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JohnnyMac on David Letterman

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For those who saw John McEnroe's short segment on Letterman (i.e. CBS's cheap plug to increase ratings), what did you think of his 'performance'?

I don't know whether the scripted 'attitude' that John had, with his jabs at the French etc will increase/decrease ratings for the Open or have any effect at all. I did think John shot himself, or rather CBS, in the foot by making a big deal about who wasn't going to be playing and that CBS itself was nervous for the ratings if an Agassi-Roddick semi didn't take place. Why would people then have any incentive at all of watching any of the rest of the women's/men's matches if Agassi and/or Roddick(God forbid!) get upset early in the tournament?

So what did you think?
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lol, guess no one saw it :lol:
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