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Indian Wells R3: Raducanu def. Haddad Maia (13) 6-1 2-6 6-4

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TF: waste of a WC!
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With her draw I’d certainly hope a slam champion could achieve this incredible feat.
Well done Emma ! I didn't expect her to beat Linette or BHM to be honest but I was proven wrong. I think the light balls help her game in IW.

The real test is against Swiatek.
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Balls are quite heavy in IW, I posted a video on it about some guy weighing them, but its the felt that makes IW balls feel heavy when hitting them due to fliuff and the IW sandpaper surface. Difference in weight is marginal.
Casper Ruud said the balls were really light during the tiebreak tens. I think the balls fly a bit more than normal and the courts are slow.
Light balls?? I thought that some players were complaining about the heaviness of the balls? Did I get that wrong? I don’t think these are US open regular duty balls or anything like that.
If im not mistaken they are Penn Tour Regular Duty. It’s a very lightweight ball.
Mugs did that in less than 2 years on tour ? Haha

Remember your comparing a career total of someone who is new to someone who has been on tour for how many years. Really ? ists unbelievable, I am loosing my IQ just typing at you.
It’s so tiresome how the whole fanbase feels the need to defend every comment about Emma. It’s giving obsession vibes.

everyone on the internet won’t be her biggest fan. Accept it and move on.
Oh look, another nasty R fan. Than you wonder why your fanbase/R is hated. And R wont make any near Mugu's achievements in career. That is obvious. Like it wasnt enough that R fluked that slam.
Cricketbat, Overserved, and James Von are quite the Troll Trio.
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Eh, we all live in a glass house. Might as well try to get along.
Heck no , her fans are nasty and hateful even though their fave won 1 tournament and is ranked 80 something.

Serena fans used to be called obnoxious back in the day but atleast her fans had a reason to be cocky.
But I’m not comparing the 2! You’re just dragging Mug because someone had her in his username! She’s completely irrelevant to this thread…
Don’t expect class from them. They always gotta drag someone when you come for their fave.
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