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WTT - Women Tennis Teams

This game is absolutely free, you pay nothing, you win nothing, It’s just for fun and for who loves tennis. Anyone can join at any time!

Playing is simple. You have to build your team of players choosing a number of players, that variates from tournament to tournaments and will be announced by the administarators.
Each captain has to subscribe the WTT-tournament specifying the players included in his Team.
Once the team is posted, the you can not change it, even if one of the chosen players withdraws.
The administrators will build the draw and will publish it on the board in its own game section.

To build his team, you have to choose your players among the ones who will to play in that week in the relevant WTA tournament. You have to choose a number of players (called “stronger player”) among the seeded players of the WTA tournament of the week. Then you have to choose their reserve players (again seeded). Further, you have to choose a number of other players (called “normal players" ) and these should not be seeded. Also here the Captain has to choose reserve players.
If both the “Stronger players” and their reserve players have a bye in their first round, they will be substituted by the first two unseeded reserve players just for that round.

Captains will have their own name, consisting of a first and a last name of a real player, by example Serena Clijsters. You need to post your name at the top of the WTT forum.
Scoring: If a Player wins, the Capitan gains a bonus equal to the difference between the games won by his player and the games lost by the same players. If a player wins in two sets, the Capitan gains an extra-bonus of 2 points. If a Player looses, the Capitan gains no points. If and when a chosen player can’t play in one round, one reserve player will substitute her. If both player and reserve player don’t play, the Captain gains no points.

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