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d. Joseosu19 6/1 6/3

Q: Congratulations on your 6th title in less than 4 months, Alyanna.

LEENA: Thanks. :blushes:

Q: You've won Toronto and New Haven now. You're the hottest player going into the US Open. Do you think you've silenced your critics now?

LEENA: Jajajaja... of course not. The more you win, the more your peers talk about you, and try to put you down. I just focus on my own game. I knew I could win big tournaments long ago, and I proved I could do it. The next step is winning a Grand Slam, and I know I'm capable.

Q: Do you consider yourself a favorite for the US Open?

LEENA: Yes. I'm full of confidence. Many other players have not played at all this summer hardcourt season. I think this is a great chance for me.

Q: Leena, will you bitch about your seeding?

LEENA: No, but I'm not very happy about it. I mean, it doesn't matter if you play a high ranked player in the 1st round, or the final... but it gets aggravating being seeded so low constantly. The current system rewards players for losing in the 1st round 35 times a year, instead of someone who's won 6 titles.

Q: Anabel, Sonfo and Becool are back for this tournament... are you ready to face them?

LEENA: I don't worry about who I'm playing. I just play my game, have fun, and hope for the best.

Q: Thanks.

LEENA: Thanks.
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