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Dokic returns for second season

Tennis princess, Jelena Dokic shocked the whole WGTA Tour by making a comeback in the tour. Last season, Dokic had one title on her belt, Berlin, and five doubles title (4 with Hantuchova and 1 with Hingis). After US Open, Dokic had no plan in continuing her career in WGTA last season. At that time, she was already slumping.

"AFter that, I had ocmpletely lost interests in the tour anymore. And I thought there is no way I could continue to play here, while all I did not have interests and I kept on losing," comment Dokic.

Dokic, who was seen practising in Canberra, firmly said that she had regained back her confidence in the past few weeks, and is ready for a cat-fight in the tour

"Last season, if I had player for another 2 tournaments, I knew that I would be able to play in the Chase. However, things were kind of complicated. Family problem and I thought of continuing my career. But after taking breaks for like a month or more, I had decided to continue and I am ready to fight back for the titles," said Dokic during the practice.

Dokic who partnered with Hantuchova and Hingis is now in search of permanent double partner. Her first even will be in Sydney.

"I don't want to rush in my play. I think skipping Canberra is definately the best idea. I'm a bit rusty and I need more practice. Doubles is not really my priority anymore. But I would love to play just to have a break in singles," said Dokic

Whatever it is, now Dokic is back to the tour. Others might be aware of her full-donfidence, and others might not be bothered of it. Whether, Dokic will hold her nerves, we would see in the future...
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