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Just for Fun: Is this what Lindsay and Jon's children will look like??? :o

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I already posted this in the Tower of Power forum, but I thought you guys might want to take a look and play the guessing game that comes with it ;)


:eek: Take a look - it's my first attempt at what I think Lindsay's children will look like. The first one is never very good so please bare with me - I'm looking at making BIG improvements to this attempt!

I'm sorry that it looks more frightening than anything, I was just trying to see what worked and what didn't. I think when I do it again It will be a lot better :p

I was going to tell you whos features I used but then I thought, just for fun, see if you can spot which featurs I used of Lindsay's and which features I used of Jon's :tape: - Then after I might tell you the answers :p

The picture is HERE

This is the check list:


(the ears don't belong to any of them :eek: I forgot to change them :rolleyes: )

-Rachel :wavey:
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omg rachel i hope they'll be cuter than ur pic! :p
I'm sure they will LOL
aaww, is it a boy or a girl? ;)
poor kid, he's practically bald already lmao
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