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At the end of the season there will now be an ITF Championships.
The top 6 with the highest rank at the end of the season are entered automatically, the remaining players will have to qualify for the other 2 spots. However, any player who his playing in the TTT Championships will not be able to play in the ITF Championships. In addition, the top ranked ITF player will have a chance to challenge the #8 TTT Race player for a chance to play in the TTT Championships.

Please note, these ranks will NOT determine seedings for ITF events the official ttt ranks do that. These ranks only show the best of the ITF players out there, and which will play the ITF Championships. Thank you.

ITF system points are used.

You can play an unlimited amount of ITF, as long as you lost your 1st match on the main tour that week, or you have been given a wild card.

[b][u]Rankings[/b] After Caserta[/u]

[u]No[/u] [u]Prev[/u]  [u]Player[/u]            [u]Nation[/u]   [u]Points[/u]   [u]Tour[/u]

1. [1]   Ryan15            (CAN)      132     10
2. [3]   ASV               (ISR)      98      6
3. [2]   Dokicfan          (AUS)      84      4
4. [4]   Joseosu19         (USA)      79      7
5. [7]   Polishprodigy     (POL)      76      12
6. [5]   AlexSydney        (AUS)      75      9 
7. [6]   VSfan1            (USA)      74      8
7. [9]   Elektra           (GBR)      74      10
9. [12]  Steven            (CAN)      71      5
10.[8]   Ajrob             (ESP)      70      4
11.[9]   Mikey             (ISR)      67      3 
12.[11]  Chrispy           (USA)      64      6
13.[13]  Paul              (GBR)      56      4
14.[18]  Leena             (RUS)      55      5
15.[14]  Petosp            (VEN)      32      2
16.[15]  DannyLovesMonica  (CAN)      32      4
16.[15]  Babsifan          (AUT)      32      4
18.[17]  Kournikovafan13   (USA)      31      3
19.[19]  Kkovafan          (ESP)      29      3
20.[20]  Wongqks           (HKG)      21      3
21.[21]  Scotso            (CAN)      17      3
22.[22]  Alberto           (ESP)      11      1
22.[22]  ILT               (GBR)      11      1
22.[*]   Wojtek            (POL)      11      1
25.[24]  MonicAnna         (CAN)      7       1
25.[*]   Nike78uk          (GBR)      7       1 
25.[*]   Dario88           (ITA)      7       1
25.[*]   Lee-Waters' Boy   (USA)      7       1
29.[*]   Lleyki            (BEL)      3       1
29.[*]   Tennis124         (USA)      3       1

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Rankings Update:

After another week, Ryan still holds a commanding lead over his closest adversary, leading by more than a tournament's worth of points. The biggest change of the week involved Israeli ASV moving up into the top 2 for the first time in his career. With his final in Caserta, he displaces Australian Dokic Fan, whose absence from the tour has caused him to fall out of contention for not only the #1 position but now the #2. This week also saw the return of Polishprodigy to the top 6. His 12 tournaments have put him back at 5th place, 3 points behind #4 Joseosu19 who was inactive this week, and knocking him ahead of Alexsydney by 1 point. The Pole's re-entry also caused American VSFan1 to fall to #7, tied with Elektra for that position.

Russian sensation Leena, who has been rapidly improving in the past weeks also notched another few ranking spots this week. After titling in Caserta, she has earned herself 4 more ranking places to cut her ranking down to #14 on the ranking list. However, she does not envision herself making it any higher on the rankings list because she "won't be playing any more ITFs" - a bold statement. It may be less of a threat than a promise given her recent results on tour.

Other notable ranking changes involved Steven's jump from #12 to #9 with his Semifinal in Caserta.

At the bottom of the rankings list, a few people made debuts. With his semifinal in Caserta, Wojtek debuts at #22 adding a second Polish player to the list. Nike78uk, Dario88, and Lee-Waters' Boy earned #25 on the ranking list by making the quarterfinal in Caserta. And finally, Lleyki and Tennis124 enter the ranking list at #29. This bring the total amount of people up to 30, for the first time!

Movers of the Week:
Top Riser: ASV; Despite failing to capture the title, ASV's semifinal in Caserta was enough to carry him to the #2 ranking. In doing so, he shed 33% of his previous ranking.

Honorable Mention: Polishprodigy; With the rankings so packed around the #6 line, even the slighest increase can change your position. Even though he lost in the 1st round of Caserta, he jumped 2 spaces in the rankings list. Polishprodigy was the top faller in last week's rankings and was able to change things around this week. He thus eliminates 28% of his previous ranking.

Top Faller: Dokic Fan; The real question is, "Where are you?" He was in heavy competition with the current leader, Ryan, for the #1 spot, but he has failed to play a match since his return to #2. He thus slips another spot to #3 and if he isn't careful, he could drop further. He adds an addition 50% to his ranking.

(Dis)Honorable Mention: Ajrob; Again, inactivity is the major problem. His failure to play dropped him another two spots. He picked up an additional 25% of his previous ranking.
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