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In 'praise' of Jon Wertheim ...

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I have been surfing through some old mailbags. Okay, I admit it's not fair to pick out just the worst comments and predictions, but some of these are really 'memorable':

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> (june 1998)

About Jennifer: 'One wishes she would chuck the rackets and get on with her life'.

Thankfully, she did ... NOT. BTW, there are many more bad comments on Jennifer from that time. It seems that she was his biggest hope and he was offended that she didn't live up to his expectations. Another good example form March 1999: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

'...It's delusions of grandeur. I'm sure Capriati has convinced herself: "Hey, I used to beat up Lindsay Davenport when I was 13, I was the precursor to the Williams sisters, I was ranked No. 6 in the world at one point ... all I have to do is find the magic again." '

Well, obviously his philosophy is to just give up and not to live for your goals.

And here's something about Monique Viele:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> (April 1999)

He is impressed by her. And he is convinced that 'you'll hear plenty more from her'. <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> Is he talking about her 'career' as a singer ?

But this is my favourite:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The question about mothers in tennis. First he makes the person who asked the question looking ridiculous, and then he says it's completely impossible for a mother to enter the top 100, as if they are a different person after a birth. At least now he is the one looking ridiculous:<br />Rossana de los Rios <br />Ranked no. 55<br />Has beaten Amanda and Monica. <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">

There are also some comments where he doesn't recognise the greatness of Dominique, but maybe I am also a bit biased there. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
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LOL< he hardly knows a thing about tennis! <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">
Just because his opinions don't match yours it doesn't automatically mean he knows nothing about tennis.

I don't think he is paid to give straight answers - he does have inside info which for the most part is accurate - some of the people who send in questions deserve ribbing - I always enjoy his column - it's perhaps the most entertaining around and the guy is not afraid to admit when he is wrong - in fact he has great humor and uses it when it is needed most.

You don't get noticed if you just suck up all the time......
If he's not afraid to admit when he's wrong, where's his "mea culpa" on the Mickey Mantle rookie cards comment?

Or when he made a remark about the Williams sisters withdrawing from tournaments at the last minute "a gazillion times", and a reader challenged him. So he provided examples to "prove" his point, none of which involved either of them withdrawing at the last minute from a tournament they had committed to.

He's revealed that he only covers tennis part of the time (along with basketball). So he's not a "tennis guy". And it's evident that he's not a good journalist.

The ultimate irony is that with the putrid quality of tennis "journalism" these days, it wouldn't take much to ascend to the top of the heap. But everyone seems content to do just enough to get by, often relying on stereotypes and their own biases instead of facts.
Didn't Margaret Court manage to return to the top 100 after becoming a mother?
All the way to the top, with 3 slams in 1973. Overall though, Court and Rios are the exceptions that prove the rule. Motherhood and tennis just don't go<br />together as a rule. One mother in the top 100 isn't a fad or trend... Those who have combined the two<br />always had traveling husbands in tow, which is still a role reversal even today. Hats off to the mums who've managed it.
But like I said - just because you don't like what he writes it doesn't make him bad at what he does.

I laugh myself silly at his column and for the most part I think it is intended for just that - a laugh!

Get over it - who's the one actually writing for Sports Illustrated and who's the one complaining about how bad he writes????

He clearly pleases most people especially the ones who sign the checks!

.....and despite what some tennis fans think you can't get fired for not liking a player or for (godforbid) exaggerating on occasion.

It's called having a sense of humor!

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