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How Long ????

I think it will be in 2 weeks time. But well, if Clijsters can win this week tourney so, she will be #1 next week.

But, I'd say too bad for serena to miss US Open. 650 pts of round point plus quality point. OMG... I'm wondering how many points she will lose.

But, I think Clijsters deserve to be #1 we can see her performance during the year and she seems to be very consistent this year but, next year will be very tough for her. She entered so many tournaments this year and it she did very well in those tournaments, so next year, there are so many to defend...

well, Good Luck, Clijsters..

I'm wondering if we will have Clijsters in #1 and Henin-Hardenne in #2 :bounce:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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