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ok I'll try to translate the most important pieces but please don't shoot me on faults in the text :eek:

How did you two met?

Pierre-Yves: It was in 1999 when I just started playing tennis. Before the tennis judo was my sport, I had a blue blue belt. I was a new member of the tennisclub of Marche and I decided to take part at the competition in Han-Sur-Lesse. The umpire there was Justine's dad. I won the final and it was Justine who gave me the price. That's when we first met .

Did you knew who she was?
No, not at all. After the final I talkes with her and then she told me that she had won the juniorstitle in Paris. I must admit that it didn't impress me much bcause I didn't had a clue what that victory ment.

What was it that attract you to Justine
In the beginning I really likes her boyish style (garçon manqué). I wasn't looking for that kind of girl but she was very enterprising and I likes that very much. She kne[w what she wants and gave her a 100% for it. After a while I tried to soften her 'male site', but I still like her drive.

Did you find other great things about Justine, after you knew her better?
She is very sweet and is always calm but I really don't like those questions ....

ok, what are her less good qualities?
She's a real slob whereas I like oreder. That's hard sometimes but I don't argue about those things, I'll take hher the way she is.
She's also very open about things. That's a good quality but it can also be a bad one, because through her frankness it sometimes seems she's very cold. That's one of the reasons why I became her pr-manager: Justine sais what she thinks and sometimes it gets another effect than mentioned.

And you Justine, How important is PY for you?
Justine Henin-Hardenne: Very important! When I met him, I felt in love for the first time. I mean really in love and he had that feeling also. It was something I never had before. PY gave me more self-confidence, as a player and as a woman. That didin't happen in one day but he got me on the right track.
When we onnounced our marriage, people told me that my live would change totaly. At that moment I didn't believed it but now I realise that our marriage a very important thing was in my live. It helped me to leave some painfull memories behind.

Your mother died when you were 12. Is that what you mean?
That's one thing, yeah. Of course that's not the reason why I married PY. If my mother was still here and I wasn't playing tennis, I still would be married. We love eachother and that love lead automaticly to our marriage.
PY gives me security. His support went even more important since he is my husband. I feel that I'm building on something very strong.

Is the relation and the marriage also important for your tennis?
Yes definetly! My familysituation is stable now and that made me a better player. Without the marriage I think I would lost against Davenport in Melbourne and against Seles in Dubay.

When you first met nobody knwe Justine Henin but it would change quickly. PY, did you liked it when your girlfriend became famous?
I never had problems with that, because I choosed to be in her schadow. My family was concerned about it. They dçidn't had anything against our relationshi but they warned me that I always would be the second person, after Justien. But it never scared me.

Who do you handle with fame?
Justine: The most difficult part of it is that yo aren't able to live a normal live anymore. When I was first in the top5 I really sufferd of it. I was affraid of being famous, affraid that everybody always would looking at me. But now I know I can handle it, as a player and as a woman. I never started my sport to become famous but I accept it now .. I even appreciate it.
I'm convinced that people know I'm still the same as before. There are players who can handle better with fame but I think that I improoved a lot already. I know I won't be able to have a diner with PY without being known. Untill last year I found it hard, but I can handle it better now.
When the public started to know me, my life changed completly! I'm always happy when I read on my website how many people are supporting me. It helps a lot and it makes you feel great after a victory. It really touches me.
The only thing that doesn't touch me is the money. Of course, I make a lot of money and very fast and that made a lot of people very jealous, but the money isn't that important to me. It helps me to be happy but it's not the start of a good realation.

Isn't hard that you're the only breadwinner?
As long PY doesn't have any probs with it, I don't mind. Maybe I wouldn't have those great results without him. I know it's 'usual' for most people that the woman get's behind her husband and that's not always easy for PY. We get criticism about it but people better deal with their own problems.
Of course we don't have a moneyproblem but we don't live in great luxe. I'm just lucky to have a great talent and I'm trying to enjoy it mysef and entertain the public with it.
PY/ We don't think it's normal that Justine makes a lot of monay. We're still very concernd of the value of money.

What do you think of Justine as the big breadwinner?
PY: In the beginning it was very hard and it lead to tensions in our relation but it was most of the time only because people were making remarks of it. It wasn't easy to take about it with Justine.
Now it's different because I 'work' for her as a manager. I also give lessons in tennis so I have some earnings from my own. But I'm also a housman, I'm the cook, do the cleaning, ... I just want that the only thing where Justine has to think about is tennis.


