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Non-Japanese artists.

Janet Jackson:

(being presented on stage by Namie Amuro).

Missy Elliot:

Good Charlotte:

(with J-Rap artist, Zeebra...I think).



Mary J. Blige:

Elephant Man:

The Osbournes:

(Kelly and Sharon)

(The Osbournes, with THE DARKNESS).

Ozzy Osbourne ( :worship: )

Sugarcult (Who are they? :eek: ):

Story of the Year:

The Darkness:

Japanese artists.

Crystal Kay:

(and Elephant Man).

Ayumi Hamasaki ( :worship: ):


Namie Amuro:

Mika Nakashima:

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Best Male Video:
Pharrel (N.E.R.D.) feat. Jay-Z: "Frontin'"

Best Female Video:
Ayumi Hamasaki: "Because of You".

Best Group Video:
Kick the Can Crew: "Konchiinyo" (correct?).

Best New Artist (Video):
Orange Range: "Shoohanii" (correct?).

Video of the Year:
Missy Elliot: "Pass that Dutch".

Best Rock Video:
Good Charlotte: "The Anthem".

Best Pop Video:
Ayumi Hamasaki: "No Way to Say".

Best R&B Video:
Namie Amuro: "Put 'em up".

Best Hip Hop Video:
Zeebra: "Touch the Sky".

Best Dance Video:
BoA: "Double" ( :rolleyes: :lol: :eek: ).

Breakthrough Video:
Mika Nakashima: "Love Addict".

Best Video from a film:
Pink, feat. William Orbit: "Feel Goot Time" (from CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE).

Best Collaboration:
Beyonce feat. Jay-Z: "Crazy in Love".

Best BuzzAsia (Japan):
Namie Amuro: "Put 'em up".

Best BuzzAsia (Taiwan):
Wang Lee-Hom: "Last Night" ( :rolleyes: ).

Best BuzzAsia (Korea):
M: "Just One Night" ( :haha: ).

Album of the Year:
Outkast: "SpeakerBoxxx/The Love Below".

Best Live Performance:
Ayumi Hamasaki.

Impressive Performance:
Mary J.Blige.

Inspiration Award:
Janet Jackson.

Legend Award:
Ozzy Osbourne.

Enjoying married life.
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lol, thanks for keeping me up o date on all things japanese.

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dismal_aptitude said:
Non-Japanese artists


ey, youre supposed to be playing in Dk tomorrow!!!:fiery:
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