam would be the most, yeah, important one. But today, it's a great feeling because it's very different victory from the French Open.

What I did last night was great, simply great. I'm so happy right now. It's just amazing, you know, two Grand Slams in the first year for myself. I couldn't believe I could do it this year, but I feel much more stronger than I've been in the past.

It gives me a lot of confidence, so it's great.

Q. How did you feel when you got up this morning? Can you take us through the day.

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Yeah, I mean, you know, last night I went ‑‑ I think I went to sleep at 3:45. And then I was awake at 8:30 then tried to sleep a little bit more until 11:30, but it was very hard because the match was still in my mind. On the other side, I knew I had a final tonight and I didn't know how I was going to do to be fine.

But I think that the trainers and the doctors did a great job last night. You know, the staff around me, Carlos, Yves, "It's unbelievable what you did, but you still have to believe in your chances because you're playing so well right now."

I did believe in my chances. I went on the court to win the match, and it worked pretty good.

Q. In Paris, you really played superb tennis.


Q. It was a very special place, the victory. It was even a story behind, you dedicated the victory to your mother.


Q. To who would you like to dedicate this victory to, and if there is spiritual background?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: In Paris it was something very special, yeah. Everybody knows the story. Here, it's very different because I never really played well at the US Open. And I came this year, didn't know what to expect. Just I knew that I was different player from last year, from the years before.

I played so well, you know, in San Diego and Toronto. I knew I could do a good tournament. I just want to dedicate this victory to, I mean, to the people are behind me, who believe in myself for a long time right now.

First to my coach and my husband. I think they give me an unbelievable support. You can't imagine how they are important for myself.

My husband was supposed to leave on Tuesday, decided to stay. I think he did a good choice (laughter).

Q. The mental side of your game so much, plus your ability to close out matches, what is your strategy now when times get tough and how to close?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: It's hard to explain. I mean, it's just the experience, the hard work I did, the confidence I get. I mean, it's ‑‑ it's very difficult to understand how I change in a few months.

I mean, these kind of matches, I couldn't finish that one year ago. So, you know, like I said, I just try to build my career. Maybe I arrived a little bit later from the other players, but, you know, winning two Grand Slam at 21, I think it's great. And it give me a lot of confidence for the rest of my career.

I'm still very young. I want to play for a long time.

But, you know, today I knew that I wasn't going to let this match go. I mean, I had to win because I had the match under control, and there was so much important for myself to play well in the important points. That's what I did.

Q. Last night, you were listed with the doctor's report this morning as "possible" for playing. This afternoon it was "probable." Was there a moment you thought you might not be able to play?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: You know, last night when I got off the court, I mean, I didn't know what to expect because I was feeling so bad. Like I said, the doctors and trainers, they did a great job. They took care of myself unbelievable.

Then, you know, I just wanted to wait the practice to be sure I could play. The doctor said to me I was healthy to play. There wasn't any more problem on my body. It was just that I was feeling tired, a lot of fatigue.

And I didn't know if I was gonna be able to compete and to fight 100 percent. It's hard when you have to play a Grand Slam final when you have only 20 hours to recover.

So this morning when I woke up, probably I knew I was going to play, but I needed a little bit of more time to see how I was feeling.

Q. Is this more special because of whom you beat? Does that carry extra significance?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: You know, it's ‑‑ we'll have to play a lot each other, I mean, in the future. Kim is a great player. She's No. 1 in the world. She's playing great tennis.

But I think that what I did last night was unbelievable. It was ‑‑ we played a high level of tennis. I came back from 5‑3 in the second, 5‑3 in the third. I always believed in my chances. It wasn't easy because I had a little bit the crowd against me. It was normal. Then I cramped.

So it's been two terrific weeks. I mean, unbelievable. Like I probably didn't play the best tennis I can play, but my attitude was so good and it gave me the chances to win this tournament.

