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August 9, 2003
Mauresmo Plays Ball

France's Amelie Mauresmo put down her tennis racquet and picked up a baseball glove yesterday when she visited the Toronto Blue Jays batting practice at SkyDome.

The defending champion of the Rogers AT&T Cup-and third seed this year-spent an enjoyable 30 minutes talking to Jays Carlos Delgado, Frank Catalanotto, and Vernon Wells.

She said she was familiar with the sport, but had never been to a live game. Down on the field, she said she was surprised at how close the pitcher's mound was to home plate since it looked so far away on television.

After an interview with sports broadcaster Rod Black, who will call the matches next week for TSN, Mauresmo put on an outfielder's mitt and tossed a ball around with third baseman Eric Hinske, who was the AL Rookie of the Year in 2002.

"Throwing is the same action as serving," said Mauresmo, who was throwing heat. So good was she that certain players began comparing her to actor Colin Farrell, now starring in the movie S.W.A.T., who visited the Jays last week.

Said one Jay: "She's got a much better arm than he had."

And to think, my softball team laughed at me when I put her name on our roster!
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Well, Griff, I guess there'd be 3 ways, huh?
  1. Switching sports as pictured above
  2. Switching nationality, as she lives in Geneva
  3. Switching um, er,..... :p :drool:
(If she does take up baseball, will Amelie bat as a Switchhitter)? :devil:
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