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Francophone's conspiracy? Anyways, it was a quick and didn't take more than 2 minutes. Here is how it went:

Justine: Hello, you have reached the apartment of the most feared player in the WTA, the player who terrorizes power players, the player who .....
Amelie: Hey Justine, stop the bullsh*t. I just called b/c I need the phone number of your psychologist.
Justine: For sure, but only after next years French Open, I need to defend my title, you know. Players are gunning to beat me, you know, b/c I am the most feared player in ...
Amelie: I said stop it. If you give me your psychiatrists phone number, I will let you and your husband to a hot night of sex. I know you two were checking me out.
Justine: Say no more, I will be write there with the phone number in a minute.

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Notice the way Amelie asks first for the psychologist's number, and then for the psychiatrist's. This indicates that she is really just using this as a phony excuse to get a hot night of sex with Justine and Pierre-Yves. Little do they know...
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