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I think it'll probably be easier if we post them in a random, chaotic order, as long as we say when and where it happened. (Apart from anything else, I'm starting to post stuff and I'm not gonna sort 'em chronologically! :p))

So... let the Diva speak!
I'll update this post so we can keep track of everything we have in here and don't double-post stuff.

Indian Wells 2001, 1R: def. Marlene Weingartner
Chase Champs 1996, 1R: def. Anke Huber
Chase Champs 1996, QF: def. Conchita Martínez
Chase Champs 1996, SF: lost to Martina Hingis
Charleston 2001, 1R: def. Jelena Dokic
Key Biscayne 2001, 1R: def. María José Martínez
US Open 2001, 3R: lost to Martina Hingis
Chase Champs 1997, 1R: def. Anke Huber
US Open 1997, 1R: def. Catalina Cristea
US Open 1997, 2R: lost to Sandrine Testud
Roland Garros 1998, about her Slam title defence
Indian Wells 1997, 3R: lost to Venus Williams
Key Biscayne 1997, QF: lost to Jana Novotna
Chase Champs 1995, 1R: lost to Conchita Martínez
Fed Cup 1999, 1R: press conference with the Croatian team
Fed Cup 1999, 1R: lost to Chanda Rubin
Hilton Head 1994, QF: def. Lindsay Davenport
Hilton Head 1994, SF: lost to Conchita Martínez
US Open 1994, 4R: lost to Mary Pierce
Roland Garros 1997, F: def. Martina Hingis :D :kiss: :hearts:
Charleston 2002, SF, def. Sandrine Testud :D
Charleston 2002, F, def. Patty Schnyder :D :D

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March 7, 2001

I. MAJOLI/M. Weingartner
6-4, 6-2

An interview with:


MODERATOR: Questions for Iva.

Q. Probably an old subject to you, but could we talk a little bit about where you've been the last couple of years?

IVA MAJOLI: Sleeping (laughter). No, I was out almost two years. I played a few tournaments, but I had lots of problems with my right shoulder, started at the end of '98. I really struggled the whole '99. I didn't play too much. At the end of '99, I did surgery. It was rotator cuff on my right shoulder. I took almost the whole year 2000. Just play again a few tournaments. It's really been lots of injuries. I had stress fracture on my ankle for three months. So not the greatest time the last few years. But I'm healthy now. I'm feeling great. I'm really enjoying. I feel like I'm more mature now. Maybe in a way these two years that I didn't play much helped me. I'm 23 now. I feel like a veteran in a way, but I think I still have some years to play. I think I could play some good tennis still.

Q. How close are you back to your form of 1997?

IVA MAJOLI: I think I need quite a lots of practice at the moment. I'm feeling good, but I've been missing a lots of practice because I tried to play as much as I could at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, because I couldn't get my special ranking, because I did play like two or three tournaments, so my ranking dropped to like 300 or 400. I really had to play a few tournaments. Luckily I was getting some wildcards. I'm back to like 45 now. Nothing to defend for the next few months. I hope I can get to Top 20 by the summer.

Q. The struggle with the service, was that because of the shoulder or are you still warming up for the tournament?

IVA MAJOLI: At the beginning, the court is kind of slow, the balls are pretty heavy. I think it took me few games to kind of get my rhythm and my game together. I think later on I started to feel more confident.

Q. Do you know where you hurt your shoulder originally?

IVA MAJOLI: I just think it's from playing a lot. You change balls every week. You change surfaces. It's not easy for the shoulder. It's my right shoulder, so I use it a lot (laughter).

Q. What was the surgery?

IVA MAJOLI: It was rotator cuff.

Q. When did you do, it in Croatia?

IVA MAJOLI: I did it in Switzerland at the end of '99. Before that I spend like four months in Munich with Dr. Miller Wolford (phonetic). He was giving me like 30 injections every day, like three times a week. It was really painful. When I was going there, Goran Ivanisevic, Boris Becker, they all went to him. They said, "We call him Dr. Needle." I said, okay. When I came there, I saw the needles. I thought they were for lots of patients. They were all for me. I just start crying. But those days are behind me. I'm really feeling great at the moment. I think Jennifer is the great example. I mean, she struggled a lot. She's my best friend on the tour. We kind of the last five, six years, been talking a lot. I'm really happy. I hope I could come back and do the same thing.

Q. Who was that doctor who was giving you --?

IVA MAJOLI: -- So much pain? His name is Miller Wolford. He's a very good doctor. He's a doctor from the German soccer team and Davis Cup. Just so many needles. At the end it didn't help and I needed the surgery.

Q. All those needles for nothing?

IVA MAJOLI: All those needles. It got a little better, but not enough to play.

Q. Who is your coach?

IVA MAJOLI: I'm working at Bollettieri's. I practice there with different people. I'm still traveling with my brother when I'm in Europe. I'm here with my father. He hasn't been on a tournament for a long time, so he wanted to come and see how I was playing.

Q. You said you're probably more mature now. As I understand you kind of celebrated the French Open win for quite awhile.

IVA MAJOLI: I don't think so. I mean, it came unexpected. I think so many things change. I mean, I won tournaments, big ones, before that, but nothing is the same as a Grand Slam. I think I even worked harder because I knew that everyone was going to try to beat me even more. I got to the quarters of Wimbledon that year. It was the first time I won a match at Wimbledon. That was good. I mean, also in '98 I had some good results. I was Top 10, Top 15. I think so many things happened too quick that I was just mentally very tired and burned out. I wanted to take actually a little break. I took two weeks. It wasn't like I didn't work hard, it was just I think mentally I wasn't prepared for what was happening. I think lots of players, except maybe Martina and a few other, have problems when they win a Grand Slam because everything kind of changes. There's so many other things, people call you, they want to do interviews, shows, this. Maybe you focus more on those things than on tennis. As soon as you focus on something else, I mean, you go on the court, and of course everyone wants to beat you. It's not easy if you're not a hundred percent in tennis.

Q. Having won the French, having played so well, then to have all the injuries and not be able to play had to be very frustrating.

IVA MAJOLI: It was hard. Everyone says, "Oh, you had good holidays." I traveled so much. I went to Mayo Clinic in the States, I went to Germany, Switzerland, all these hospitals, didn't know what to do. Somebody say, "You need the surgery." Somebody said, "We give you injections." It was a very difficult time. At the end I realized how much I love playing, how much I love tennis. I wanted to be back so bad, so I'm really happy that all these things are behind, that I hopefully stay healthy (knocking wood) and keep playing now.

Q. How did you finally decide to have the surgery? Did it get to the point where that was the only thing left?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah. I mean, I saw a few doctors at the end. They said, "We could give you cortisone injections, you could maybe play for a few months, but we don't guarantee it won't come back." I already at that time wasted so much time that I said, "I guess I should do the surgery." Three or four more months wouldn't mean that much because I already wasted like another year. It was a good decision I think because I didn't have any pain since then.

Q. Doesn't bother you at all?

IVA MAJOLI: It gets sore if I have a tough match. They say it's normal. Maybe I have to ice and stretch, but no pain.

Q. How strong is it?

IVA MAJOLI: I did a lots of work, those boring rehab exercises, like five hours a day, really simple ones, but they helped.

Q. There was no possibility that it would get worse?

IVA MAJOLI: They said I was going to be able to play, be fine. I trusted them.

Q. You're a celebrity in Croatia. There was a detail in this book that Carlos Santana recognized you in a lobby.

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know. I was in Paris at a tournament.

Q. 2000?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, last year. It was one of my first tournaments. I saw him in the lobby. I guess he really likes tennis. The next thing, he called in the room. There was a message. It's like from Carlos. I'm really good friends with Carlos Moya. I thought it was Carlos calling me, maybe we have dinner. Then after he called and he said, "It's Carlos Santana." I was like, "Whoa." It was nothing. He invited me for the concert, but I couldn't go. I was playing. I had to disappoint him.

Q. Did you try to get tickets to a different concert?

IVA MAJOLI: No, I didn't, but I will try in Miami maybe. I'm just moving to Miami, so hopefully after Ericsson I'm going to have my place in South Beach. There is U2 coming up during Ericsson, so that will be nice to see. I haven't been to many concerts.

Q. You have a place in Florida?

IVA MAJOLI: I have a place in Florida which we sold now. We are still staying in that place, but I think by the end of Ericsson, I'll have my apartment ready in South Beach because I already saw a few, so I just have to decide which one I like.

Q. Are you satisfied the way you're playing now.

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I think it's always hard to win the first match. It's always the toughest one. I'm playing Lisa Raymond next. It isn't easy. I played her second round in Tokyo, Japan Open, I won 7-6 in the third, like after I was down five match points. It's going to be a tough match, but I'm looking forward. I hope I can get past that one.

Q. How is the court playing, I hear very slow?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, it's much slower. I was at Bollettieri's last week, and they're so quick there. You come here and the ball kind of stops. I'm like, "Move forward." So, yeah, you need a little time to get used to it.

Q. Does that work to your advantage?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know. We'll see.

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November 18, 1996

IVA MAJOLI / Anke Huber

7-5, 6-3

An interview with


Q. Can you tell us a little bit about the match?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, it was a really tough match. Anke has been in great form this year, she's been playing really good. She won the last few tournaments. I knew it was going to be very tough. I think one of the toughest first matches. And this is my fourth year, and I always lost first round. I tried to concentrate hard and try to win this first match. And it wasn't easy, you get a little bit tight when you start thinking, oh, I can win it, for the first time. But I handled it pretty good and I won. I'm very happy.

Q. Was it that she was making too many mistakes today or was it that you played well?

IVA MAJOLI: I think she didn't play maybe her best match. But I think it's tough for everyone to play at the championship. Everyone is a little bit tight. Everyone is thinking of winning the match. So I think my balls were pretty deep and I put some pressure on her serve. She was making quite a lot of double faults. And I think I served pretty good, which was very important. And I don't know, I mean it was a good match for me. And it's hard to say how did Anke play and how did she feel.

Q. Watching the match you got the feeling that it was -- you were both hitting very hard, fast, a lot of quick rallies. But there was sometimes it was a little bit -- a little bit of sense of the game was missing sometimes?

