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I won't be watching the Open

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I know nobody cares, but I'm sure a lot of people won't be watching it either. I'll, however, will be hoping that Davenport or Capriati win it...
The Belgians are great, but a bore, except for the belgian viewers. With Venus and Serena out, it won't be the same, that's an understatement... u know why... because they have made so many grand slam finals in the past 2 years, and so, watching anything below the best in a grand slam final(knowing that a Williams would be in one of them if they played) is not excactly 'fun'.
The winner will for surely face questions 'if the Williams sisters would have been here....'
I know it's not the other players' fault,... but the ratings I think will blow!...
Good luck to Davey and Cappy in the Us Open, also Mauresmo...
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Well the reason I support Cappy and Davey is that this is for one of them a chance! A huge chance to win it all, or at least have a great showing. Davenport has got nothing on Serena and Venus, harsh, but a fact, and neither does Jen on Serena(hasn't played Venus in two years). And although they have been struggling with the Belgians, they will be playing at 'home', so maybe that will raise their spirits and raise their game... Lets face it, Kim and Justine are playing superb, and they are young and have a lot they will achieve in their tennis career, but Jen and Linds are almost done, and plus, I've never really liked Justine, and Kim taking my fave's ranking without deserving it more than Serena(though not Kim's fault that rankings don't reflect quality) doesn't make her on top of my list. Plus I started watching tennis when I saw Venus, why should I watch the other girls who are below her, when I can simply play tapes...
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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