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cool bird said:
Venus and Serena are really not gonna be at the Open :sad: :sad:
I mean that what a grandslam.(But in my view the us open as it has the best match up of the four grandslams) is for the best in the world playing there best tennis agist each other.
And now two of the best are not there there be no Serena V Davenport QF or SF. And thats one of the matches you look forward too at the open cos they always bring the best out of each other. No Venus hiting big serves and playing Jen in the QF (what a great night match that would have been) :sad: I dont know what it is about the sisters love them or hate them they bring out the best tennis in people at the open.

Dont get me wrong im still gonna watch the Open with glee but there just like a huge pice is missing. I mean Hingis is not there and this is the 1 Slam I will really miss her. I have some idea what it must be like being a Hingis fan now. But my comfort is Serena and Venus will be back :worship:
I am going to watch the Open too, but just to see how the absence of Venus and Serena is going to affect the women's draw. Some people are saying that it isn't a big deal but I can tell you, there are many people who are privately worrying about how this USO is going to turn out for the women. This was the reason that the USTA and the WTA were monitoring Venus' recovery to see if she would be fir for the Open, which unfortunately she wasn't.
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