IVA MAJOLI: I know, that's what I felt, too. And like I said, it stopped. It's tough to play the first match. The players are very tight. And you try not to make the mistakes and you put the ball more in the middle of the court than the angles. I was up 5-2 in the first set, and it's difficult. When a player is down, you usually play better, and go for the shots. And Anke started playing really good, she came back to 5-All and I won the first set. And in the second set she was down, and started playing better and better and went for the shots then it was more difficult for me because I didn't know what to expect. I served for the match -- did I serve? Yes, I served.

Q. You have been playing such great tennis last year and this year, and after this year women's tennis seems to be missing two good players on the tour, what do you think about that? Do you feel anything in particular?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, you know, it's too bad that Kimiko and Gaby are leaving, they're both such nice persons and they're such great players. But I think the younger players are coming, like Martina and Chanda and Lindsay and myself. So I think everything has to change sometime. And I guess now is the time for change. And Gaby has been playing for many, many years, and Kimiko has been playing a pretty long time in the top 10. I think women's tennis improved a lot in the last year or two. And I think it's getting closer to men's, even top 50 player can beat the top 5 player. So I think it's more exciting now than it was a couple of years ago. And I think it's going to get stronger and stronger even next year, because of the new ranking, players are going to play much more and they're not going to worry too much about the ranking. It's going to be tough next year, lots of tournaments. You're going to have to be in great shape.

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November 21, 1996

IVA MAJOLI/Conchita Martinez


An interview with


Q. How are you feeling and what happened out there on the court?

IVA MAJOLI: I was feeling good the first set finish and then I hate that thing, my rib kind of moved, I had the same problem in Australia this year, and I had the problem breathing, so when the points were long it was very difficult for me to keep playing good, because I wouldn't have any energy to breathe. And I've been treating now a little bit and it's getting a little bit better, but it's still not a hundred percent, hopefully tomorrow I'll have some more treatments and be ready to play on Saturday.

Q. What is the problem?

IVA MAJOLI: It's my rib, it kind of moved, that's what the trainer said.

Q. The front, the left?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, the front and also the same position in the back, so the same thing.

Q. You say you couldn't get your breath, what was the feeling like that you couldn't get any air in?

IVA MAJOLI: It's hard because when you want to take the deep breath you can't, because the pain was very strong. And I just, you know, I gave my best. It was very hard.

Q. It didn't seem to affect your movement afterward, you were running around whacking the ball?

IVA MAJOLI: I was running pretty good, but I was getting tired very fast, after the first or second ball, because I didn't have enough energy. But I didn't want it to go third set, for sure, so I gave it all my energy.

Q. Would you have played the third set?

IVA MAJOLI: It would be hard. It would be hard because I was getting down a little bit, you know, and then I was down 4-2 in the second set and then I came back 4-all. And it was 6-all and I was just thinking, just play point-by-point and try to win.

Q. What do you think about the umpire?


Q. What do you think about the umpire?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know. When she gave Conchita a point penalty I didn't know what was going on. So I just went back to check what happened because I didn't hear what they were talking about. I was a little bit confused when Conchita just walk off the court, and she didn't say anything to the chair umpire. And then she just walked for a couple of minutes and I was like, how can she do that? And Martina said she did say something to the chair umpire, but the chair umpire said she didn't. I don't think you can leave the court without telling what's wrong. I got a little piece there, but I tried to forget it.

Q. Does that make you more determined to win?


Q. Does that kind of thing make you more determined to win after that?

IVA MAJOLI: The match was so tough I didn't have time to think about why did she leave the court or anything like that. I just wanted to concentrate on each point and trying to play my best tennis. But Conchita has really tough game, she has great forehand, lots of topspin. So when the ball bounce it jumps so high, it's so hard to control. And her backhand slice, it's also very effective, she can move you from one side to another, so you really have to play each point very good.

Q. Other players this week have been talking about the long season makes you more prone to injury; you've got a problem today. Do you think that's because of too much tennis?

IVA MAJOLI: Some players like to play more, some don't. But I think it's good that something changes. I think this ranking wasn't good enough because the players didn't play enough tournaments. Lots of them were calculating with the ranking, so at least next year you can play more relaxed. You can play more tournaments and we'll see at the end of the year how it's going to work. But the season is long, there is no -- like I'm going to have ten days break, which I don't think is much.

Q. You said you could be more relaxed by playing more tournaments?

IVA MAJOLI: Yes, but also to be fit, to be able to play. The players that don't want to play that much can make a good schedule and play as much tournaments as they want. We'll see what's going to happen. But I'm the person that likes to play more tournaments, so for me it's okay.

Q. Any predictions for the Date/Hingis match?

IVA MAJOLI: They've never played. They're both tough players. Whoever wins it's going to be a tough match. I never beat Date, I lost her twice. And I beat Martina, I beat her, I don't know if I lost to her. So I don't care, you know, I think I'm very happy that I got to the semifinal. And I think whoever wins, it's going to be a good match on Saturday and we both have a chance, either Martina and Date or me. One of us will get to the final. Hopefully I can do it, but it's going to be tough. I'm looking forward, I'm sure it's going to be great tennis.

Q. You played doubles with Martina, and then you stopped, is there a chance you're going to get back together again?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't think so. I don't really want to play that much doubles, especially with the new ranking, more and more tournaments. Maybe I'll just play in some Grand Slams or something, but I don't want to play more tournaments. I think it's too much for my body to play lots of singles and especially if you do well, to play lots of doubles.

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November 23, 1996



An interview with


Q. Your last meeting with Martina, you won the third set very easily, what was different today?

IVA MAJOLI: I think it was a very good match. And Martina is in a great form. She's been playing very well this year and especially the last couple of tournaments. And maybe I didn't feel the ball the best today but I have to give all the credit to Martina, how she was just attacking the ball, serving well. I think she improved her serve a lot from last time. And it was a good match. I have to be happy with this week and hopefully I'm sure we're going to play a lot more matches with me and Martina. So I'm sure I'm going to win some of them in the future. But today she was just, you know, better, I think.

Q. How was your rib?

IVA MAJOLI: It was good, no problem.

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Charleston, SC, USA

4/17/01 10:35:00 PM

IVA MAJOLI (w) vs. JELENA DOKIC, 6-3, 0-6, 6-2
APRIL 16, 2001


QUESTION: Congratulations.

IVA MAJOLI: Thank you.

QUESTION: You`ve been banged up for a
while. What`s it mean to you to win, to come in here
and beat a player like that and play that well?

IVA MAJOLI: I think it`s a good win,
especially in these conditions. It was tough for
both of us and it was definitely a tough first round,
and it`s unfortunate someone had to lose today, and
for sure it helps me a lot this win. I haven`t been
playing, you know, and I really need some confidence
back and it feels good to get by a first match.

QUESTION: You won that first set, and
in the second set the wheels kind of came off and she
just kind of blew through there. What happened?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah. I think I had some
chances in the first game of the second set and I
lost the game, and I think she played really good the
second set. She didn`t make any mistakes and at 3 or
4-0 I was just like, okay, maybe I should just
concentrate on the third set, and the beginning was
very important in the third set and I played pretty
smart. My serve was -- I was putting lots of first
serves in, so it helped me, and I just stayed very
patient throughout the whole third set.

QUESTION: Yeah. It`s kind of, I
noticed, too, it just seemed like you were really
patient and you were letting her make the mistakes
out there.

IVA MAJOLI: I think the serve was very
important today with these conditions, and I think I
was putting lots of first serves in and mixing it up
and trying to put some pressure on her serve, and she
gave me some free points with the double faults and
won some free returns, so it`s tough, but I`m very
happy that I won this match.

QUESTION: How about your play in
general? Do you feel like you`re getting back to
where you were?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I`m still not where
I was when I left, but I`m just happy to be playing
again, to be healthy. I mean after so many injuries
and surgeries, and I don`t know what I didn`t have in
the past two years, and it feels great to be back, to
be back to Top 40, and I hope by this summer I can
get back in the Top 20s and maybe even further. But
I`m just going to keep working hard, and of course,
winning matches like this also helps, and to
concentrate on my second round now, and hopefully
it`s going to be as good as this one.

QUESTION: I know you don`t want to
look too far ahead, but you have this second round
match and then maybe Hingis lurking there after that.


QUESTION: Do you feel like maybe your
game is coming together where you can play with the
top players again?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I think I still need
to improve a few things to be able to even beat the
top players, but I feel I`m getting closer, and it
would be nice to win my next round and to play
Martina. We haven`t played since, I think, the
French Open when I beat her. So it`s a different
story at the moment, I think. She has everything to
lose and I have everything -- nothing to lose, but I
want to take it match by match and we`ll see what

QUESTION: You mentioned conditions.
Are you talking about the wind?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I`m used to the
wind. I`ve been living in Florida for the past ten
years, so it`s always windy there, but it`s hard for
sure. I mean you can`t really play your game. You
just have to put lots of top spin and try to put lots
of first serves in and be patient.

QUESTION: Can you talk a little bit
about how hard it is to come back after injuries like
you had? I mean they were pretty substantial.


QUESTION: A lot of recovery, and can
you just talk about that?

IVA MAJOLI: It`s very hard, I think,
especially with so many young players and the women`s
game is improving a lot. Everyone is stronger and
playing much harder tennis. So you really have to be
100 percent fit. Otherwise it`s very difficult. So
it`s not easy. I mean especially, I was always used
to winning, or getting at least to the quarters or
semis, and now every match is very tough. So you
have to really be in good shape to win, even from the
first rounds. I mean it can happen you get like
Dokic or somebody who is like top player and you know
you have to get through those.

QUESTION: You mentioned the difficulty
where you`ve been injured like that. Did you ever --
did the thought ever come into your mind the heck
with it; I don`t need this anymore?

IVA MAJOLI: No. I really realized how
much I missed playing. I mean I was traveling all
over the world for the doctors, you know, going to
States, to Germany, to Switzerland, I mean all over
the place, and I really was so excited when
everything was over and I was ready to even start
practicing. So everyone thinks, oh, you have enough
holidays and I was like, "I wish." I was just
through hospitals the whole time. And I mean it`s
great. I really missed it, and I couldn`t wait. I`m
back. So I never thought I was going to stop. I
mean I`m 23, so I feel like I have many more years to

QUESTION: Coming back, is part of it
mental, too, just focusing and concentrating on
matches after you`ve been away for a while and away
from the competition?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah. It`s hard, but I
have a few good friends on the Tour, and one of them
is Jennifer Capriati. She`s one of my best friends,
and I`ve been with her when she had tough times, and
she kind of helped me a lot also just talking to me,
and giving me support, and so I feel I have good
people around me who really wanted me to be back.
And I`m really happy the way things are now, and I
just have to keep working if I want to get to the
level where I can compete with the top players. I
feel I still need some improvements, and when I get
there, I`m going to be even more happier.

