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Jelena Dokic:

For the last few months, things have happened and things have been said for reasons which I cannot explain.<br />I am a very controversial character because I'm an individual and that makes people nervous. <br />Over the last few months, I've tried really hard to have a more positive outlook and to stay away from trouble. However, some players have taken advantage of this and tried to pour fuel into the fire. Players who take great joy out of trying and provoke me. These players have all tried to make comments on issues which don't matter to them. I have not mentioned these players for the last few months however my patience has been tested with comments lately and the constant attacks. I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to anyone who I innocently hurt, it was not my intention. I am deeply <br />sorry for that and I hope you will forgive me. For those players who think they are brilliant and attack me constantly, I would like to ask you to just leave me alone. For I have tried and stayed away from you. What goes on with Jelena is if no concern to you. I would like to tell you to just stay as I won't be responding to your tactics. I'm sick and tired of fighting. I just want to play tennis and that's what I'll do. If you're going to come in here and try and attack me, don't bother. I won't respond. I am determined to turn over a new leaf.

Once again, sorry to players who I have unintentionally hurt.
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