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I wanted to see this but I was not expecting to see this because I live in the U.S but as I was flipping channels I saw that they were showing the contest on TVEI. If you have a large Dish Network package the you should have been able to see it. I really didn't like most of the songs, I feel that most of them sound like they are rejected songs from cd's or something like that. I did like Russia,Turkey,Iceland,Austria,France,Belgium and Croatia (At first I did not know they were singing in English because the pronouniation was so bad) but it was still a good song for Croatia.

I found the hosts very annoying the guy more than the girl really. The guy was so stupid and the girl could get bitchy at times as well. The songs that were really pathetic were

Latvia ( Hello from Mars? Isthat really the best they could do?)
Slovenia ( who cares it it was summer or not, the pink suits were awful)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cyprus ( OMG I changed the channel)
United Kingdom ( I laughed dring the whole song because it was so bad)
Israel( The guy was really popular with my sister)
Ukraine( Olexander)

Songs that were ok were:
Germany ( Let's be hapy let's be gay) Lou seems like an older version of pink
Sweden ( very ABBAish)

Good songs:
France ( so te girl is1/2 italian and 1/2 algerian? she is so pretty)
Austria ( very cool song espcialy with all the animal back up singers)
Iceland (nice pop song)
Croatia ( nice pop song)
Turkey ( very turkish and cool)
Belgium (Samoni, I went to church this morning and that song kept going through my head)

Overall I lke the idea of th contest as the only previous time I had heard of it was when I read that ABBA performed here wth Waterloo a long time ago and they were criticized. I wish more countries would sing in their own language because that would be cool to see but oh well. The thing that surprised me is that when they were counting the votes I actually got nervous and excited.

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The USA would win all the time the event was played cuz take a for instance.The USA would just say enter Justin Timberlake and he would get all the votes and win.:)
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