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Apparently this is from the 2002 Ericsson Open site but it's after her first round win over María José Martínez at Ericsson 2001.

I. MAJOLI/M. Martinez
6-3, 6-4
An Interview With:

THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. The French Open, you're actually making a big comeback. It must have been hard work since 1997?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, it's been very difficult time for me. I had a lot of injuries, one after another. And of course with my shoulder, I had the surgery. So it took me almost a year and a half or almost two years to recover and get over with all the injuries, stress fracture in my ankle for three months.
So I really had not the greatest luck, and in that period I just tried to play one or two tournaments. So because of that, I lost my special ranking, which meant I had to start, like, right from the beginning which it wasn't easy to play qualifying in the small tournaments which I probably never played.
But maybe in a way it also helped me. I got some matches behind me and my confidence is coming back, and I still feel at 23 I have many more years to play. And I feel much more mature than I did like maybe when I was 17, 18. I'm feeling very happy to play again and I'm really enjoying it.

Q. Was it too much pressure after that victory?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, it was that maybe, and nobody expected - even me - I didn't expect to win it. I still played well at Wimbledon, first time winning a match and getting to the quarters. So even '98 wasn't as bad year but I wasn't winning tournaments. Then all the injuries came, so it was difficult. I just wanted to play again and in this period I saw how much I really miss tennis and how much I love playing and I have really few of the great friends on the Tour. So I was missing them and hanging out with them. So I'm happy to be back.

Q. Did it change the way you're practicing now? It changed a lot of things, this period?


Q. Yes.

IVA MAJOLI: I wasn't really able to practice. I was going from one country to another, but this time for hospitals not for tennis. So you really see how lucky you are when you have no injuries and no problems.
Yeah, I'm trying to work now a little bit more on my game, and I try to play as much as match as I can and hopefully get my ranking back to the top or as
much as I can by this summer, by the French Open.

Q. That's your main goal, the rankings now?

IVA MAJOLI: No, my main goal is to be healthy, but of course you always play to improve. I want to improve my ranking. I want to start winning more tournaments. You always have to have a goal when you're playing; otherwise, what are you playing for?

Q. Is the French Open something special for you?

IVA MAJOLI: That was always my favorite tournament. I won it. But winning any tournament right now, it's becoming so hard because all the girls are playing much, much better each week. So there is lots of young girls coming.
So really every tournament you win, it -- you have to appreciate it.

Q. So do you want to win again the French Open?

IVA MAJOLI: It will be nice. Any Grand Slam. (Laughing.) Yeah, it will be great. It's my goal, so I hope I can do it again.

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US OPEN 2002
M. Hingis/I. Majoli

4-6 6-4 7-6(5)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did you think you were going to win there when you led 5-4?
IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, I was probably thinking a little bit in the tiebreak. At the beginning of the third set, I didn't believe it that much. You know, I was getting a little bit tired and Martina was taking control, you know, in the third set.
And then I just start fighting back, and I didn't want to give up so easy. And of course, you know, I was a little disappointed then in the tiebreak that I couldn't finish.

Q. After the point that made it 5-5 in the tiebreak, it looked like you might be about to do a Sampras. Was that an ace?
IVA MAJOLI: To do what? (Laughing).

Q. Sampras. Get sick, vomit.
IVA MAJOLI: I felt like at 4-2, I really felt like I was gonna throw up. I mean, it was very hot and very humid today. And I just look at the chair person, you know, if what I should do. And she was just like, "Come on, let's play."
So it didn't help much. And for the next two or three points, I was just like rushing because I wasn't there really. I was really exhausted.
But, I mean, she played two or three really good points then. She was with the wind so her balls were a little bit deeper and I had to use even more energy to win the point.
So bad luck, but I feel I'm coming back and my game is improving, that my level is coming. So hopefully a few more matches like this and I'm gonna win some.

Q. You mentioned the 4-2 point. It was on that point when you popped that little volley over her head. Remember that? In the tiebreak.

Q. You led 4-2. You're both pretty close to the net. You hit the little volley over her head.

Q. You didn't hit it deep enough and she was able to get it. When you hit it, did you think you had her?
IVA MAJOLI: Well, my dropshot first wasn't great, I think, and she hit a pretty great shot. I was just kind of like put the racquet, and it wasn't too deep. So she was able to finish the point.
But I don't think that's really the reason, I mean, for the whole tiebreak.

Q. How bad was your thigh? You had your thumb, could you take us through that?
IVA MAJOLI: My thigh, I just pulled out I think this morning in practice. And I don't know, during the match I just got a blister like open. So it was really bothering me with my forehand.
But when they taped it, it was fine. I didn't feel pain. It was more the heat and the humidity that was a big factor. And I think Martina was still at this moment in a better shape than I am. I think my game really improved, and I've been working a lot. But I think to win the matches like this in this conditions, I should improve a little bit more my fitness, you know. I'm gonna do that this winter and really work, so I can throw up at home, you know, working out (laughing) so I'm fit at my matches.

Q. Does playing her stir memories of 1997 for you?
IVA MAJOLI: Well, I think it's probably always in the back of Martina's head. And for me, it gives me also confidence that I beat her, you know, and we always had some good matches. So I also feel pretty confidence against her.
And, I mean, we'll see. I'm just gonna keep working. And of course I'm disappointed in the way that I lost, but I also have to be proud of myself that I've been coming back and working hard. And I feel I belong - I feel I belong where I used to be, you know, in the Top 10.
Unfortunately, I had so many injuries that always kept me out for few months, then I would come back, then again I would take off few months. So I'm just going to try to be fit and healthy. And I think if I keep going like this, I have a good chance to come back.

Q. Where is her game compared to that French Open final? Is she essentially the same player that she was then, do you think?
IVA MAJOLI: Well, Martina is very consistent. You have to play great to beat her. She's not gonna give you the match. I mean, she's running great. She gives you lots of balls back. So if you start making errors, I mean you're gonna be out of there soon. So you have to be aggressive. You can't make mistakes. You really have to play good.
And I think Martina is very similar where she was in '97, but I think few other girls improved like Jennifer and Venus and Serena, and they're playing very powerful tennis. And that's why I think it's a little bit more difficult for Martina against these girls.
But I think she's still, I mean, a great player. And I'm sure she's not gonna go away easy. For sure she wants to win many more Grand Slams.

Q. A lot of people, when they read about this match, it was a wonderful match, are going to say, "Where's she been? Don't we remember her from somewhere, 1997?"
IVA MAJOLI: I'm also tired of everyone saying, "'97, French Open."
I'm like, "Forget that. Now it's 2001. I want to win another one."

Q. People will say, "Where has she been? What happened?"
IVA MAJOLI: Everyone thinks I was home and partying, I guess (laughing). I'm sure most of the people think that.
But, no, I really -- I mean I had so many problems with injuries and I was out for my shoulder, and I didn't know if I should do the surgery or not. And then at the end, I travelled more than I did for tennis to find out what it was for my shoulder. And the end, I had to do the shoulder so it took another six months to recover.
And I think I was lucky to even get wildcards, because I couldn't get my special ranking because in that period I did try to play one or two tournaments. So my ranking this time last year was I think around 450. And of course if you're not seeded, I mean, you can play first or second round the top players, because I think women's game really improve. And I think really, I mean, everything is possible at the tournaments from the first round. I mean, everyone can beat everyone.
So it's a little bit more difficult than I think it used to be. But, you know, I hope I'm gonna be back to Top 20 soon.

Q. Are you committed now?
IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, I'm very committed. Jennifer is my great friend, and, you know, when she was down, we used to talk a lot. And look where she is now. She helps me a lot, too. She just says like, "Keep your head up. If you work hard, you know how to play tennis. Your game is there."
I think I just need some matches, you know, some wins to get my confidence back. And when you win few of these, I mean when your confidence is back, then you can really beat everyone.

Q. When things were really bad, was she one of the few players sort of to reach out to you and keep in touch that way?
IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, we've always been very close and good friends. No matter how we play, we put tennis even on the side. We are friends off the court.

I really think that this interview shows why Iva has one of the best personalities on tour.

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November 18, 1997
7-6 (5), 7-6 (2)


Q. How difficult is it? You played two tiebreak sets, it was just a matter of a few key points in there that made the difference.

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, well, to play Anke, it's always a difficult match, because she beats me so many times. And I just beat her here last year in the Garden and this year in the Garden, and now I haven't been playing so great last two months. After Wimbledon I didn't play so great. But I felt really comfortable coming into this tournament. And I really worked really hard last week, and I was feeling confident. And I think my serve helped me a lot in some important points. I would serve great. I think she was struggling a little bit with her serve. I was putting a lot more pressure on her than last week when she beat me.

Q. Iva, is your game where you wanted it to be at this time or do you feel like maybe winning a Grand Slam this year was a distraction to you?

IVA MAJOLI: For sure it was not distraction. I mean, it's what every player wants, you know. It's everybody's goal to win a Grand Slam or reach No. 1. So, it is a new thing for you, you know. You have more responsibilities. More people want to meet you. And I guess after Wimbledon, I was like -- I took a break and I couldn't come back, really. When there was more pressure, everybody expected you to play really well, like I did at the French, and I wasn't feeling well. Then I started practicing again with the Bollettieri. Next week I want to really work hard and. I think we've got to fight to get to the No. 1 position, because we are all so close and Martina is ahead of us pretty far. But I feel if I work hard, I just want to focus. And if I give a hundred percent, I have a good chance. So, I decided, you know, to try to play this tournament the best I can, not to think about the last tournament, and just take a little break and start preparing for the Australian for next year.

Q. Looking ahead to next year, in all the mix, where does Graf fit into it if she returns next year at the Australian? Can she compete right away for No. 1?

