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Hi Guys and Gals! :D

I'm back - had a wonderful month in Greece, am a bit sunburnt though! :rolleyes:

Also, got a 2.1 in my degree which i am really pleased about. Hope the board has been well-behaved and the bitchiness has been kept to a minimum.

Anyways, tennis-wise this is what has pleased and disappointed me since i was last on the board:


Jelena's comments about Mary, that girl needs a bit of originality, she said pretty much exactly the same thing when Conchita beat her in Rome this year.

Serena and Venus pulling out of the US - should be interesting to see what indoor events they choose to play.

Conchita losing to Alicia Molik - who appears to be another bogey player for Conchi.


Jennifer's apparant resurgence in form - she is now my pick for the title!

Lina's run in Canada - long overdue!

Mary Pierce playing well again.

Women's matches taking center stage on the Arthur Ashe Court - Wimbledon take notice!

That's all for now - nice to be posting again! :kiss:
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