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Is Amy Frazier retiring at the end of the year ?

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She was scheduled to play Leipzig but is in the US instead to play challengers. Instead of defending her points in Asia where she always was VERY successful she decided to play qualifying in Stuttgart and Zurich soon. It appears to me she chose Europe instead of Japan (one single event) because she maybe wanted to visit these 2 events for a final time apart from the fact she´s forced to play qualifying there though she once was a top20 player and isn´t forced to do this Friday-Monday pre-tournament stuff just for getting a main draw entry rather than playing a lower event elsewhere and being the headliner there.

If you consider the fact that there is once again a final US event with Advanta soon, I wonder wether or not Amy is to retire there and uses Europe as indoor preparation for this final event. Is she planning to retire ? She had a very strange scheduling since the tragic circumstances of September11th 2001 and I wonder wether or not since then she played just for the fun of it and was sort of okay with a solid ranking among the best 50-60 players but wasn´t willing to leave the US too often to play outside the US and make her way up again.
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if she even plays a challenger,
that must mean she has an intention of
defending points and finding confidence,
so i give her another year,
i really hope she can end her career in US Open,
which she has been playing since 14:)
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