IVA MAJOLI: I'm sure Steffi won't come back if she is not 100 percent fit, and if she didn't practice a few months before, she won't come back. I think when she comes back, it's going -- I think maybe it's tough first few matches because of not playing tournament for a long time. But I'm sure she's going to be fit, and I'm sure she's going to be tough to beat again. Because when we're playing Steffi Graf, it's very difficult. If she stays fit and healthy, I think she can also be at the top again.

Q. Iva, Anke said she thinks this surface is a surface where Hingis could be beatable. Do you feel that way?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I played Martina last year in the semis, and a lot of chances also against her and, you know, hopefully I'm playing against Nathalie Tauziat next match, and I really want to focus on that one. But, you know, if me and Martina get to the semis, I think it could be a great match. And, again, she's the one that has to win. And if I serve well and I if I play well, I think we have a chance.

Q. How do you feel about playing the best of five?

IVA MAJOLI: I would love that. I never played because it's only the finals of this tournament. The finals are so far. So I think we all have to concentrate match by match and just think about it. I think it will be fun if we played on clay court against some Spanish person. I don't think it would be so much fun. But at least this is hard court and the points are a little bit shorter, so I would love that.

Q. Did women's tennis miss Graf this year? And is it important for her to come back?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know, because there's so many new players, you know. And, actually, I think right now in the women's tennis has much more good players than men's do, because like Becker and all these famous players are retiring and, you know, our tour, I think, is very good right now with Hingis and Lindsay and Jana and Kournikova and everybody coming, it's -- I think it's one of the best years that we had. And, you know, with Steffi it would be really -- you can't ask for a better tour.

Q. You're not playing Hopman Cup this year, are you?

IVA MAJOLI: No, I wanted to stay home for Christmas and New Year. And probably maybe Sydney, if not just Melbourne, because I have so many tournaments to play after Australia like six, seven in a row, so I need a break. I just -- I just wish we had off season like every other sport. I feel like we are the professionals and they are the amateurs, because everyone gets off-season and time to get ready, and we're off for one week; we finish our year on December 5th, 6th and you have to leave during Christmas for Australia and get ready. So we have one week to rest, and it's not enough to handle, like, whole year. So I'm -- we decided to skip Hopman Cup this year. Probably play next year again.

Q. Are you still planning to go skydiving?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah. Just, I still have to find somebody. Mary wanted to go, but she decided oh, we go, we go. But I do want to do it in the future. Maybe Anke would like to do it right now, so... Only kidding. It's tough playing because we are very good friends. And last three tournaments we played so much against each other. It's been difficult. But on the court we both want to win, so...

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Flushing Meadows, New York

August 26, 1997
I. MAJOLI d. C. Cristea

An interview with:

Q. A White Sox fan?
IVA MAJOLI: (laughter). I don't know. I just like the hat. Not a big fan of baseball.

Q. At least you know it's baseball. That's good.
IVA MAJOLI: Well, that's what I heard.

Q. You cannot name a single White Sox player?
IVA MAJOLI: I know Brady Anderson and Roberto Alomar. They play for Baltimore.

Q. How does it feel to be here at this tournament?
IVA MAJOLI: It feels great. Especially when you go through first round, which are always the toughest ones, you know. Everyone expects you to win, so you always have to kind of play well. But there's always a little bit more pressure in the first rounds. I think I played a good match today. I was feeling good. You know, I feel great to play here. This new stadium is really nice. Hopefully I get a chance to play on this new stadium. The whole atmosphere is pretty good. There is more room for the people, the player lounges are bigger. It's much better than it was before, I think.

Q. Iva, being the French Open champion, were you surprised you weren't playing on stadium?
IVA MAJOLI: Well, no. I mean, I know that maybe Americans are going to play. I don't know. But I wasn't surprised, no.

Q. Iva, how has being the French Open champion changed things for you, if at all, for you, your family? Has it made a big difference in your life or actually are you surprised?
IVA MAJOLI: It did make a difference in my life, I mean. I'm trying not to think about it. It's like great; I won it. But you have a tournament each week. If you just think, "I won the French," you don't concentrate on your career; everyone is going to beat you. It was a great moment. I went out a few days after with my friends and celebrated. But maybe when I come next year to the French, I'll feel, "Oh, my God, I'm the champion of this tournament." Things change. There is more people around you, more people coming to you. But, I mean, I think I didn't change really. I think I'm still the same person as I was before I won the French.

Q. Does it change what you think of yourself in terms of confidence or comfort level?
IVA MAJOLI: For confidence it is great. You feel that you beat all the best players, and you coming into the matches knowing that you can beat everybody. Of course, there is a lot more confidence. But there is also more pressure in the first rounds, because now everyone wants to beat me. I'm the one who has to really play good and win those first rounds.

Q. Did you feel more pressure then, today, than past Grand Slams in the first round?
IVA MAJOLI: Well, yeah. I could say that. There is more pressure. But, you know, I just try to forget about that. I'm sure there is pressure for everybody, like first two or three games, but then you just forget and you start playing your game. That's the only way you can win the matches.

Q. Iva, everybody seems to be chasing Martina. Of course, you're one of the only people who have beaten her this year. Do you have a different attitude toward her, do you think, because you've beaten her? Do you have a different attitude towards her than anyone else on The Tour right now? Do you think, "Martina, so what, I can beat her"?
IVA MAJOLI: I mean, you do get confidence, you know, when you beat her. But Martina, I think she's a great athlete. She's handling the things great. I mean, being only 16 and No. 1, winning everything, I think she's really down-to-earth. So we're pretty good. I don't think anything changed after I beat her because she beat me before and I beat her. So, you know, the day after I beat her, she was like, "You deserved; you played better tennis." So, I mean, I never thought, "Oh, my God, I'm one of only two players who beat her this year." I think it would be great for women's tennis if there would be more people start to beat her, it would be more interesting. Monica is coming back. I think she's playing much better than at the beginning of the year. So, you know, we're all fighting for No. 2 position because we are all close. So, yeah, of course I would love to get to No. 2 and then think after.

Q. Can you see yourself like with this long-standing rivalry with Martina that, you're both young, you'll be playing each other in big tournaments when you're 45 or something?
IVA MAJOLI: No (laughter). Well, yeah. I think like the young players are coming, Anna Kournikova, Venus, there is a girl from Croatia, Lucic, who is also good. I think maybe Steffi and Arantxa, they're kind of going away because they've been playing for such a long time and they can't be at the top forever. So I'm sure we all going to have great matches. Of course, either me or Anna are not going to let Martina stay No. 1 forever. We all going to try to get that first place. I think it's going to be a lot more mentally, you know, than physically, about tennis.

Q. What's your feeling about the rule of the age eligibility? Anna said yesterday she didn't think it was fair she didn't get to play, and Lucic got to play this year. Do you think that is fair? How do you feel about the rule?
IVA MAJOLI: It's hard for -- I'm sure Anna is not happy because she was in the same position and they didn't allow her to play. So I would also not be happy if they allowed somebody else for the same thing to play. But, you know, Lucic is from my country, so I don't really want to say anything about it. I mean, I started also pretty young. I was 14 or 15. But I started pretty slow. I played small tournaments. Then when I was 16, I started to play bigger ones. I think the rule is pretty good, you know. When you're 15, just to start in the smaller ones. I think the parents are putting so much pressure on the kids, that at 15 they have to be No. 1 because Martina is No. 1 at 16. I don't know how much the kids enjoy playing or if it's more just parents who are pushing them, they have to be at the top of their game at 15 or 16. I think there is plenty of time to play, you know, professional, till you're 28, 30. So I don't think that there is so much rush. Like Venus, she didn't play any junior tournaments. I think you should play some junior tournaments. She's like 17 and a half now, and I don't think she played enough matches to get, like they said, that she's going to be No. 1 when she's 18. I don't know. It's tough without the matches.

Q. How well do you know Lucic?
IVA MAJOLI: Well, I mean, we don't live in the same city. I known her. She's a really nice person. She works very hard. I think very soon she's going to be a tough girl to beat.

Q. We've focused a lot on Venus. Do you think Lucic actually has more of a game?
IVA MAJOLI: Me, I think she's a better player than Venus. You know, I don't care. Martina, it's great if she gets all the attention, she kind of deserves because she's No. 1. I know Venus is very popular. I don't think she did that great results to be like this unbelievable person. Because she's in her 18th year and she's like Top 50, 60. Maybe just a little bit too much everything, you know.

Q. What do you think Lucic has that Venus doesn't?
IVA MAJOLI: Well, I think she's more consistent. You know, she just played a few tournaments professional, and she reached all of them Finals or won. Her strokes are great. Her serve, you know, she has almost everything that you need for the game, power. I think, you know, she's going to be in a year very tough to beat.

Q. Is that the general impression, Iva, what you said about the fact that people think Venus might have gotten too much attention too fast? Is that the general impression among the women players?
IVA MAJOLI: I don't know. I never talk too much about it. That's my impression, you know. I mean, I think if you deserve all the attention, it's great to get it. But if you don't make like so many great results, you know.

Q. Does it bother you? Not to belabor the point, but does it bother you she's playing on the centre court, hasn't gotten past the second round of a Grand Slam?
IVA MAJOLI: I don't really care anymore. She's so now like famous, that everyone wants to see Venus play. We'll see. We'll see how she's going to be in a year or two.

Q. I'm just curious, do you think that most of the players feel that Venus is more a media creation they sit around and say, "Lucic, this is the player to look at." When is comes to tennis, is that --
IVA MAJOLI: For me I would say it's true. But everyone has their own impressions. I can't say Venus is a bad player, because she's not; she's a good player. But is she that good, like everyone is talking?

Q. Having played in tournaments, two-week type tournaments, is it important to get in some sort of mental rhythm so you're always thinking about your matches at the right time, not the wrong time?
IVA MAJOLI: I think it's important to be relaxed and take time to rest at these tournaments, because every match is really tough. I just want to go each match, not think of who I could play in the quarters or Round of 16. I just want to concentrate match by match and hopefully go far.

