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6-1, 3-6, 6-0

MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you manage to enjoy that today?
JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, for sure. You know, when you play final of a Grand Slam, it's for sure big moment in your life. When I came back at one set all, it was a great moment for me.
For sure it was difficult after that because mentally she was stronger than me, and she had the experience that I didn't. So, for sure, it was a big moment.

Q. Do you think you'll be back?
JUSTINE HENIN: For sure, I'll be back. I'll be back next year. I will have many, many Wimbledon in my career. It's only my second Wimbledon. I'm in the final, so that's great.

Q. Can you talk about her serve, the pressure maybe it put on you in the third set?
JUSTINE HENIN: Her serve was unbelievable all the match. I broke her only once. It was difficult. At the beginning I wasn't lucky at all. Maybe a mistake from the umpire, but nothing important. I've been break I think at 2-1 in the first to go to 3-1. After that, you know, when you have a break against you, against this kind of player, it's always tough and difficult to come back.
So I had a lot of pressure on my serve, especially in the third, because she began to serve in the third set. It was difficult for me after that.

Q. Can you describe what that serve is like coming off grass?
JUSTINE HENIN: It's unbelievable to return this kind of serve on grass court. I think it's amazing. It was so fast, a lot of precision. Yeah, it was difficult. I think she put a lot of first serves. That was tough because on my serve I was obliged to serve very well. You know, when you have all this pressure on you, you can be break. So that's tough.

Q. Is Venus the best player in the world?
JUSTINE HENIN: It's difficult to say. Many players I think are so good now. You have Capriati, you have Davenport, and Venus Williams. But I think in Wimbledon, she was the best player, for sure. She won. On grass court, I think she has a good game to play on grass.
It's difficult to say who is the best in the world now. I think Capriati won the first two Grand Slams. Venus won the for the second time Wimbledon here. So here she was better. But it's difficult to say now who is No. 1.

Q. Do you feel you've announced yourself as one of the major players in the world now? If so, how does that feel?
JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, you know, I will be No. 5 in the world on Monday. It's tough for me. I was 100 last year, 45 at the beginning of this year. That's for sure a big confirmation for me because, you know, to be in the semis in the French, win the tournament after, be again in the final, that's a lot of matches, a lot of pressure.
I played 50 matches this year, and that's a lot. Last year I was injured. I played 50 matches in the year. So now the season is not finished, and I have to continue.
But for sure I will be No. 5, and that's the best important.

Q. Do you think you can now take on Williams and Davenport?
JUSTINE HENIN: I think they are tough, great champions. Maybe it's still another level because, you know, Williams, Davenport, Capriati, they're very strong. But I think I have the game to win these kind of matches.

Q. Do you think it's going to be tough for anyone to beat Venus here for years to come?
JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, here in Wimbledon I think it's tough because with her big serve, it's difficult. You know, I think she can win Wimbledon a lot. But other players maybe will play better also next year. There's still Hingis, Capriati, Davenport, Serena. Everybody can play well here.

Q. The other day here you said size does not matter. Could you go into that? Is it a factor at all?
JUSTINE HENIN: I still think it. I think that today I prove - not all the match - but during one set that size doesn't matter, for sure, because I beat Venus on clay court. That's harder on grass. You know, it's tough because I played 15 matches in a month, so I'm also a little bit tired. Maybe that's why today mentally it was difficult.
I think, yes, size is maybe important. But I don't think that's the most.

Q. When you look back at Wimbledon this year, what are the one or two things that will stand out for you?
JUSTINE HENIN: I think I had two unbelievable weeks here. I didn't think I could be in the final this year, you know, so I could be out in the second one when I was down 7-5 and 4-1 against Boogert. Now I was in the final today. That was a dream. But I think that I have to work very hard to do my goals and come back to Wimbledon to win.
But this year it was one more experience. For sure, I will remember all my life of this.

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