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Before the war, I thought it was maybe a 90% chance that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction in some form...while I still think its likely, the chances do seem to have dropped somewhat, which raises the 'What if...' question.

What if we don't find any WMD? Does it matter? The vast coalition (ummm...USA, Britain and Australia) have looked to sweep it aside in recent days, to look upon in as a side issue. But let's remember it was at the absolute core of why we were told we were going to war...already numerous sites where WMD's were believed to be have come up clean.

Of course some of us beleived the war had more to do with certain countries looking to 'influence' events throughout the middle east, but anyway...

Trust in what we are told by our own governments has eroded enough that we need inspectors with a UN Mandate to search out these weapons, not people under a US or coalition banner, who can have little claim to objectively looking for the facts, who even if they did find something, we might not be wholly convinced...
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