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Flushing Meadows, New York

August 27, 1997
S. TESTUD/I. Majoli
6-4, 2-6, 6-1

An interview with:

Q. That was a pretty tough draw for you, wasn't it?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah. Well, I think Sandrine is playing good, I think every draw is tough. I just don't feel good out there. Like maybe I'm not in the best shape at the moment. I don't know. Like my game is just not the way I want it to be. My ball, it's short, I never know what to do. I'm pretty disappointed with the way I've been playing, you know, the first match and this match. There's nothing I can do right now. I just have to prepare better for the few more tournaments that I have left. You know, when you know you have a good draw and a good chance, I knew this match was going to be tough, but, you know, then after was pretty open. I just feel bad I blew the chance that I had. This is a Grand Slam. It's not the same like any other tournament. You know, there's nothing you can do when you lose. I mean, I'm just so disappointed that I lost.

Q. Do you notice now after the French that people have more incentive now to beat you, they have more drive than they had in the past maybe?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, yeah. I'm sure. They have nothing to lose, and I'm the one that has to win. Maybe that's the reason that I'm so tight, because I never had this pressure before. You know, after you win the French, you go like, "Oh, Majoli plays Testud, no problem." But people don't know she's going to try everything. If I'm a little tight, nervous, my shots aren't working too well, she's going to beat me because the tennis got much better. I guess, I just have to get used to and deal with the pressure that comes with winning a Grand Slam. I guess I wasn't ready for that right now. It's good if I learn something from this match, you know. I just have to go out there and not care about anything except my tennis and just play, you know, be aggressive, go for the shots, and then lose, not play like nothing and lose.

Q. There was a very long point in the fourth game of the third set.


Q. Was that kind of the end for you? Did it take a lot out of you?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I mean, I don't really think it was the end. I played good the first game in the third set, and then I just fall apart. I gave her a chance to come back into the match. She made some good points; I made some easy mistake. Then I got more tight. You know, she took the advantage.

Q. It's frustrating to lose a point like that?

IVA MAJOLI: It is. It was. I think it was a pretty big point. 2-1, 30-All or something. I just think I wasn't aggressive enough the whole match. I was just pushing the ball. The second set when I played good, aggressive, I won easy. Then I kind of just stopped. I don't know why.

Q. She's not as high ranked in the world as you are, but she's been able to show that she can knock off a top-ranked player. Would you say she is one of the people, when you see a draw, that you don't want to have? Is she feared in a way by a lot of people?

IVA MAJOLI: I mean, she's been playing great tennis this year. She had some good results. I lost to her in the semifinals last week, so I knew the second match was going to be very tough. I expected a lot more from myself. I expected if I played the way I played in the second set that I would win the match. But I didn't play. I played bad. Then they get even more confident. But she's one of the players not ranked who are tough to play, you know, in the first rounds. Because I think the first rounds are always the toughest ones. If you get through them, then everything is open, you start playing better and better each match. But I just have to try to do that from the beginning of the tournament.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about what you did with I think -- did you adopt people or adopt an orphan from Croatia? Can you talk a little about that, why you did that, when did you do that?

IVA MAJOLI: The situation was so bad, I like to help people as much time as I have. She was, I don't know the word in English, but she was sick and I just tried to pay for her treatment, to get to go to England, get some surgeries. If you have a chance, it's nice to help other people.

Q. How old was she?


Q. How old is she now?

IVA MAJOLI: Five and a half.

Q. Does she live with you?

IVA MAJOLI: No, no, no. She lives with her parents. She doesn't live with me.

Q. So you didn't adopt her basically?

IVA MAJOLI: No, no, no. That was a mistake.

Q. But you just paid for her to get better?


Q. Do you have less confidence playing here? You had the great run at the French.

IVA MAJOLI: After Wimbledon I didn't play much. I was injured. I played three tournaments in the States. Haven't done as well as I wanted to do. I think I just wasn't prepared, you know, at all. I mean, I couldn't play very much. Just started to play one day before Canadian Open. It's tough when you don't play for three or four weeks. You know, you come to a tournament and you have a tough opponent like Sandrine. There is nothing really you can do. Against some players you can still come back because you're No. 4 and maybe they get scared. But Sandrine, she had some good wins this year. She feels pretty confident. She wanted to take her chance. You know, I think it's the same for everybody, you know, if they lose. Everyone expects, even yourself, that you have to win. It's real disappointing, you know. I'm just going to try to go out a little tonight and forget about it, just have some fun.

Q. Is there something about Sandrine's game in particular that gives you a little bit of trouble, that matches up well against you?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I mean, the last two matches that I played her, my balls were so short. She has really good backhand. She was able to control her game with her backhand. I knew her forehand was a little bit weaker, so I wanted to put more pressure on her forehand. I did pretty good in the second set, but then, like I said, my balls were just too short, not too much depth. She was able to even hit her forehand. So, you know, when you play bad, they can all play everything, if you give them a chance.

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Heres one I found before the defence of her Roland Garros crown.

IVA MAJOLI - Roland Garros
Sunday, May 24, 1998

Q: Iva, can you talk about how it feels to be back here after winning your title, what you're hoping for?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, it's great to be back. I just arrived late Friday night. I was already playing today in the exhibition to feel the court a little bit, the atmosphere. I was feeling pretty good out there. Excited to play my first round tomorrow.

Q: Do you hope to play on centre court?

IM: Yeah. I'm playing fourth match on centre court tomorrow. At least it's not first, you know. It's great to open on centre court, get the feel, play a good match and get ready for the next matches. I'm just so excited. It feels great to be back. Everybody's great. I always love to play here, so it's just like coming to my house.

Q: One year after the greatest triumph of your career, you're struggling to stay in the Top 10. What's happened in the last year? Why haven't you been more successful?

IM: Well, that's a good question. It's not like I didn't practice or anything like that. It's just that I won the French Open. It was probably the thing that -- I didn't expect it, like anybody else. It came.

I don't know. Since that day, I played so well against Martina in the finals, I thought, "Okay, now I'm going to play like this every match."

I didn't play tournaments for a while ... I was trying to go for too many things, maybe change my game a little bit. The other players, they were even more hungry to beat me, because I just wasn't Iva Majoli, I was, like, French Open champion. I had to be 200% ready every match. I don't know mentally if I was ready for all this.

I've been working, practicing. I didn't know what was happening.

Now I'm over that. Now I'm enjoying myself, you know. I've been practicing pretty well lately. I feel pretty confident coming here. Hopefully, I'm going to play well again. If I do, then I'll know what's happening after such a big win, how I should react, what I should do, do things differently.

I think women's tennis just got so much stronger. Like Sampras wins a Grand Slam, then he loses like first round in the next tournament. Nobody asked, "What happened?" because every man is playing good tennis.

I think that's what's happening in women's tennis, too. From the first round, it's just so tough. I think, you just have to play great. It's hard to win so many matches like it was before.

Q: In what way did winning the French Open change your life, for the good and the bad, the past year?

IM: Well, the good is I won the Grand Slam.

I think the one thing, I don't know if I even had time to enjoy it, you know? Like I was home for two days, I had to go to Eastbourne right away. Maybe everything came too soon for me. Like I didn't have time for a week or two just to relax.

I still don't really understand that I won the French Open. Of course, there was more pressure on you, now that you won a Grand Slam everybody expected you to play as well as you did every tournament. That's when I guess I couldn't handle this pressure that well.

Q: Did you have the opportunity to speak with Gustavo Kuerten, because last year you were the two big surprises? Did you speak with him about what happened to both of you?

IM: Not really. I haven't seen him that much. I just saw him yesterday, you know, after a long time. I just asked him, how is his draw. He says he plays Sampras -- I mean, Agassi second round if he wins. We haven't seen each other, so we didn't talk about what happened.

I guess we just played well and we won. That's all, I guess, that could happen.

Q: Obviously, this is the first time you're going to be defending a major title. Have you come here with any expectations for yourself? Are you going to take it as it comes? What will make you happy when you walk away?

IM: Well, I just want to win my first round tomorrow. First round or first two rounds are always the toughest when you're a defending champion coming back. I think I've been preparing very well. Not just this week, maybe the last two or three months. I had some tough draws. I guess sometimes when you want to play your best tennis, you're working, things don't go the way you want them to go.

I'm just excited to play tomorrow, try to win that first round, open the tournament. We'll see what happens. But it's not going to be easy for sure to defend the title with so many young players playing well. But I'm going to fight. You never know what can happen.

Q: What have you done personally or who have you talked with in order to try to toughen yourself emotionally and mentally towards tennis?

IM: Who did I talk to? Well, I talk to my coach. I talk to people who have been through all this.

But it's hard to say who you talk to. But the one person that I met last week and who I really admire, his name is Arnon Milchan. He owns Regency Company, he's a producer, which is TV for the WTA for the next five years. I just learned you have to be a hundred percent in everything you do, you have to believe in yourself, you have to decide to do the things you're doing in order to do it well. I learned a lot last week when I was with him in Cannes. I think that could help me a lot. I'm looking at things differently than I used to. We'll see what's going to happen.

Q: Just a follow-up on that, Iva. How did it come to happen that you two had the conversation?

IM: He knew I was traveling a little bit. He's been through so many things. He made so many movies from Pretty Woman, so many hit movies, also some movies that didn't do so well.

I just asked him how he handles things when the movie doesn't do well, when the movie does well.

I think it's the same in tennis. When you're playing well, everybody's around you, you're the greatest. When you're not playing well, then everybody's kind of turning back because I guess people look at you, not what kind of person you are, they look at you how you play tennis, how you make movies.

He just told me to be strong no matter what happens, to always focus on things you're doing, to be ready, prepared for everything.

I think that's what I'm doing right now. I'm keeping my head up, no matter what happens. I guess if I work hard, if I prepare myself, my time will come, too.

Q: What I meant was, did he approach you?

IM: No. we both started talking. We're good friends. He really likes to help me He's going to be here for my match tomorrow and maybe some more support. It should be fun.


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Indian Wells, CA

March 11, 1997
7-5, 3-6, 7-5

An interview with:

Q. How many times in the third set did you feel you were in control of the match?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, she was up 2-Love in the third and then I broke her back. I held my serve; then I went up 3-2. I was really starting to feel better and getting a little bit more control in my game. But, you know, everything changed so fast. And, my serve was just so bad today that, I mean, I was playing her pretty good on her service games, but then I would rush so much on mine. I don't know. I mean, when you want to play your best you just screw up everything. So I was very disappointed because I thought I should have won this match. I didn't think she is that great and that I should have lost. I just played totally wrong. I made too many errors.