Q. Don't you feel, after the last three months, that you could go to sleep tonight and say, "I'm the No. 1 player now. I won two Grand Slams"? You've only lost one match since Roland Garros.

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I'll believe in that when I will see that I will be No. 1. But it's true that in the last few months, I've been very consistent. I played unbelievable tennis. I finished the match I had to finish. I won the last three tournaments.

It's true that I'm feeling very strong right now. I think the other players can feel it, too. I'll be No. 2. That's the only thing we can see on the paper.

Q. Last night you said the reason you didn't call for a trainer is because people had spoken badly about you for doing it in the past. Were you talking about Kim? Can you talk about that decision again?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Yeah, I did a big mistake last night not calling the trainer because I needed the trainer. Like in the past, every time I called the trainer, and I didn't do it in every match, was because I was needing the trainer. Everybody knows it.

So last night, yeah, I did a big mistake because, you know, I was cramping a lot. I could have a serious injury. Everybody was so upset with myself that I didn't call the trainer.

But it's true that I said to myself, "People are gonna talk a lot about my attitude again," and I'm a fair player. I mean, I never misrespect to anybody on the tour. I know that now when I need the trainer, I'll call them.

Q. I remember when golfer Lee Janzen won his second US Open. He said the second one meant so much more because it validated the first one. Do you feel that way about this?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Yeah, I mean, it's unbelievable. Maybe it means the French Open wasn't an accident.

No, I mean, yeah, it's true. It's great confirmation. I mean, two months after the French Open, I had great reaction because you never know how for the first time you win a Grand Slam. You don't know how you gonna feel. You don't know if your motivation is gonna be all right after a big win.

So I played terrific after the French Open. It's been two unbelievable months. I think it's not over.

Right now, you know, it's almost the end of the season. My next goal is gonna be ready for the next year and physically still ‑‑ I still can improve my game, you know. I will work very hard. It gives me a lot of confidence, a lot of motivation for the next work in December.

Q. Sixth game of the first set, you had gone up 3‑love. She broke back. How huge was that game? Were your legs giving out at all at that point?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: My legs were feeling heavy for sure. But, you know, I just mentally was very important to myself to forget it and say, "Okay, let's play. Let's do your best."

Kim wasn't playing very well in the first three games of the match. I was very consistent, but she did a lot of unforced errors. Then she started to play much better. I wasn't ready for it. I needed a few games to come in the match to be very aggressive.

Since 5‑all I think that the match turned.

Q. For many of us, the beauty of your game is the repertoire of shots that you have. For you to end this match with a swinging volley from the court is, you know, like sort of the great topper of the match. What else can you add to your game now for the rest of this year and 2004?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I think I proved I have to play like this. I mean, I have many things in my game to win other Grand Slams. I know that I can improve my game, go a little bit more to the net, be a little bit more aggressive, work again on my concentration ‑ because sometimes I can lose it, you know, in important games.

You know, in the future it's gonna be very important but I am still very young.

I know that I am in a good way. I know that the way I work is very important. I work every day so hard. I still have to keep like that if I want to win other major tournaments.

Q. Last night in that incredible match, Jennifer, again and again, was within a couple of points of winning. At those moments of crisis, what goes through your mind? What do you tell yourself?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: You know, in the first set I think it was a very high level of tennis. I was leading 4‑1, but Jennifer was playing very well. I was playing unbelievable.

And then, yeah, the crowd gave her a lot of support. It wasn't easy for myself in the first set, but I stayed very calm. I said, "Okay, that's normal. You have to deal with that." And then just tried to stay focused on every point.

Then she was leading me at 5‑3 in the second. That was the key of the tournament. 30‑all, I come to the net. It's a big save I did at this point. Then a great lob to go 5‑4. My confidence came back.

In the third set again, you know, I was cramping. I wasn't able to think at all because I thought the match was over many times during the game. I could change it. It was an amazing feeling, yeah, unbelievable.

