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Q: 10 titles in 13 weeks, that is amazing.

LEENA: That's what happens when you are the best.

Q: Do you really feel you are the best?

LEENA: Well, let's see... I've defeated everyone. That would make me the best. I haven't lost in forever. Next.

Q: Leena, you've been upset with TTT lately. Tell us exactly what is bothering you.

LEENA: Fine.

1) I'm aggravated with some people in the game. Tops on that list is Anabel. I'd be having so much more fun if she had nothing to do with TTT.

2) I'm getting a bit bored with the game. Waiting for other players, waiting for someone who's willing to ump... it just gets annoying. This gets amplified with getting to finals every tournament, and playing 4 matches per week.

It gets even more amplified that I ALWAYS ump for people when I can... but they don't return the favor.

3) I'm having women problems this week... and my bitchiness goes through the roof.

Q: What about Moscow?

LEENA: I'm probably going to lose. My motivation has dwindled to nothing. It's sad that I feel this way for the tournament I love most.

I think I understand how Sonfo was feeling about TTT. It was fun before, when I was winning my first tournaments, and finally getting wins over top players... Now, it's just like every match is routine. I've done basically everything a player can do. The only thing left is to become #1, and if I keep playing until Aussie Open, being #1 will be a formality... since Anabel and Alx have all those points to defend, and I have nothing.

The biggest question is if TTT will still be around come next year.

Q: Leena, you seem very arrogant.

LEENA: Maybe so, but it's the truth.

Q: Who do you think will win Moscow then?

LEENA: Probably Sonfo or Randy.

Q: What will be your future schedule?

LEENA: Filderstadt, Zurich, Linz, Philly, LA and Quebec... then every tournament next year until Paris.

Q: Leena, talk more crap about players, and start fights.

LEENA: No more fighting.

Q: Bye.

LEENA: K. Bye.
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