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At the end of the season there will now be an ITF Championships.
The top 6 with the highest rank at the end of the season are entered automatically, the remaining players will have to qualify for the other 2 spots. However, any player who his playing in the TTT Championships will not be able to play in the ITF Championships. In addition, the top ranked ITF player will have a chance to challenge the #8 TTT Race player for a chance to play in the TTT Championships.

Please note, these ranks will NOT determine seedings for ITF events the official ttt ranks do that. These ranks only show the best of the ITF players out there, and which will play the ITF Championships. Thank you.

ITF system points are used.

You can play an unlimited amount of ITF, as long as you lost your 1st match on the main tour that week, or you have been given a wild card.

[b][u]Rankings[/b] After Torina[/u]

[u]No[/u] [u]Prev[/u]  [u]Player[/u]            [u]Nation[/u]   [u]Points[/u]   [u]Tour[/u]

1. [1]   Ryan15            (CAN)      132     10
2. [2]   Dokicfan          (AUS)      84      4
3. [3]   ASV               (ISR)      81      5
4. [6]   Joseosu19         (USA)      79      7
5. [4]   AlexSydney        (AUS)      75      9 
6. [11]  VSfan1            (USA)      74      8
7. [5]   Polishprodigy     (POL)      73      11
8. [7]   Ajrob             (ESP)      70      4
9. [8]   Mikey             (ISR)      67      3 
9. [8]   Elektra           (GBR)      67      9
11.[10]  Chrispy           (USA)      64      6
12.[12]  Steven            (CAN)      60      4
13.[13]  Paul              (GBR)      56      4
14.[14]  Petosp            (VEN)      32      2
15.[15]  DannyLovesMonica  (CAN)      32      4
15.[15]  Babsifan          (AUT)      32      4
17.[17]  Kournikovafan13   (USA)      31      3
18.[18]  Leena             (RUS)      30      4
19.[19]  Kkovafan          (ESP)      29      3
20.[20]  Wongqks           (HKG)      18      2
21.[21]  Scotso            (CAN)      17      3
22.[22]  Alberto           (ESP)      11      1
22.[22]  ILT               (GBR)      11      1
24.[*]   MonicAnna         (CAN)      7       1

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Rankings Update:

Again, the story of the week is all about the #1 ranked player. Ryan is taking over the ITF circuit, his dominance being shown by his second consecutive ITF title. He only solidifies his lead by going ahead of #2 DokicFan by almost 50 points as well as holding an almost 60 point lead over the #6 player. As long as Ryan keeps up his level of play, he is almost certainly qualified for the ITF Championships.

Also at the top, Joseosu19's semifinal appearance brought his ranking up to #4, just 2 points behind #3 ASV. His entry caused Alexsydney to drop down to #5.

The other story of the week is from the finalist of Torina. VSFan1, slowly making his comeback from injury, is beginning to find his old form. Almost the only player to steadily move up on the rankings without having fallen once in his time on the rankings, VSFan1 makes his debut into the top 6, only 20 points behind #2 DokicFan.

VSFan1's dramatic entry caused the Polish sensation to again drop out of the top 6. However, at #7, he is just 1 point shy of VSFan1. MonicAnna also made his debut on the ITF Rankings at 24.

Movers of the Week:

Top Riser: VSFan1: Rising to a career ITF high, VSFan1 enters the top 6 for the first time. He moved up 5 places thish week, causing 45% of his previous ranking to disintegrate.

Honorable Mention: Joseosu19, for the second consecutive week. Following his career high entry at #6, he moves up another 2 places to #4 this week, dropping 33% of his previous ranking.

Top Faller: Polishprodigy: Inactivity has caused the polish sensation to fall from his peak. He moves back 2 spots and in doing so, picks up 40% of his previous ranking.

(Dis)Honorable Mention: Alexsydney: Caused by Jose's advance, the Australian has fallen back 1 spot. He adds an additional 25% of his previous ranking of #4.
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