Rest is following soon :)
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"Dag allemaal" also had an 'exclusive' interview with Henin at home.
About how self-confident she became after her marriage and how other players now seem to have more respect for her.
I guess it will be more or less the same topics as the Humo-interview (but I haven't read that yet)
If I have time I will post some parts later... :)

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Part 2 :)

No villa or Ferrari

You are a young couple, both from a normal family. Isn't hard to handle with all that money?
PY: Yes it is because we often meet people who have a lot of money and spend it all. We both learned to save money and to respect the value of money. It's difficult sometimes to find a right position between those people.

Didn't you ever gave a lot of money for something?
PY: We bought a nice flat in Wépion. It's big but not full of luxury. We didn't won't to buy a villa or something: we are not here most off the time, why do we need a big house than. Recently I bought a beautifull car but it's not a Ferrari or something.

What do you give Justine when you wonna give her a present?
Nothin expancive for sure. We always choose for small presents.

How does it feels not having financial problems at the end of the month?
It gives you rest. It's not that we think nothing can happen to us but to be honest: money makes things a lot easier.

Doesn't it attrack people with negative intentions?
Yes, but that's my job to watch out for persons like that. I must admit that it's not always easy on my age to see if a person has good intentions or not.

Are you proud to be Justine's husband?
Yes and no. I'm proud off what she's doing and I'm happy to be married with her but I can't say I'm proud off the status she has. I'm happy to that I give her a feeling of pleasure, that I can give her what she need.

Justine in time

How busy is a live off a professional tennisplayer?
Jusitne: Very busy. Two weeks of total vacation is all I get in the whole year. With vacation I mean 2 weeks without tennis, appointments, photoshoots, interviews, ... The rest of the year I'm playing tournaments or training in Saddlebrook. My scedule is totaly full. I'm trying never to say no. I'm lucky to have such great, enthusiastic and nice staff members because I'm not a great bussinesswoman. It's not my job.

How is your daily live looks like? Do you travel the world together?
PY: No, I don't mind being in Justine's shadow but I don't like it being there and have nothing to do. If we travel togheter, I'm a little bored soon, so that's why I prefer to stay home.
I deliberatly didn't choose for a nine-to-five job so I can go and visit Justine every 3-4 weeks if she's away for a long time. With a normal job I wouldn't be able to do that.
If you count everything together Im seeing Justine for 6 or 7 months in a year. But we call every day and we don't talk about her day at all, mostly about my day. Her days are most of the time the same (laughing)

How is it at home when Justine cames back after a long time on tour?
It's hard to find or own place in the beginning. We both have our own place, she on tour and me at home, and if she gets back there's not always a balance in it in the beginning. But we are used to it already and don't argue about it. The 2 first days when she arrived and the 2 days before she's leaving are the hardest.

part 3 to follow soon :bounce:

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thanks !!! :wavey:

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It's a good interview!

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Humo didn't have an interview with Justine, it are just parts taken out of the book about her.
But still interesting, especially because she says she feels intimidated by Venus and not by Serena.

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part 3


You also play tennis. What do you think of Justine as a tennisplayer?
PY: I admire her, that's all. We train together sometimes, just because we think it's more fun when we do it together. Thanxs to judo and individual trainingsessions I'm able to do it physically.

Do you also play against her?
PY: No, she doesn't want it. Not that she's affraid to loose (laughs) but it's to boring :D

You train, you wonna get better in tennis. Why?
PY:I just like it! And yes I don't won't people to say: Well he's her husband and he can't play tennis.

It seems important to you what people think about you? Do they think different now than before your marriage?
PY: Yes, I think so. In the beginning people were often saying: "He is a profiteer, doesn't do anything". Now when we got married it seems people are accepting our situation. The jealousyis ebbing away.

Did you had a hard time with it?
PY: In the beginning it was very hard. But I got used to it more and more. I just ignore the bad things. I know where we as a couple will go to and people take it or leave it.

You were married last year: you were 22 and Justine 20. Isn't that to early?

PY: There is no minimum age off getting married and be happy! We were ready for it, we love eachother and knew what we wanted. There was no reason to wait.

At home, do you talk about tennis?
No, never. we look at the agenda and scedules off course but most off the time we were talking about other things. Most off the time, if we talk about tennis, it's about my tennis.

What are you doing when you are together?
Well we love to stay home to 'cocoon', that who Justine calls it :)

next part will follow :)
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