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Interesting Point About Anna K's Ranking!

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Since Anna was injured for so much of last year, it is impossible to know what her ranking would have been had she remained healthy.

Last year at this time, Anna was at her rankings and points peak, after a successful 2000 season and a strong start to 2001. She was ranked #8, with 2144 ranking points, based on her 17 best results out of 26 tournaments.

If 2001 had been as healthy and successful as 2000 for Anna , and if she therefore had those same 2144 points NOW, that would place her at #11.

I found that interesting, because based on current form, it is not hard to imagine her being approximately the 11th best player right now.

PLEASE don't read all manner of Evil into this post; it is simply an interesting point I discovered!! Yes, 2001 might have been better than 2000 for Anna, but equally, it could have been worse, with the rise of other strong youngsters Dokic, Mauresmo, Henin, and Clijsters. So this points comparison is as good as any other as a speculative benchmark for "what might have been".

(Janie ducks waiting for whatever ajayares is going to scold her about THIS time!)
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Had Ann not been injured 2001 I think her rankings could have
been maybe in the area of 11 or 12. Maybe Serena may not
be where she is now cause if Anna plays more in 2001 without
injury, the rankings may shrink.
However, she is a good player overal. The only problem she
has is not having the killer instinct. And that is her problem
for long time. But with I saw today on Eurosport, she is doing
well and if she continues that, foreget about ranking, she may
win her first tournament one of these days.
This is a very interesting point Janie. I agree that with Anna's current form, she could definitely be the 11th ranked player in the world. With all of the younger girls who had break-out seasons last year, it is easy to see why the same amount of ranking points wouldn't have had Anna at as high of a ranking. The thing that frustrates me as a fan of Anna is that we never will know how good last year could have been. As Janie said, she finished 2000 strong and was off to a great start in 2001, making me believe that last year could have been the year of her first tournament win had she not sustained her injury. However that is in the past, and it's great to see that she is looking better with each match this year.

BTW, Janie, that post was in no way offensive to any Anna fan or any other person for that matter. It was a point that I found to be very interesting, and I thank you for bringing it up. :)
Thanks, tenprincess! I certainly was not aiming to offend! :kiss:
Now we will never know what could have happened.

its a case of "if only"

Anna will be back in top 30 by Roland Garros
Indeed an interesting point about her rank, janie. Thanks for sharing it with us.

One thing I would add though is that since she was absent for part of the year, the points for the wins she had achieved most likely went to the top players once she was no longer able to defend them. So the top players scores may have been "inflated" during 2001. So had Anna repeated her performance, she might have still ended up #8 in 2001.

I think it's pretty obvious that I'm no fan of Anna. But I do think that she has the potential to do much better. Apart from the fact that she's seriously distracted from the sport, and doesn't have a coach, I believe that the other players on the tour resent her for many of the same reasons I do. Her opinion of Rios comment doesn't help either. Thus when Anna goes on the court against anyone -- be it a Top 10 player or the # 100 player, she faces a fight-to-the-death battle, much more so than what the other players face. If she were a less infamous player and at her current skill level, she might exceed a #8 ranking. Oh well, we'll never know.

So Anna has to work harder for her results than the others. I am not trying to compliment Anna because really I believe she deserves her struggles.
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Hmmm very interesting Janie,
Anna saved herself from going out of the top 100 by defending her Tokyo points from last year. She has quarterfinal points coming off last years Open Gaz in Paris, but anything after that and it goes straight on her ranking, meaning she can only GAIN til early next year. Thinks are looking up for Miss Anna K:)
In order for Anna to have those points, they would have to come off someone else's total. She could therefore possibly be higher than 11, but it would be difficult given the lead Monica has.
Janie, why are you expecting me to come into every thread that has the Anna Kournikova in it???

If you are quoting the correct FACTS, I really don't care what you say.. I just hate it when people either get the stats wrong or exaggerate.. I just ignore the bashers.. well try too..

Anyway, on your point DH has pointed out the fault in it.. Anna would have been taking other players points.. so I doubt that the points would have been as high, in the lower end of the top 10

Plus you have to consider the injuries last year (many top 10 players missed alot of time).. So it was easier for players to improve in the rankings as they had better seeding and therefore a better opportunity to earn pts..
that is a good point about the other injuries in 2001 that affected top 10 rankings, such as bad injuries to Lindsay, Monica, and Mary Pierce. Although the mix of players in the current top 10 would probably have been similar to what it is now, with Mary added, their relative positions, and the number of points earned by the younger players would likely have been different.

I hope 2002 is not such a bad season for injuries as 2001 was! Let's see who really belongs in that top 10 and who, if anyone, is a Pretender. :cool:
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