Q. When you came over to the chair, what was wrong with your foot?

IVA MAJOLI: Because I wear two pairs of socks just my blisters were getting pretty bad so just asked the chair umpire if I could just stay a little bit longer to fix my socks.

Q. You said that she is not that great. However, she is good enough to give you a hard time out there today. Can you talk a little bit about?

IVA MAJOLI: She is a tough player. I mean, I don't think she is that great as they have been talking for a couple of years already. She hasn't played that many tournaments, but she is tough, you know, she doesn't care. She doesn't really care who you are. She doesn't really care what you are doing. So, she has her own style, today, I think I just -- I played her first time. I guess I got a little bit nervous. But, I mean, I think she played one of the best matches. I watched her both matches here, and I don't know if it is because I gave her a chance or because she really played that great.

Q. It is too late now, but what should you have done to give her more trouble? What weaknesses could you have taken advantage of?

IVA MAJOLI: First of all, I served very bad. I couldn't do anything with my serve. I don't know what happened. But, I just wasn't serving well. And, I think I just should have mixed it up a little bit more, hit some high spin balls and just play to her body more because she moves pretty good. But, she is a very tall person and she doesn't have the timing so great. So, I think I should have attacked second serve a little bit more, make more winners, you know, because her first serve is very, very strong. I mean, when she puts the first serve in, it is almost 100% her point. But, second serve, it is -- it is not that strong. It is like 65, 70 miles. So, I think I should have put more pressure on her service games by making some winners on second serves. I don't know, I mean, -- just -- shit happens. It happened today. I am just going to enjoy myself the rest of the day. Have some drinks and have fun.

Q. You have to play doubles tomorrow and you pushed strongly the previous day. Maybe that was the cause, that little crisis in the middle of the third set.

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I don't think so. I mean, it was pretty weird with the schedule. I finished pretty late last night and also Venus, they put us first match. So it was the same for both of us. I can't get any excuses. I mean, it was hot, you know,, but I was feeling pretty good, the same for both players. But, I am just going to try my best tomorrow in doubles, and get ready for Lipton.

Q. It is not going to bother you that blister?

IVA MAJOLI: Because when you run so much and it is so hot, it gets like -- and I wear two pairs of socks so it is kind of rough, but it is going to be fine. No problem.

Q. You had a matchpoint on her and she hit a big serve --

IVA MAJOLI: I had two, I think, matchpoints.

Q. On the second one she hit a big serve. Is that what you do when you are 16 years old and you don't have any pressure on you when she hit a serve like that?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, yeah, I don't know if every 16 year old will do that, but she is just different than the other ones. I mean, she just has some craziness in her, I think, and she is just going for everything. In some ways that is good, she doesn't care about anyone, anything, she just plays tennis.

Q. I have to ask a question about Kournikova. She was pushing for you. She was at the game. She was kind of your fan. She was going, "Go, Iva. Go Iva."

IVA MAJOLI: I know Anna. We have been together in the academy for a long time together. She is nice. We know each other for very long. I would do the same for her.

Q. Bright future for her?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah she is nice. She is young also, and there is many young players coming.

Q. Tell us some names except her and Venus?

IVA MAJOLI: Her and Venus. This girl from Croatia, Lucic. She just turned 15 and she won last year U.S. Open and Australian Open this year, and she got to some finals of 25 and 50,000, so she really, I mean, she beat just Wiesner now in Fed Cup and all these players. So, I think things for her look pretty good too.

Q. How would you compare Anna to Venus? Do you think she has more weapons?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, you know they both hit the ball pretty hard. It is hard to say. Maybe if they play together one time I can tell you a little bit more. But, I think the more power tennis, like both Venus and Anna and these young players that are coming they play very aggressive, bigger serves. I meant, also there girl Lucic, she is almost as tall as Venus. All these girls, they are so big and they just go for everything.

Q. Do you think -- Anna had an okay tournament here, but what do you think she has to do to get her game up to say, a top-20 level?

IVA MAJOLI: I think you need lots of matches. You need confidence. You need experience. And, with this rule now, I mean, she can't get there. I think it is not fair for Anna. If they already play on the Tour, they should let her play the regular Tour like they did for Martina. So it is hard when you are not playing tournaments; then you just come and everyone expects you to do well and you don't have matches. So, I think it is not easy. But, I am sure when she gets her confidence, you know, when she wins a couple of the matches, it is going to be easier for her. But maybe a little bit more patience, with her strokes, I think she can work on that. I think all this comes with experience in the matches.

Q. It's seems like most -- like you were commenting before most of the good young players coming up now and if you look at the top-100, they are from eastern Europe. There is dozens of players. Why do you think that is? Venus is really an exception to the rule now there. There is a lot of Croatians and Slovakians and Czechs, and Russians. Do you think they are more hungry to play?

IVA MAJOLI: Oh, it could be. I mean, they work hard. But I mean, I don't really know. I mean, Americans also like to win. They like to work hard. So, just maybe depends on generation or --

Q. Are there two schools in your point of view, like two schools, two different styles, European style, right now? Looking to Serena Williams, she is lifting weights?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, she looks like a boxer she has muscles.

Q. Is that something new?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I don't know. I mean, they are very strong girls. You can tell. And, well, I think the Americans, they just hit more flat and they go for the shots. I think Europeans are more like they mix up a lot more. I don't know, at the young age maybe they just work a little bit different than the Americans.

Q. Had you had much contact with Venus off-court?

IVA MAJOLI: No. I don't really want to have any.

Q. Are you mad that you didn't play her forehand more?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I should have played her forehand more, but I don't know.

Q. Did your coach tell you that when you came off after?

IVA MAJOLI: It is hard to tell something. I mean, I was really disappointed. Well, I don't know. I mean, I just didn't play the way I wanted to. I think she played a pretty good match.

Q. Looking ahead a couple a little bit, at the next major which will be the French last couple of years you have reached the quarters, but the tournaments have been so different mainly because of the weather. Is that something that is fairly unique to Roland Garros; you have the slow rainy two years ago, last year it was hot and fast. Do you feel that is unique to Paris? How do you tend to deal with weather fluctuations?

IVA MAJOLI: At the French?

Q. Yes.

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I mean, that is my favorite tournament. I love to play there. Well, I think I have more chances two years ago when I was against Kimiko in the quarters. Last year I played Steffi. She was pretty tough. But, we will see. I am definitely looking forward to the French. First I have been winning all these tournaments indoors, maybe I should just play indoor tournaments. I don't know what is going on. I am just going to try better at the Lipton. Hopefully win some more matches. Maybe play Venus. And beat her.

Q. Do you think there is a certain Bollettieri style of player? Do you think each player is a little bit different?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I guess we all hit the ball pretty hard from Nick. But, I don't know if you can tell it is a Nick style. I mean, when you look most of the players from the Bollettieri, they hit the ball hard. There is not too many players, not any players who play like Martina, you know, because I think it is get pretty tough to play a serve and volley with all these big weapons that young players have. So I think most of the girls just play from the baseline and hard.

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Key Biscayne, FL

March 26, 1997
J. NOVOTNA/I. Majoli
6-2, 3-6, 7-6

An interview with:

Q. Iva, you had the same kind of match in Europe, in October, and the semifinal in the European indoors. What's the difference with this match? What was the key?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I started pretty bad. My serve was just not working. I missed lots of balls. Actually I think I had to get used to her game because I played first three rounds against a girl who just hit the ball very hard, very flat. Jana had totally different game, coming in, playing backhand slice, forehand, more topspin. First set I was just kind of getting used to it. I missed too many balls, made too many double-faults. Second set got better, you know. There were more good points, especially in the third set. I think everyone is disappointed when you lose. I know a couple weeks ago I beat Jana. She was up always in the third set and I won at the end. And today it went her way. I think I had too many chances to win at the end. I had 5-All, 40-Love on my serve, I lost that. I had again chances in the tiebreak when she came in. I missed. I gave the ball on the racquet, she made the winner. Also the last point, I had the easiest shot of my match, and I missed. For sure I'm disappointed that I didn't win. I think it was a good match, so I just have to look forward to my next tournament, try to improve more.

Q. How hot was it and what did do you to try to cool off during that ten-minute break?

IVA MAJOLI: Actually I think today was the best day for me. I think the other three, four days were much warmer. I think I was thinking about the match. I didn't have time to think about the heat. My condition was pretty distinguish good. I was feeling pretty good with the weather today.

Q. Did you guys ask for that break?

IVA MAJOLI: They told us before the match that, "It's very hot today, and if we split, we could have a ten-minute break." So Jana wanted.

Q. What were some of the factors that contributed to the high number of unforced errors by both players?

IVA MAJOLI: I think for me it was mostly my serve. I don't remember when I served this bad. The whole tournament my serve wasn't working so good. Especially today when your serve is not working, you're just rushing, making a lot more errors than when your serve is working good. I don't know, conditions a little bit different, it's very windy outside. From one side you have to play hard, from the other side you have to give a lot more topspin because the balls are flying. You kind of have to adjust for every point. It's not easy.

Q. Did the change in today's schedule have any effect, do you think? Were you ready?

IVA MAJOLI: I came here like at 11:15, I had a practice. I didn't know anything. It's 11:15. I saw Jana. She goes, "We're playing at 1:00." I'm going like, "You're kidding, no way." She's like, "No, I'm not, we are playing at 1." Difficult have a little bit warm-up. It was okay. It didn't really affect me that we change the schedule.

VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Any other questions.

Q. Assuming she plays a little bit better than she did today, I think she had over 60 unforced errors, how do you see a match with Hingis, Jana and Hingis?

IVA MAJOLI: Jana is a tough player. You never know what to expect from Jana. She can have a really good match; she could have a bad match. I think last year and this year she's been playing pretty good. She beat Martina pretty easy last time they played, but that was indoors. This is a different tournament, different everything. Martina, you know, she hasn't lost a match yet, so I'm sure she has lots of confidence. It could be interesting match. Could be a good match. There is a little bit more advantage on Martina's side. I think if Jana is playing well, everything is possible.

