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Is Mauresmo back in top form?

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I havent seen her play since she has come back believe it or not, but her results r looking good at US, although she retired Vs. Capriati last week and lost to Dementieva in tourney she back to her normal form yet or still rusty??
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I'm not sure. I always see some sort of pattern happening with Amelie. She can do really well and dominate in her matches (i mean, she beat Serena and Venus this year and double bagled Elena D!), but she's just so damn inconsistent! One example is in Rome earlier this year when she really should have beaten Kim 6-3, 7-6, but instead, lost 6-3, 6-7, 0-6. And also, she's had a string of injuries this year, so we'll have to see whether she can produce her best tennis at the Open.
i'm just wondering whether kirilenko will give her a tough match or not. i haven't seen kirilenko play and would find it hard to believe that she would trouble mauresmo even if mauresmo isn't playing her best.
She will definately make the QF at least
still kirlienko can walk away with her head held high :)...hopefully shell give momo a few tough problems to solve
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