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. . . looking inprobable at the moment as it has stopped raining, but IF the night session is canceled tonight:

If Wednesday night's session is canceled and play resumes on Thursday, the tentative singles schedule will be as follows:

Day Session: Men's round of 16
Night Session: Women's quarterfinals

Day Session: Men's quarterfinals
Night Session: Women's semifinals

Day Session: Men's semifinals
Night Session: Women's final

Day Session: Men's final

Thursday's tentative opening schedule

Arthur Ashe Stadium:
Clijsters vs. Mauresmo (Clijsters leads 3-0)

Louis Armstrong Stadium:
Sugiyama vs. Schiavone (Sugiyama leads 7-6, 5-4)
Ferrero vs. Martin (Ferrero leads 6-2)

Srichaphan vs. Hewitt (Srichaphan leads 4-3)

Court 11:
Bjorkman vs. Coria (Coria leads 6-2, 2-0)

Court 4:
Myskina vs. Pierce (Myskina leads 7-6, 2-0)

Except they seem to have forgotten that not all of the women's 4R matches have finished :rolleyes:
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