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Just Wondering.... WHY???

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I posted this on the US Open forum, but the 10 people over there have not so much as viewed it!

Anyone here have an opionon??
WHY has NOONE labeled this semifinal of Jennifer vs Justine an ERRORFEST??

Hmmm.... I watched the match and certainly did not get that impression either, but the stats on the US Open site show 112 unforced errors committed. 69 by Justine and 43 by Jennifer.

If this had been Serena/Venus or Serena/Jennifer, this would have been hyped to the max.

Can ANYONE please tell me... just WHY is that!
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Venus made a lot of errors in her classic semi win over Hingis in 2000. But it's still a classic.

Last night was the best match all year.
SJW said:
so why are all Williams finals scrutinized then? ;)
probably because they aren't classics
SJW said:
well for you, im sure thats correct :tape:

i still cant help but feel you're kinda bitter about Serena beating Venus :eek:
That has nothing to do with it! Part of the reason sister finals are bashed is because it comes across that both players aren't giving it their all. The match that comes close to a "classic" is the 2002 Wimbledon final. Otherwise, it's not thrilling, edge of your seat tennis. It's just not. Hopefully it'll get better in the next 10 years that they play
veryborednow said:
I think the Williams finals will become classics after they've retired, when people realise what a ****ing amazing thing it is to have 2 sisters in a Grand Slam final on such a regular basis.
Something along the lines of 'you only apprecite things when they've gone"

Because (1) It's so unique in the history of tennis (2) They're such a regular occurance people want a highly competitive matches every time (3) They seem so awkward when playing each other when they're so self-assured against anyone else. It's the only time you see that in them.

Most of those UEs were forced, the commentators said that. And when it's drama that good, I don't think anyone cares. IMHO I don't think the Williams sisters have really produced such drama, and maybe for a non-Williams fan it's difficult because they're so alike, it doesn't really matter who wins.
Yea, I would agree.
SJW said:
i disagree. i think they are giving their all. its just they are so emotionally absent from the match. well Venus at least. whenever Serena plays you get emotion
Lately it has been. But I still say Venus didn't give 100% last Miami and Paris. :eek:
Martian KC said:
Because they also had tons of winners and forced errors. It was an amazing match.

The sister matches, usually have just a ton of errors and hardly any winners.
But that doesn't add up either. One could agrue that the reason the sisters have hardly any winners is because they run everything down!
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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