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No, Little Miss Fluke Slam's fans are especially annoying. They are the ones who exaggerate her wins and try to trash legends of the sport to boost their fluky fave. I remember when LMFS beat an out-of-form Serena and awful Azarenka at Cincinnati in 2022 (and then lost the second she faced a top 10 player), people were attempting to trash those legends. Meanwhile both Serena and Vika actually won matches at the 2022 US Open, while the defending champion got bounced out in the very first round.
I remember that thread too, and I remember making an obvious joke about Emma handing out free bagels to mothers (or something along those lines) and you absolutely losing your shit about it, so forgive me for questioning your grasp on reality 🫣

Not everything is super serious, my friend. Lighten up.
1 - 2 of 274 Posts