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JHeninHardenne Hello everybody
BelTop Justin, What do you do after a match. I really mean after taking a shower. How is your way of chilling out after a tough match. Greetings from Steven.
JHeninHardenne Just take a quik shower and wnet to my pressconference and then went to the treatment and then I feel ready to answer to my fans
Joyce Hi Justine. These weeks you have to defend a lot of points. Do you keep that in mind? Do you prepare differently in such case?
JHeninHardenne I just stay focused on what I have to do is winning the next match and giving my best all the time
nico21 In charleston and amelia island you've been serving at more than 180 km/h. It's perhaps the third best service in the circuit. How can you serve so fast an do you think you can improve again?
JHeninHardenne I can be powerful when I want I work pretty hard physicaly and it's the result of a hard work
tranath Hello Justine, In first felicitation for your result this afternoon. I would like to know your feeling after this first match. How do you feel just before to return to Roland Garros? Do you think that the Belgian press will do a new big pression like the last year?
JHeninHardenne I am prettry happy I won my first match, its a good preparation for the french open and I don't know for the belgian press it's normal to keep the attention on me
surfinggirl Hello Juju. How is your outfit gonna look like after Roland Garros? Are you really going to wear something like Kournikova? I like this outfit, it's simple but it looks fine on you. Thanks for chatting!
JHeninHardenne I have no idea about this right now, thanks for the complimente, but I'm pretty happy with my new clothes
Kbob As a top player, in important tournaments or matches, are you so focused on you and your opponent that you can forget the crowd? Is the crowd disturb you, as we can see on some competition when there's silence and concentration before a service and just on this time someone shouts "Allez Justine!"?
JHeninHardenne The crowd is very important, his support helps me but it's true, that usualy I so fucused on my self and the match, that I forget the rest
Joyce I'm amazed by the progress you're making from the start of your career, your game keeps improving. Are you still working a lot on your serve? It gives you trouble sometimes, but I understand it's a difficult part for you because you are short?
JHeninHardenne I keep working on my serve, but I think it's not to bad for my size I served more than 180 km/h but I agree it's stil something i have to work on
Linda Do you think the Williams sisters can take a break of two years and be back in a half year like Richard Williams said?
JHeninHardenne I didn't hear anything about this it's not my problem, I just play for myself
AL_GORE It seems that there's nothing to improve in your game now. All your wins, titles and achievements depends only on you. You have to be the attacking one, because you are great in it and you have to dominate from the first ball on the court. Do you agree with that?
JHeninHardenne I always have many things to learn I am still very young but I agree it has to come from me I'm feeling much better already mentaly, and I just want to be focused on my goals
ilse Hi Justine, I was just wondering: does your new official website make you feel closer to your fans en how does it feel to be cheered on by so many people? I wish you all the best, on and off the court, Ilse (Brugge/Belgium)
JHeninHardenne It's very important for me,when I am on a tournament, i go every day on my site, that gives me so much support from my fans
Steffy Hi Justine and congratulations! Can you explain why Belgium which is a so small country counts two of the best players in the world? It's great for Belgique!!!
JHeninHardenne Thanks Steffy. Maybe i could be a coincidence but for my self I have to say I got great support from my federation and the mentality in belgium is great
Glenn Hi Justine, what strings do you use and at what tension do you string them? (kilo's)
JHeninHardenne I use maillot savarez first gold and my tension 26 kilos
Jenske Hello Justine, first of all ... congratulations with your win over Daja ... and now my question ... why did you change of racket ? a special reason ?
JHeninHardenne thank you, let me think
JHeninHardenne *still tinking...*
Glenn Hey Justine, your doubles results were really good with Elena Bovina, are you still going to play with her this year? x Glenn
JHeninHardenne I decided not playing doubles this year because I want to protect my shoulder but it's beeing great experience playing with elena and we see in the future
sooike hello justine, congatulations with your victory, do you, from time to time watch other sports like a semi final in the champions league?
JHeninHardenne I can watch other sports It depends on tv. If I had the opportunity to watch the match tonight I'll do it, I like to watch this great matches
