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... (which is definitely possible, she just needs a SF with Jennifer not doing better than her),
she will be no. 1 with only 13 tournaments.

Last year most people said that Venus has to play at least 2 or 3 more tournies to have a shot at the top spot, now even one more tournament might be enough, and of course this has nothing to do with the new ranking system, which is not represented in the ranking points so far.

That just shows that you can't say 'a player has to do this and that to become no. 1'. With the same results and ranking points, you could be no. 1 or no. 5. It always depends on the other players' results, and these are quite bad right now:

Lindsay has exactly 17 good reults, and now she will lose 2 of them, so that will hurt her a lot.
Jennifer has 2 slams, but recently also a lot mediocre results, so if she loses one slam, that will hurt her a lot.
Martina doesn't hold a slam and also had some bad results, so she isn't really a candidate right now.

So Venus might get the no. 1 earlier than expected because of the 'failures' of the others. She might get it anyway later in the saison, that's for sure.

And it also shows that there's not that much wrong with the ranking system. No system can be 'prepared' for all the occurences during a season (injuries, winning/losing streaks, many/little tournaments played etc.).
12 or 13 tournaments CAN be enough, but also too less.
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