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Hi to all again. I posted already a part of an interview of Monica for the french sport newspaper, in some forums. Therefore I see no reason to not post it here.

<b>First, I'm sorry but it's not good translated because of my english and because french isn't easy to translate. Therefore I will try to translate it in my words the meaning of her speech. So, sorry Monica if all what is written isn't what you said (you will understand why I apologize to Monica LOL).
Ok there are 26 questions and anwsers to here is some (the most interresting imo) and when you want more then...I will continue tomorrow.
My comments are between parenthesis and in italic :)...I didn't resist to put comments, sorry if it's disturbing :(</b>

Q: Since some times you don't seem really happy to make interviews. Why ?
A: In a gran slam tournament, you must really stay concentrated and
that's really difficult to answer to all requests. Moreover, it's always about
the same subjects, the same questions.

Q: Do you reapeat often yourself ?
Yeah, that's my impression sometimes. I'm aware that's a part of our job to
communicate to people, through journalists. But, when I spend time and energy
with it, I discover afterwards that's my words have been deformed, and that
what is written isn't what I said (<i>oups</i>). That's a pity and very upsetting
when the message is faked(<i>oups oups</i>). That happens so often that I don't even know if
it's still bothering me (<i>ouffff..then all is ok ?</i>>).

Q: Are the question about the tragic events of your life the most difficult ?
A: Not really. I'm always ready to talk about it. I don't want to give too much details
about my private life. It's my business, and finally, not really interresting I think.
But it's more that these events are past and my life didn't stop with them. It's maybe
to talk about other things and for reader to read other things (<i>yes !</i>).

Q: You talk often about your friends. But how having so much friends with that kind of living ?
A: Here in Australia (<i>I remeber you the interview was during the AUssie</i>), it's easier cause
I have some family. For the rest, I must say I'm pretty opened. It has happended that I became
friend with somebody who was sitting beside me in a plane. I had a good feeling with and when you
decide to keep up the friendship, you manage.

Q: What do you research in your freinds ? That they are different than you or like you ?
A: My closest friends are the ones I can call at 3 o'clock in the morning (<i>argh...I fear Monica
we will never become close friend...</i>) when I have a problem, are 3 or 4 not more. These people
are like me in the sense they have same values as me and maybe same aspirations. The others, it's
different. Generally, I don't choose them in the tennis and I like they make me discover
an other way of life (<i>difficult part to translate</i>).

Q: You are talking about friendship...But would you say that the fact to be a yound woman
who manages make the the things more difficult or easiest to have a serious relation with
someone ?
A: That's pretty complicate ! You travel almost 11 months over 12. The discipline
you impose to yourself is valid for others. During tournament time or preparing time, out of
question to go out or sleep late...That's why also there is so much girls with their coach or
somebody in tennis envirronment. Personnaly, I haven't been unlucky on this point, and plus,
I think all is possible. Probably more, once you stop !

Q: What do you do when you don't play a tournament ?
A: I stay at home. I train morning and evening (<i> French idiom for saying all the day</i>)
6 days over 7. I have Sunday free. Generally, I go outside, to the cinema or visiting friends.
One of my closest friend, Mary Joe, has just go a baby. So, sometimes I play the baby sitters.
In fact my life in Florida is really quiet and change me from the usual agitation of tennis.

<b> So there a lot of others questions, about WTA, Steffi Graf (one funny quote describe their relations)...
but it's time for me to go sleep. I hope you enjoyed this first opus.</b>

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Thankyou, it is definitely better than the usual post match interview LOL, the translation is very clear, so a big thanks to you.

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Final part

Q: We feel that you are aware you have to play a role.A lot of people
have lived the same tragic events like you and want to share them with you...
A: That's so true. I receive letters from everywhere. Some makes me weep and I don't
close myself in front of people pain. But that's more a personnal and daily aspect
of my life. I try to do my best to handle it.

Q: When it's question about tennis, are you also happy to talk about it ?
A: Now yes (laughs). But after a match, especially a loss, I'm totally closed
about it. My father when he was training me, tried sometimes to talk about with
me. He always wated we tried to analyse my game after a match. But it never managed
and he regretted often that I refused to talk. Nowadays, I have a little bit improved
cause I'm aware that's not the best behavior. With my coach, Mike, we talk about it
sometimes, but not just after the end of the match.

Q: You are more the one who don't trust in reflection for playing good ?
A: Yeah for sure. You can see that when I play. I play only with the instinct.
During the match, I don't think neither show my feelings.

