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It is hard to imagine her not getting it but thinking back to 2001 I am not sure. That year it had to be between Venus and Jennifer.
No. of slams two each = deuce
Other slam performance, Jen 4 semis, Venus 3 semis &1 R1=Adv. Jen
No. of other titles, Jen 1, Venus 7 =Advantage Venus
H2H 4/0 in favour of Venus = Adv. Venus
Bigger story Jen come back Kid, Venus nothing new=Adv Jen
Verdict Jen POY

This year Serena vs Justine
No.of slams two each=deuce
Other slam performance Justine 4 semis, Serena 3 semis=Adv Justine
No. of other tiltles Justine 5(I think) Serena 2= Adv Justine
H2H 2/1 in favour of Justine=Adv. Justine
Bigger story Justine (Surpassed expectations) =Adv. Justine
Verdict ????
I don't know the criteria used to arrive at the POY but comparing this situation to 2001 (we had endless debates about that). are we in for a shock result?
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