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Hi guys! :wavey:

Unfortunately, due to my long absence, the last team update was really late and quite messy, and as a result of this we have some players with the same team in the 4th leg entry list.

The problem has been noticed and solved for the 5th leg, but it was too late to ask for more changes as the current leg had already started.

So, two pairs of posters will play the 4th leg with the same team, and if they get to play each other in the singles event, the 5th leg result will be used as a tie-breaker. These players will be contacted by PM so that they get to know the rule and be able to make more changes before the 5th leg deadline if they feel like it.

Fed Cup and doubles (tour event and Worlds) have their own rules to break ties so there won't be any problem there. It's also very likely it won't affect the tournament at all, as they all happen to be seeds and so they can't meet before the 3rd round.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, good luck everyone! :bounce:
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