Q. There's been some talk about possibly having coaches on the court, more involved in matchplay. Do you think in a match like this, having a coach there on the court would be something that would be helpful? Is that something you're in favor of?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't really think about it. Tennis was always a sport you play by yourself. That's why it's so tough. I think it's good this way. We have to think. I think it's important if we think more than if we get all the help from the outside. That's the key of the tennis, that when it's tough you have to think by yourself and do whatever you think is the best because you're by yourself on the court. If you win, you're happy. If you lose, you're unhappy. It's always just that one person, you know.

VERONIQUE MARCHAL: Any other questions? Thank you.

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From 1995 :D


November 15, 1995
C. MARTINEZ/ I. Majoli
1-6, 7-5, 6-0


Q. Iva, next week at the Federation Cup coaching will be allowed on the changeover. Do you feel that you would have benefited from on-the-court coaching and would you have liked it?

IVA MAJOLI: I didn't understand the question. From next week --

Q. The question I'm asking, basically, is do you feel you would have benefited from on-the-court coaching and would you have liked it?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I don't know. It's hard to say. Because it never happened before, you know. We always played by ourselves. But it would be good to try, to see how it works.

Q. Iva, how did you lose a match from that position?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I mean, I don't know. I was up and I guess that means nothing in tennis. But I felt like she started playing much better. She had nothing to lose. She just started hitting the balls. And my balls were not so strong tonight. I think I hit lots of balls in the middle of the court. And she was able to hit her forehand. I had no angles, really. I don't know, I mean, I think she just played better. And I had some bad mistakes and everything turned around, you know.

Q. It seemed to me that when you were up 3-Love in the second you maybe hit a couple of loose points in the next game. Were you getting sort of over confident, felt you'd won it?

IVA MAJOLI: I had match point at 5-4.

Q. I'm talking earlier than that, 3-Love. You played a couple of careless points?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know. I don't remember.

Q. Do you think you thought you pretty much won the match at that stage?

IVA MAJOLI: Maybe I started thinking a little bit, I was close to winning the match. But I knew it wasn't over. And I knew I had to play really well to win it. And I guess I didn't play the best I can today.

Q. Iva, you knew about her neck injury. Could you see that she was getting ice on the changeovers? And was there a time when you thought she would quit the match?

IVA MAJOLI: No. I didn't even know she had an injury before the match. So I saw she was getting some ice on the court, but I didn't really know what was happening. But I guess it didn't bother her maybe too much, because she played really well from 4-1 in the second.

Q. Can you describe your feelings at match point?

IVA MAJOLI: Her match point?

Q. No, your match point?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know. I knew I was close, but I don't know, I had a bad point, and the match point.

Q. Do you remember her ball hitting the net and just dropping over?

IVA MAJOLI: That was the match point?

Q. It was the breakpoint. Breakpoint for 5-1.

IVA MAJOLI: I guess it was lucky. But everything is possible, I mean, in tennis.

Q. Disappointing, not tonight, but looking over the year, you've had a good year, can you talk about that?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, I mean the beginning of the year was good and bad. I mean, I had some good wins and some bad turn arounds. And the second half was much better. So I was really looking forward to this tournament and hoping to do well. But I have to be disappointed because I really wanted to win today and I was really close.

Q. Did you, at any time, think back to Hilton Head where it was a very similar match?

IVA MAJOLI: Not really. There is so many times you're really close, and there has been so many matches that you're up and you lose. Until it's over, it's not over, you know. You really have to play the best you can the whole match to win, especially if you play the top players. I mean she is ranked No. 2 in the world.

Q. What specific differences did you notice in her game? Was she hitting the ball harder, better?

IVA MAJOLI: I guess I played better in the first set until 4-1 and she was making probably more errors, you know. And she didn't play maybe the best, you know, she can play. And then she had nothing to lose from 4-1 and she started serving better and playing much better and moving better, you know.

Q. She seemed to be moving you around better, did you notice that?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah. Everything started going well for her and bad for me.

Q. Did you feel she took her game to another level where you were just kind of along for the ride? Or did you feel that you were still in the match and -- or were you regretting the lead that you had and then lost?

IVA MAJOLI: I think it's tough to play if the opponent is playing pretty bad the whole match and then suddenly everything changes and she starts hitting all the winners. And you kind of get confused a little bit, because you think how come she's playing so well from now? So it's hard to come back, you know. And I made some errors, you know. And she hit some good shots and you start thinking, oh, she's coming back. And it's kind of difficult, you know.

Q. Do you find it hard to stay focused when you see a player change like that?

IVA MAJOLI: It's pretty hard. Especially if you're so close in winning the match and you lose the set. And you kind of go down, you know. And I don't know, maybe think a little bit about the match point and how you could have finished in the second set and she starts playing better and better. And it's finished.

Q. Do you think that streakiness that you tend to have, where you run off a lot of games or a set, do you think that will go away with age where you'll mature and start handling people that make charges like that?

IVA MAJOLI: This year I've been playing pretty good three set matches. But I have to give her credit because I think she's a really good player on all surfaces. And she played well.

Q. What do you think you have to do to raise your game to the next level?

IVA MAJOLI: I think I can still improve everything, but I think today it wasn't my best day, also. I made lots of errors. And my serve wasn't so good, I missed a lot of first serves. And not doing work the way I wanted to. It was just one of those days. But I can still improve everything. And now I have a month and a half to practice and rest and start the new year.

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April 16, 1999

IVA MAJOLI: First of all, I want to thank the American team and the organization for really putting up a great week for us, and unfortunately we couldn't play at home. I'm sure everybody was very excited to have American players in our country, and we wanted to really welcome them nicely, but circumstances didn't allow this to bring the American players to our home, so hopefully next time they're going to have as good a time as we have here. I guess I'm starting, I'm playing the first one with Chanda Rubin. I haven't played Chanda for a very, very long time, so I almost forget how she played, but I think we should enjoy the weekend, it's a really big thing for Croatia to be in the First Division, and no matter what happens we're going to stay in the First Division, we're going to fight as hard as we can, and we'll see, the better one is going to win. I'm just very excited to be here, to play for Croatia this weekend.

CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: I like the way the draw decided. Iva is experienced, she will enjoy playing first. And after that, Silvija is coming, so we will have two great matches tomorrow. We have, I hope, weather like that. And as I said yesterday, this will be really a win for tennis. Tennis will benefit most. I actually think that this is such a match that you can't play bad, it is actually both teams just gain.

Q. When did you all get here?

IVA MAJOLI: I came yesterday from Florida.


Q. Do you think it's an advantage that you will have played recently, to be playing again, just so soon after?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, but I've played tournaments, and I played the same surface in Florida, and I don't think that should be a problem. So I'll just enjoy the match. I'm actually happy I'm playing the first one. I was saying I wish I played first, so I'm glad. We'll just see what happens.

Q. Is it difficult to keep up with what's going on at home, and what are your thoughts?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, it's not really going on in our home. It's actually in the other part of the country. So I don't really -- I can't really say what's been going on. I've been following, but not a hundred percent. Like before when it really was happening in Croatia.

Q. Iva, the fact that it's next (inaudible.)

IVA MAJOLI: Well, of course it's a concern. Anymore it's a concern, not just in our country, but anywhere. I'm feeling really sad, actually for the people, because I think they're all suffering, because of the one leader, Milosevic.

Q. (Inaudible.)

IVA MAJOLI: I heard yesterday when I arrived. I know she had problems with her wrist, and yesterday when I came they said she won't be playing. But I think the whole American team is really strong, no matter who plays it's going to be a tough match. I know she's been struggling with her wrist for a few weeks.

Q. Does that make the United States more vulnerable?

IVA MAJOLI: It's hard to say, I think we should go into each match and do our best. Like I say, it's professional tennis, I think in the Fed Cup everyone can beat everyone, so I think we should enjoy and have a great weekend.

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April 18, 1999
6-0, 6-3

An interview with

Q. Iva, when you're playing somebody who's just -- when she's hitting the ball that hard with that kind of angle, is the danger to some degree of trying to hit just that hard and just that perfectly, can you make matters worse by trying to sort of gun with her?

IVA MAJOLI: I think today Monica, she probably knew I was a little bit tired from the match yesterday, and she just took control of the match from the beginning, and I think she started the match really, really good. She didn't make any errors. I made a few errors, but I didn't have a chance to even play anything. She was just in control of everything. She was returning good, like made so many winners, serving pretty good. I had some chances in the second set, but I think she was just playing much better than I did today. I don't think I had too many chances. I think when Monica is playing well, it's really tough to beat her. She was so much control in her game. She won the last tournament on clay in Amelia, and she played very well also there, and it was tough for me. I couldn't do anything.

Q. What was the last time that you did not win a game in a set?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know. I don't remember. I don't count.

Q. The way that she played today, that's as well as anybody has played against you for how long?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, probably in a very long time, but she's No. 3 in the world, or maybe 2, I don't know what she's ranked now. And she has so many tournaments behind her, so, like I said, I think when she's playing good, I don't think too many players in the world can beat her.

Q. She said that she had in the back of her mind after the first set that you'd come back from, you lost the first set 1-6 last time you played her and came back and won it?

IVA MAJOLI: Yes. I did start playing a little bit better, but I wasn't feeling the balls so great from the beginning, and she took advantage of everything, and it was really tough for me to come back, and also because physically it was tough to come back, because to beat Monica you have to be ready, like a hundred percent physically. And you have to play great to beat her. And after yesterday's long match, it was tough. I think I still need some of those tough matches to get into the match shape.

Q. Iva, how much do you think it hurt your team, the relocation to this country, do you think it really made a difference?

IVA MAJOLI: We have to be like honest, you know. I think America's team is the strongest team at the moment. So Chanda is in great form, but also having Lindsay and Monica, top five players. It would be nice to play at home, we would have the crowd behind us. It's great to play in front of your public, but I think we should be happy the way things were here. The American crowd was very good. Of course they were on America's side, but it wasn't like crazy like it is in Spain or somewhere else. So next time.

Q. It looked much more like it was just her playing perfect and you not playing well, is that a fair description?

IVA MAJOLI: I think it was more like her playing perfect, and I couldn't do nothing. I think she played a really, really solid match, no mistakes; very good.

