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Justine is so lucky with this draw!!

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She faced no seeds until the QF, and then had the weak Myskina. In her SF and now final, she gets the notorious chokers of the tour. Just hand her the title ;)
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Hey - I was prophetic, wasn't I?
ROTF!! Now we're blaming the "Draw". Who is
this really posting... Jenglisbe your really just
a handle for someone in the Dokic entourage, right?

From, questionable status to guys never seize to amaze me.
if he just realize how pathetic he sounds.

sore loser can't quite describe him
Admit it! Justine is the best! She deserves the title more than anyone! :worship:
You know, how many threads are you going to start/bump up about this? You've made yourself out to be a pretty sore loser, and it wasn't even your match to lose. Do us all a favor and STFU, okay? :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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