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Justine went to Vegas and met Celine Dion

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This is taken from her official website

Dearest friends,

Wednesday August 6 will be in my memory forever.
On that day, I had the chance to meet someone who I admire a lot: Celine Dion.

Céline and her husband welcomed Pierre-Yves and I in their loge just before the concert.
Warm of heart and generous, she impressed me with her simplicity, her energy and her friendliness.

Afterwards we saw the show which was very moving.
Everything I ever figured, is true.
Céline Dion is an extra ordinary woman, provided with a personality which makes her even more attractive.

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Great for Justine and her cuter than cute hubby. They actually are a cuter than stink couple. Celine a simple person? Ha. I was watching Oprah and they toured her home and she had big flatscreen baby monitors in every room!!! Imagine the cost!
VCR said:
LOL!i agree brunof!but she seems to be a good mother.

when will i get to meet reichen?*sigh*

Someday, someday. If I have that kind of money when I get old, or even one 90th of that money, I will pamper my children too. She is like J. Lo in that she has nearly has her own Empire, but the difference is she can sing about 100 times better than Miss Jennifer. She sings a pretty strong Ave Maria. :wavey:
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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