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Justine and Serena The Next Two Great Volleyers

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Ladies Tennis has gone almost exclusively baseline. The players who come to net regularly are either retired or about to retire. I believe Justine Henin and Serena Williams may evolve into the next good net players. The reason I picked Serena over Venus is because she does not rally as well. To compensate I see her coming to net in 2002 with regularity. Justine will come to the net in an effort to deal with the big hitters. They both have speed, athleticism, and touch. Hingis could stand to come to net more as well. <img src="graemlins/bounce.gif" border="0" alt="[Bounce]" />

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Venus does not rally as well as Serena?<br />I think you're wrong about that one.<br />Serena is quicker to end the points, while Vee is more likely to rally. With her improved forehand I'd pick Venus in a rally over Rena.<br />But that's just my opinion. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
Actually Moon, we are in agreement. My point was that since Serena does not rally as well as Venus, she will come to net to end the point. I could have written that point better. <img src="cool.gif" border="0">
They are both great volleyers indeed.<br />I think Justine needs to take a bit more risk on her volleys though. Often she goes for the secure volley which allows her opponent to get it and hit a passing. IMO she doesn't place her volleys well enough, maybe she doesn't feel 100% comfortable at the net yet.
Sorry to disagree, but I think Venus has a better volley than Rena because if you watch the way Serena hits her volleys they do not look as claen as Venus.
Venus does volley better than Serena, but I would agree that serve and volley is probably a tactic that in general would suit Serena better.

I agree about Justine. Once she gets her first serve more consistent she could serve and volley very effectively. Her first serve is easily good enough to come in behind, it's just not consistent enough.

I think Anna Kournikova could end up being another very good serve and volleyer. Her main weakness at the moment is lack of strategy and she volleys so well that serve & volley would be a great strategy for her.

Martina Hingis can also volley very well, but her first serve just isn't good enough that she could afford to come in behind it - she'd get passed the whole time. But she could do it after a good approach shot.

I think both Kim & Jelena will start to volley more often next year. Both have been working on it, but lack the confidence to use it enough.
Serena has a great serve, which is why it'll make a lot of sense for her to approach the net to volley after a serve. She can hit great approaches too, so I think that helps her. Only problem with Serena is that she cannot volley a ball hit right at her, because she is large, and it is hard for her to volley well when a ball is hit right at her. She however, half volleys quite well, bending low for them.

Justine has great hands, but her volleys are not usually the winners they are supposed to be, hence, she doesn't win as many points as she should at the net.

Martina has great volleys too. She can volley from anywhere on the court!! I think she should really try coming to the net more, I think she'll be a far better player if she did that!
I don't know why Justine won't go to the net more, she picked some volleys off her shoelaces at the big W this year.
Roberta Vinci and Petra Cetkovska can volley better than both combined.
Sam_Forever I agree that currently Venus is the superior volleyer. However I believe that Serena will make it a more integral part of her game. She really wants to come to net. Her desire seems to be greater to come to net. Also Justine is just starting to develop that part of her game. She realizes that she will never outhit the big girls. Look for her to come to net often in 2002. <img src="cool.gif" border="0">
Justine said in an interview yesterday that she is working on her serve and her physique.
Really Josh? Where was that interview, TV or in a newspaper/magazine?

Hmm I don't suppose it's floating around on the 'net at all? *hopeful*
It was on TV yesterday but maybe it's the same interview that per4ever will post later.

If he doesn't forget it again that is.... <img src="wink.gif" border="0">
Serena - true she should start volleying more. the thing is it's not that she can't rally as well as Venus but that she's too impatient (so far). Either she works on that part of her game, which i don't think so cause she'll always be aggressive and go for her shots or she can volley <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Justine - it is almost a must for her, if she wants to compete on GS level. Her groundstrokes cannot compete with power players. When her volley skills improves, watch out. This will take her awhile to improve, but also she'll get better with age i think.

Martina - it is a must for her too. The thing is she needs to work on her SERVE first. Her volleys are already superb. When her serve gets stronger, she should make this and integral part of her game.
IMO: Lindsay is the best volleyer. She has, without a doubt, the best hands in the game.

This is not, however, to discredit Justine & Serena's volleying ability. I'd love to see Serena serve & volley a LOT more. With her serve, she could do it easily.
I have to disagree with you. I think that Martina has the best hands in the game right now, just that she does hit a good enough approach to get the chance to volley <img src="frown.gif" border="0">
Playing one handed on both sides I think that Justine has potential to be a great volleyer. However, I think that she may have difficulty approaching on her forehand which is not actually that penetrative.

Serena has great approach shot, strength and athleticism and I think could be a good volleyer, but I wonder if she'll ever be that tempted to the net as she seems to like hitting outrageous winners from the baseline.

Martina has the best hands I think (but the approach shot ?), but Venus the best coverage at the net. Lindsay at the net always looks very impressive, but I'm never sure how good she actually is as she naturally tends to set up fairly straightforward volleys for herself on the power of her groundstrokes.
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