Q: You seem to be a little bit a part in the tennis business environment...
A: I must admit I feel a little bit overtaken by all that. The show biz aspect,
even if I believe it's good for our sport. But when I begun, I would have never
imagined the women tennis would evoluated so. We were with Steffi, Arantxa,...
It was pretty quiet and today there are so much things. There are a lot of requests,
a lot of "rumours"(<i>I found no other transalation, it's more in a sense of
media interrest</i>) is made about us. I watch that more as a spectator than as an

Q: How do you organize yourself during tournaments ?
A: Well, it's me who cares about all. Hotel, plane reservations, ...
I'm pretty independent with it, as a old girl (she laughs). I'm moving with my coach
and the life is very ruled. Training on the court, physical training. The day after there
is a match. In brief, nothing else than routine...That's why I feel me lucky to have
friends a little bit everywhere in the world whom I can spend time and break habits.

Q: You talk about your friend Mary Joe Fernandez (<i>...after the abby sitting question</i>).
Have you became friend with other player ?
A: Yeah, for sure. There are ca. 6 palyer whom I'm friend with, but I will not give their
names cause it risk to create tensions when we will play against each other. I'm however sure
that once we will stop to play against each other, we will become closer.

Q: How are the relationships between players since you play ?
A: It has a lot changed for 4 or 5 years. I had the chane to be present when Martina and
Chris Evert (<i> Note that she calls Navratilova "Martina" and Chris Evert with her full name...
all is said no?</i>) were still playing. In my memory, you weren't felt a true friendship. After,
between Steffi and myself, it was less the case...(<i>Really ? why ? there is no reason for that</i>)
Today, somebody like Martina (Hingis) who has be the number 1 during so much times, has changed
a lot the things speaking naturally with otehr players(<i>Now we know why she respects Hingis so much</i>).
In the past, there were a lot of number 1 who didn't even say "hello".(<i>I guess this whole answer is for
Chris Evert who was complaining about the today behavior of players.</i>)

Q: During a press conference, to the question about the best moments spent in Australia, you
have asked if it was on or off court. Few players would have react the same...
A: I really love what I do, but that's also a job and, happily, there are other things outside to do and to live.
With what has happened to me, I see the things so differently. I would like to say that's the best moment,
it's today, it's the new day. It's to take advantage of the present.(<i> Amen !...heu but that's also why I smoke</i>)

Q: What has the taste of your pleasure to play today compared to the first times of your career ?
A: It's different. Since some season, when I will stop is also asked...I don't know. It can be just
after the Aussie. It's true there are some mornings where I'm frightened by the idea to train again, and
make athletics. Since the beginning of my career, the competition ahs became tougher for me. I certainly don't
have the level I had when I begun. I knew an incredible succes which would have probably continued and grown
if I haven't been agressed. But in the same time, I have less presure today. I play for myself and, obviously,
I go on the court with the same desire of winning. It hasn't let me but the consequence of what I do or not on
the court are easier to take on.

Q: Are there some girls you like especially to play and others you like to watch ?
A: Martina, the Williams sister, Jennifer, Justine...In reality, I love to play againts the best. Whatever happens,
that's matches from which you always learn. Younger, I liked a lot watching Martina. Recently, I saw her in
an exhibition. She has still the fire. What she accomplishes is wonderful. With Billie Jean, Chris Evert (<i> Note again:
"Billie Jean" and "Chris Evert"</i>) they were really the pioneers (<i>Will she stop to use words I don't know ?!?!</i>) and
no one of us would be here, taking advantages of this thriving(<i>No, she won't</i>) tennis environment would they haven't
been there.

Q: Why does Martina Navratilova astonish you so much ?
A: First, I feel me linked to her. I know what i sit to be a young girl growing up in a communist country, and then to
be in the occidental world and to adapt to it. Once she won this battle, she had to fight for being happy and take on her
homosexuality. Still now, she plays, and shows an incredible energy. In brief, I have indeed a lot of admiration for her.

Q: The fact that like her you have entered the club of the one who won 50 tournament, is that important.
A: (She laughs) No, really not. I don't even know when it happened.

Q: After Tokyo, the last year...
A: Oh yeah that's true. Somebody said it to me. Honnestly, I never care about statistics, records. It's irrelevant for
me. What is more important is to enter the court and to be able to win.

Q: Do you consider yourself as adult ?
A: (She smiles) I suppose yes. I was aware about it when my father died. Then, you are in front of yourself.

Q: I know talking about your best memories is complicated with you(<i>But I don't know and I would like to know why</i>),
but what is your feeling about Paris ?
A: Oh, that's a town I love. Once again, I have there a lot of friends and plus it's so pleasant to walk there.
With my mother, we try to spend some days there each year. Not especially during tournament periods (<i> Can anyone
explain to Monica that everybody knows Toulouse is much more pleasant ?</i>). Maybe, my regret (she laughs), I don't
have the dimensions for the europeans sizes and most of the times I give up shopping.
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