Q. Although she said the last time that you guys played she won the first set 6-love and then you came back?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, I won the game, that time I won 6-1. Yeah, I came back. I also think in the second set today I had a chance to go up 3-0, and who knows what would happen, but she was in control. It wasn't like -- I think even in Tokyo when she played the last time, she won the first at 6-1, but the games were very close, and it was a fight from the beginning. Today she was just on top of me from the beginning, and it was tough to get my rhythm back. She was, I think, too strong today.

Q. Do you think that perhaps she's on her way back to winning a Grand Slam title, maybe being No. 1 in the world?

IVA MAJOLI: It's tough to say, there's lots of good players at the moment. Every time she's playing like this she either wins a tournament or does very good. It depends on what kind of shape she's in. And I think right now she's in pretty good shape, and she's hitting the ball very clean. Who knows what can happen at the French.

Q. When she plays like she's capable of playing, and is in pretty good shape, how many players are her equal in the world?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, one or two, maybe, but not too many.

Q. How is she different than she was -- I noticed looking at the thing, you played with her -- you've been playing with her for like six or seven years now, how is she different if at all now than she was when you first played her, in terms of her game?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't even remember. When was the first time we played? I don't know, was it before the accident or -- I watch her so many times even like before we even played, and it was always great watching her, the way she played, and never give up. She's just a great athlete. And anytime you play her it's tough, you have to be at the best of your game to beat her, even if she's not a hundred percent, you have to really play well to beat Monica. When she first came back on the Tour, she won Canada, got to the finals. U.S. Open, she had a strong comeback, and maybe some tournaments didn't play like she used to, but looks like she's back again, and she can still hurt everybody when she's playing good. She's still at the top of the women's game, which is very strong at the moment, so she must be playing well.

Q. Do you think of her as an American, now, Iva? Is it weird because of the circumstances?

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, it is strange. But she's been living here for like half of her life, even more. I don't know. It's hard to say for me. She only knows how she feels.

Q. But there's no grudge feelings, political feelings?

IVA MAJOLI: No, we get along good, everything is fine.

Q. When you say about the French Open that who knows what can happen there. You've won it before, obviously you aren't at that peak point right now, but how --

IVA MAJOLI: I've always been playing well at the French, even last year when I didn't have the best year, I got to the quarters, and almost beat Lindsay, it was like 6-4 in the third. Actually I thought last year Monica was going to win it for sure, after she beat Martina, played an unbelievable match, and she didn't, she lost to Arantxa. But I think this year there is so many girls that could win it, actually, Venus, Serena is playing unbelievable, Hingis, Monica, Steffi, there's so many girls, Lindsay, so it's going to be interesting to see.

Q. Can you count yourself, in, based on yesterday --

IVA MAJOLI: I still need a little bit more work, but you never know at the French, it's all different atmosphere and everything, and if the crowd gets behind you, I mean everything can happen. So we'll see. I just hope I continue working hard and playing well before the French and coming to the French with some good matches behind me, and we'll see.

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From 1994: :D


April 1, 1994
I. MAJOLI/L. Davenport
7-5, 1-6, 6-2


Q. How does it feel to be in the semis?

IVA MAJOLI: It feels great.

Q. It looked like in the first game you came out you make an error on the first point, then she hits a couple of overheads; game took about a minute and a half?

IVA MAJOLI: First game in the first set?

Q. Yeah, I mean, it just went over real quick. Were you thinking it's going to be a long day after that, or --

IVA MAJOLI: Not really. I mean, I knew it is going to be a very hard match. I know Lindsay is playing very well now. I knew I was going to have to play really well to beat her, and played last week and she beat me easy and I was making lots of errors at that time, and my balls were so short and she could do whatever she wanted. So I wanted to keep my ball deeper today and tried to mix it up and be patient.

Q. Did you lose concentration in the second set?

IVA MAJOLI: I mean, I don't know. Lindsay started playing better and I start making some errors and I mean, this week, I lost three times, you know, second set, so just said to myself, okay, the second set is over, try to concentrate on the third set and --

Q. What were you thinking in the first set? You were serving for the match -- I mean, for the set and you had two doublefaults in that game to let her back in?

IVA MAJOLI: I know. I mean, when you miss the first serve against Lindsay you have to serve pretty good second serve, otherwise you have no chance, you know, so sometimes it is hard, especially if you have a little pressure or something.

Q. Iva, how good does it feel to be the surprise of this tournament? I don't know if you know the history of this tournament; some great players got their first big win here.

IVA MAJOLI: I think it feels great, especially after I beat Gabriela, that was my biggest win and I had a very tough match yesterday and I mean, I think I am playing pretty well and we will see what is going to happen tomorrow.

Q. How much did the victory over Gaby help you know, in these last two matches?

IVA MAJOLI: I mean, I was very happy the day when I beat Gabriela, but next day, I had to concentrate my next match, you know, so it wasn't much time to really think about it, because I played Leila Meskhi and she is a good player too, so I have to give 100% if I wanted to beat her.

Q. Gave you more confidence obviously going into --

IVA MAJOLI: Yeah, I think I was playing pretty good this week, so --

Q. Why do you feel that this week you have been playing better? I mean, earlier in the year you have been a little bit up and down?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I know, I think I am starting to play better. Last year my game was a little different and I was making more errors, so I decided to change it a little and give more spin in my strokes and just be patient and that is what helped me this week.

Q. Is any of your drive because of your country to show your country something or to highlight the problems your country has?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't understand the question.

Q. Are you doing this for your country as well?

IVA MAJOLI: I am doing it for myself. But, I mean Ivanisevic is for the same country and so I mean, I am happy you know, that I am somebody in my country, but I am really doing it for myself.

Q. What about Conchita next, what is it going to take on your part?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't think I am playing Conchita.

Q. Yes.

IVA MAJOLI: I play Conchita? I thought I played Arantxa or Mary. I don't know. I mean, I never played Conchita before, so we will see though.

Q. Do you think Lindsay was getting tired at all in the third set?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know. I think we were both tired. I was tired too, but I tried to keep the ball in play and she start making more errors and that is what helped me and I make some good shots.

Q. You mentioned your game has changed. What were you doing last year that you said you were changing? You said you changed your game from last year?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know, I mean, my balls were pretty short. I hit more flat and everything and the other girls are, you know, older and stronger, so I thought that I don't have my chances with it. So I just wanted to give more spin. I think it is better.

Q. What sort of expectations did you have coming into this tournament?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I mean, I don't know, every match is tough. You have to concentrate for every match. I knew if I was going to play well that I have a big chance, you know, so I was just taking match by match and tomorrow I play "Conchita," so we will see.

Q. Are you relieved to discover that you are not playing Sanchez?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know what I -- I thought I played Arantxa or Mary, I don't know.

Q. Thank you.

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April 2, 1994
6-3, 6-7 (3), 6-4


Q. Iva, are you a little disappointed or just happy with as far as you went?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, I don't know. I mean, I am disappointed that I lost. I was so close. Because every time the match is close and you lose you are like -- you feel bad. But I think I needed more energy if I wanted to beat Conchita.

Q. You had some critically long drives in the corner, then you hit a drop shot. I think you felt that she couldn't possibly reach it. She reached. How does that make you feel?

IVA MAJOLI: I mean, I don't know. I was ready that she is going to reach and we had lots of long points. She hits topspin balls which are very hard to give it back because they are very deep and you have to work very hard for every point. I tried to work as hard as I could. Some points, I was just feeling down.

Q. You had treatment on your back. What was wrong with your back?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't know. I think I just pulled a muscle a little bit on my lower back, but it is nothing serious, but just --

Q. You did that during the match?

IVA MAJOLI: No, it has been bothering me for a couple of days.

Q. Did it affect your play at all or not?

IVA MAJOLI: It bothered me a little bit when I was serving and stretching, but that is not the reason that I lost, you know. I think she played better than I did today, and maybe next time it is going to be better.

Q. What about when she had her injury out the first time, that is five minutes, that is a long time to sit around. Did it have any effect on you, that, or the second time?

IVA MAJOLI: Not really. I needed a break anyway.

Q. You haven't had a straight-set win since the first round. They all went three sets. Were you a little tired coming in today?

IVA MAJOLI: I was a little tired. I had a doubles matche and single matche - very hard single matches - but I didn't really think about it when I was on the court. It is just that some points I was, you know, a little tired, but I gave my best.

Q. You were aware she had blisters, I am sure. Did you think about trying to do anything --

IVA MAJOLI: I didn't think about it. It is just blisters. They just tape them and they are fine, so --

Q. Being the surprise, and getting here, and all the fans behind you, how does that make you feel, and how will this help your career?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, it is always great when you have fans behind you, especially if it is a tough match. They always help you if they are cheering your name. It is great.

Q. You have been playing sort of up and down lately. Do you feel like this is maybe a turning point for you?

IVA MAJOLI: Well, this is a very good tournament for me and I think my game got better and better and I think I am going to start playing better in the next tournaments and you know, I think if I play well this year, I could do very well, so we will see.

Q. Do you think Iva, the match might have gotten away, you were down 2-Love in the third set you came back in the fourth game, 40-15; then lost your serve?

IVA MAJOLI: I know. I think I should have won that game. Even in 5-4, I had a couple of chances, and I just rushed, you know, I mean, we had a long points, when I had advantage, I always wanted to finish too quick, which I didn't have to, but I don't know what I was thinking.

Q. I think you had one, I think, at the eighth game, you tried a real sharp forehand crosscourt. Did you go for too much on that shot on game point; do you think?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't remember. There were so many cross courts, so -- I don't know I just know that I get to rest for a couple of days; then get ready for the next tournament.

Q. When you were coming up the rankings last year, there were some comparisons to Monica with your game and everything. Do you think those comparisons were fair and what do you think of them now?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't really mind, you know, some people were saying, but I just didn't may too much attention, and I mean it is okay, she was No. 1 in the world, but it doesn't really bother me. I don't really think about it.

Q. At one point you seemed to take something off the ball, you were hitting some high balls and maybe a couple of loose shots, you missed some points. Then you would come back and really hit with a lot of pace and have her on the run. In retrospect, do you think you should have kept hitting out on the ball and kept hitting the pressure --

IVA MAJOLI: It is very hard to hit the balls all the time because her balls are so deep and lots of spin, so it is very hard to control them. It is very hard, so I don't know, some balls I just couldn't, I just had to give it back.

Q. Was wind the factor at all?

IVA MAJOLI: I don't think so, no.
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