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Justine tops the rankings..

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that is in error. Why are you posting incorrect information?
I know. You seem to get off on others inadequacies, mistakes, shortcomings.
JustineTime said:
That's funny. Justine's website has the same error!

Positive thinking! :)

RB, your previous comment would seem to make you a target-rich individual! :p

I'm trying to be nice on this board. Don't bring out my worst like you did on that other board. I still get a kick out of swiping at your fave.

But this time. Serena is going to break her heart.

P.s. I miss Dayhovah
JustineTime Maybe so...Either way said:
You still don't get it do you JustinTime. It will be Fun for me. Tears for you.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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