Paloma Hello from Ukraine! First, i' like to congratulate Justine w/her win over Bedanova. Justine, how did your marrige affect your game, from your point of view? And the second question is it mentally difficult for you to play w/Kim? I saw your match w/Davenport this year, it was unbelievable. Thank you very much for your terrific game. It inspires a lot.
JHeninHardenne My marriage change a lot of things in my life, I feel more confident and so happy to have my family now conserning kim it's true that it allwas been special playing against her but I think Im feeling strong enough to beat any top players
minboy is there anything you hate about being a top-player, like working-out or travelling all the time,?
JHeninHardenne sometimes it's hard to be away from home but I know I'm very lucky to do what I love working hard is the key of the succes
hommeltje if you win RG, which I strongly belief and off course wish for you with all my heart, how would you celebrate it? would you do something special?
JHeninHardenne I don't want to think about this know I dream sometimes about this and hope it's gone become true
AlejandrotheGreat Hi Justine. I was wondering if you always feel comfortable wearing a hat. Is it more for focusing or because you've been used to it for so long that you naturally wear it all the time?
JHeninHardenne It's true, I've been used to it, I'm wearing contacts, and it's heloping for the sun and the lights
spryte justine: what is your philosophy of life? what are your long-term goals, not just tennis but also other areas of your life. thanks!
JHeninHardenne I'm so happy in my life right now. The most important thing is to do what you think is the best for you.
XMan Hello Justine. How do you handle the stress in difficult situations? Do you play point after point without thinking about score and opponent?
JHeninHardenne I try to stay fucused on the next point and forget the preasure, sometimes it's hard, but I have to deal with that and I do it mutch better now
Tom Hi Justine! In the final the end of this week, which you'll most probably play, who would you prefer as an opponent? Kim perhaps? btw. I like your new clothes a lot too :)
JHeninHardenne My goal is my next match it's still very early to talk about sunday but i give my best ;-) achieve it
jiroen Hi Juju, Do you feel stress when you have match balls? How do you try to evacuate it?
JHeninHardenne Matchpoint is the most important point of the match, it's the one you have to win, but I think, when i'm in the situation that it's like any point in the match
StephBelgium Should you like to play a double with Martina Navratilova?
JHeninHardenne it coul,d be a great experience, I have so much respect for all she is doing for womans tennis. she is a great champion and we'll see in the future for doubles with her
toto With a which aim did you publish your biography so early in your career and in your life ?
JHeninHardenne I just wanted to explain what I lived my experiences the good and the bad moments but I also wanted to be more natural and honest to my fans
mandy7 Did you have to work really hard to get such a great backhand or is it your natural talent, if you had to work on it you can stop working cause it' already the best in the circuit
JHeninHardenne I never worked especialy on my backhand it's very natural but I have to practise it sometimes. If not I'm getting lazy on my backhand ;-)
surfinggirl Hi Justine. Congratulations with your win today. How does a day look like when you don't play a match, but prepare for the next day at a tournament?
JHeninHardenne I usualy practise once but sometimes I have to do presentation for the WTA-Tournament or Sponsors. I also have to go to the treatments and getting ready for the next match.
SanexChat Thank you very much for your time Justine and good luck !

JHeninHardenne thank you, too! bye ! ;-)

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I believe I saw a question from one of our posters in there, Glenn, and maybe a few others? I couldn't be there cause I had to go to school, and Iw ould have skipped but I had a project due today =(

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Glenn, ur question got picked, congrats :D!
I had school too but I had loved to be there when it happened. And now that she mentioned it, I just realized that she hasnt played any doubles this year.

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justine reads visits her official website to be motivated. that's so cool. :)

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Yep, 2 of my questions got picked...
I'm so happy! :D
Justine is such a sweet girl too, she was waving towards the webcam at her fans, and her answers were great!

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Lovely interview. Justine is so mature for a very young girl. She seems to feel confident and strong. I think she'll show us something at Roland Garros.
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