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Jelena Dokic launches her own exciting new video game for PS2

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Hi Guys!

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As the media attention continues to grow on one of the most talented players on the WTA circuit, Jelena has used her fame to good use, coming out with her own video game, following the likes of Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Capriati.

Jelena’s game however takes virtual tennis gaming to an all new level. While Capriati came out with her game 10 years ago for the Sega Mega Drive and Kournikova released some woefully unrealistic versions for the PlayStation, Jelena has taken her game to a much more powerful platform, PlayStation 2

Created by Konami, the game features 20 of the world’s best tennis players, and allows you to participate in singles and doubles. The players which are featured on this game are Cara Black, Amanda Coetzer, Mirjana Lucic, Alexandra Stevenson, Elena Dementieva, Martina Hingis, Jennifer Capriati, Lina Krasnoroutskaya, Monica Seles, Ai Sugiyama, Serena Williams, Justine Henin, Sandrine Testud, Shinobu Asagoe, Anke Huber, Katarina Srebotnik, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, Lindsay Davenport, Venus Williams and of course, Jelena.

A much more realistic follow up to Konami’s WTA Tour Tennis, Jelena has allowed the game to become more appealing to the general public, with motion captured animations, an easily grasped gameplay system and more advanced artificial intelligence.

The game allows up to 4 players to take part, thanks to the PlayStation 2 multi-player feature, making it a good past time for family and friends alike. Jelena spent some time in Japan, as the game’s manufacturers used the latest body suit technology in order to ensure that Jelena’s virtual counterpart will be every bit as real as Jelena herself. Dressed in a black suit, along with white sensors, Jelena was determined to ensure that this game is unmatched by any other, along with the watchful eye of mother and constant companion, Lilijana.

Climax Tennis adopts the new technique of Motion Capturing. Small motion sensors are placed on the players body, in this instance Jelena, and Jelena’s motion is recorded to give players the full experiance of the tennis. The results of this include gorgeous techniques, facial expressions and even slightest details like hair movement. This adapted technique helps to make the movement of the players seem as life like as possible.

Featuring 3 game modes, Exhibition Mode, Tournament Mode and Tour Mode, the game will ensure hours and hours of exciting gameplay.

Exhibition Mode allows you to choose your favourite player from selection of 20 players on the WTA circuit. Then make your own tournament choosing the rules (amount of sets to play etc.) The stadium and court surface, where the tournament will be held and then your ready to go.

Tournament Mode allows you to choose your favourite player from selection of 20 players on the WTA circuit. Choose the Tournament you wish to play and compete for the title.

Tour Mode allows you to choose your favourite player from selection of 20 players onthe WTA circuit. Play Tournaments and earn points in aim to reach the End of Year Annual Championships and the 4 grand slams.

The game has already been released in Japan, on the 17 of January, however Konami’s plans to release it in other countries have not yet been decided.

So, for those fans who don’t get to watch as much of Jelena as they like, getting this game ensures that she’s only ever a button away.

P.S For those increasingly knowledge thirsty Jelena fans, she will be wearing the same outfit she wore at the 2001 Australian Open in the game ;). Jelena-Online would like to thank it’s correspondent Joshua Sherwood for his input in this development.

Here are some pics:

It looks like a great game! I've spoke to some people who have played it and they said it's the most realistic WTA game they've played. Unlike Tennis 2k2 where it's near impossible to hit winners, UE's or volley winners. This game is a lot more realistic in that respect.

You can hit winners by moving your opponent around and looking for spaces, you can hit unforced errors and also, you can come into the net and hit volley winners to finsih points.

The game plays to the strenghts and weaknesses of the real WTA players. So unlike Tennis2k2, Jelena would be able to overpower 80% of the game. The players here are very realistic in their game styles. For example, being Venus would allow you to dominate opponents. Luci for instance, hits the ball very hard, however doesn't have much control and doesn't move around as well. The only way to win with Srebotnik or Black would be to serve ad volley. Lindsay hits the ball really hard but doesn't move as well. It's a lot more realistic in terms of game play than Tennis 2k2.

Also a larger selection of players, like Krasnoroutskaya, Dementieva etc.

Another example of the way this game is more realistic. If you play Dementieva, hitting to her forehand will cause you ro struggle to win and probably lose. However, playing to her weakness (backhand) and getting her into the net will mean that you will get the upper hand.

Playing Venus and Serena is probably the toughest. You really have to find ways to win against them. The game is amazing for the selection of players in it. Even a retired player in Anke Huber.

I for one, can't wait to get this, how to get a PS2 ;)
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KC must be really excited! As it has nearly all his faves in it!

(Martina Hingis, Justine Henin, Cara Black, Elena Dementieva, Monica Seles, Sandrine Testud, Lina Krasnoroutskaya, Ai Sugiyama, Amanda Coetzer, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, Mirjana Lucic, Shinobu Asagoe, Anke Huber)

Martina and Justine may not have faced off in reality, but why not pit them up against eachother in this virtual WTA game?

Oh, if you wanna see some screenshots etc........go to
I wonder when it'll be released in other countries.

It's already been released in Japan.

Btw, those pics aren't working coz the site's server is down!

Looks like a great game!

Eggy must be happy as he finally has a game featuring Lina and Elena D!
Sorry, but Venus Williams is NOT in the game.

The 20th player is EITHER Kim Clijsters or Amelie Mauresmo.
Like I said

Clijsters OR Mauresmo is the 20th player in the game. :D
1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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