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Julia Sampson won the Australian doubles with Maureen Connolly in 1953. She also won the mixed at the same tournament with Rex Hartwig over Connolly and Ham Richardson. She reached the singles final at the Aussie where she lost to Connolly. At the French and Wimbledon, Connolly and Sampson lost to the great team of Fry and Hart (Wimbledon was the only 60 60 demolition in women's doubles Slam history). In addition Sampson made the Wimbledon QFs that year. She was #10 on the USTA rankings in 1953 and 1954.

She was born a few months before Connolly in 1934. I assume that the doubles partnership might have been more about friendship than ability to win (though the two made the long Australian tour together). They were both 18/19 during 1953.

Then after 1953, Sampson disappears from the scene. She is noted to have retired in 1958 to start a family, but actually she didn't play another tournament after 1953.

Anyone know anything about Sampson? Was she a good friend of Connolly's? Though she may have never been a great champion, her results show that she had at least the potential of being a top ten player.
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