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Just did a TV guide keyword search to look for tennis on TV. This show popped up on my screen. Now, I think this may be a show produced by Deutsche Welle that also is shown on the International Channel for those who have digital cable. KET2 is a basically Kentucky's version of PBS. I am sure all of the local areas have their own public networks. Just do a search for European Journal and see if you can find out if and when it shows where you live. :D

On another note, a poster stated in another thread that there would be 4.5 hours of coverage of the Canadian Open (Rogers AT&T Cup) but this does not show up on TV Guide???? Does anyone know if this is a last minute deal that is not in the database or what??

7:30 PM Channel 23 KET2 Wednesday, 6

European Journal
30 min.
Included: drought conditions in Italy and France; new restrictions on travel to Kaliningrad; French trade unions; Belgian tennis stars Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin ; and Scottish lighthouses.

Category: News, Newscasts & Newsmagazines
Release Year: 2003
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