Q. Because of what you went through last night, did you ever have any negative thoughts today? Did they creep into you at all?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: No, I think that, you know, physically I was feeling okay today. But I didn't know, like I said, if I was ‑‑ if I was going to be able, you know, to forget this match of last night and be focused on the final.

And I was feeling very tired, but when you have to play a Grand Slam final, I mean, you cannot be tired; you have to give your best.

And I wasn't negative at all today because I said, "Okay, it's been an unbelievable, what I did last night."

I think everybody was so happy. A lot of people came to me and said it was one of the best matches they've ever seen in the last maybe 10 years. It was such a great moment.

Q. What are you going to do to celebrate?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Celebrate. Everybody knows me. I will never celebrate like maybe other people. But I want to be with my staff, you know, with my husband, with my coach. I think about my family who is at home right now. They watched the match on TV. I'm sure they're very proud of me, too.

I'll be happy to go back in Belgium. I miss my country a little bit. It's been six weeks here in the States. I really enjoyed it, but I'm gonna have a new apartment when I get back to Belgium. So it's great news, too.

Yeah, I don't know how I'm gonna celebrate, but I just can tell you that I'm the happiest woman in the world right now.

Q. When you come from a small country, or even with the kind of money players could make today, sometimes you win a Grand Slam, some players seem to be pretty happy, relaxed with what they've done. Can you talk about your appetite and why, if you do want motivation to win more titles, what that's all about, what it means to you?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: I think I've always had a lot of character. I always have been a big fighter. When I was young, I was like that, too. And, yeah, maybe when you come from a little country, like Kim or like me, you want to prove to the rest of the world that you can do great things from a little country.

I think that Kim and me, we are both great fighters. I hope that ‑‑ I think that we represent the Belgium very well. I want a lot of victories, for sure. When I go on the court, it's to win the match. I know you cannot win all the time and you have to accept that.

Q. After this display, I mean, do you think the Williams sisters have something to worry about now?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Really don't think about the Williams sisters right now because, you know, they dominated the tour for so long and they're still very ‑‑ I mean, they're great champions, both of them.

Unfortunately, they injured right now so it's bad for the tour ‑ it's bad for them and for all the players.

But I don't know if they can ‑‑ if they have to worry about that. I hope so (smiling).

And, you know, I think everybody hopes that they gonna come back on the tour very soon, because we want all the players, all the top ones, and we will see.

Q. You are very young. It's very unusual for young tennis players to be married. Marriage is important to you. Why?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: You ask me this question, yeah, a lot of times (laughter).

Yeah, but... Yeah.

I agree. I totally agree that I am a different person and a different player from my marriage. I'm just feeling so confident, you know. It's been ‑‑ I achieved something in my private life, you know, with my husband. It was very important for myself to get married. A lot of things changed in my life.

So he's with me almost all the time. I think it's easier, like I said he was supposed to leave and then decided to stay. It's great to have a family. It gives me a lot of confidence. I am feeling more secure. I know that after the tennis, I'll have something and that's very important.

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fleemke² said:
Q. What are you going to do to celebrate?

JUSTINE HENIN‑HARDENNE: Celebrate. Everybody knows me. I will never celebrate like maybe other people. But I want to be with my staff, you know, with my husband, with my coach. I think about my family who is at home right now. They watched the match on TV. I'm sure they're very proud of me, too.

I'll be happy to go back in Belgium. I miss my country a little bit. It's been six weeks here in the States. I really enjoyed it, but I'm gonna have a new apartment when I get back to Belgium. So it's great news, too.

Yeah, I don't know how I'm gonna celebrate, but I just can tell you that I'm the happiest woman in the world right now.
Wow, reconciliation in the future with her family, maybe?;) And what is with a damn house!:D:p

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Martian KC said:
Wow, reconciliation in the future with her family, maybe?;) And what is with a damn house!:D:p
Or two, three... lol. But first the Ferrari ;)
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